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Community | Art
Come on by and talk about Fan Fiction, whether you're a reader or a writer. We're here to supply you with fics, and to support you with your own. We offer: - an inclusive environment - regular writing-related events - a sharing and trading platform for your writing - an active community to call home
Anything Goes Creative Society Icon
Community | Anime
Creative trades, exchanges, commissions for hire | art and writing prompts, contests and challenges | Mentorship, critique and feedback A Discord server for artists, writers and creative enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. :) - Daily Weekday Art Prompts and Weekly Writing Prompts - Art/Writing Exchange and Collaborations - Art/Writing Requests and Commissioned - Art/Writing Galleries, tutorials, reference and art/writing help - Feedback channel for writing and artwork
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Anime | Role-Playing
Haikyuu Chat & Roleplay ✧ Several OOC channels, fun bots & roles ✧ Non-toxic, 15+ community ✧ Optional text-based rp with groupchat & dm channels ✧ Find rp partners and request as many threads as you want, to build your own plot with any Haikyuu character! We hope you join us ♡
Entertainment | Writing
What The Hell Is A Fandom is an 18+ Fandom Based Server! We are a multi-fandom discord server where you can chat about anything you want within the fandoms or in general. We also welcome you to share your own fanfictions, art, or whatever! While the server is NSFW (except for certain channels), we do require or members to be 18+. Lots of bots! Lots of roles! LGBTQIA+ ran and loved! Brand New! Channels for Writers! and Lots, Lots, More!
LeadVonE Icon
Writing | Entertainment
Fanmade Discord Server for the WIP LitRPG fantasy series, Trial by Conquest, Richard Struggle, and the Harry Potter fan-fiction Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches by James 'LeadVonE' Coombs.
The Sinister Man Icon
Writing | Entertainment
Fanmade Discord Server for the fanfiction Prince of Slytherin by the author The Sinister Man.
The Man from UNCLE Icon
Community | Social
I made The Man from UNCLE discord server. You can make friends here and just chill. Talk about The Man from UNCLE and other fandoms. Fanart, Fanfiction and many other chanels. Safe for monors, there is 18+ role for people over 18 years old. You are welcome to join!
Supernatural Mainly Icon
Community | Entertainment
a server focused around supernatural but with other fandom dedicated channels as well ! we have a small and healthy community that’s very accepting of everyone❤️ we’d love you to join! some of our other dedicated channels are to horror, games, ahs, sherlock, merlin, fan art n fanfiction, and more and we’re also open to suggestions
Fanfiction Writers United! Icon
Writing | Gaming
A chat room designed for fanfiction authors, primarily in the Sonic Fandom.
Pens Icon
Writing | Hobbies
A server for sharing your short stories, essays, poetry, screenplays, or anything else that happens to be in words.
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Writing | Community
BetaMe is a community of writers and readers who want to give each other feedback on their work. We welcome all writing, from fanfic to blogs!
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Community | Social
Come join us in our server, the Countryhumans Hub! We welcome anyone interested in the countryhumans community with open arms, and provide opportunities for artists, writers, and role players alike. Our staff team is experienced and professional, as well as passionate about this community. In our server, we have art, writing, and role playing with channels that allow for regular discussion and channels for NSFW. We will also host contests in order to determine the emojis, server icon, and special roles, too. Our server is also meant to be a place of community discussion. Come meet friends and talk about your favorite artists, writings, ships, etc. We'd love to have you here!
Hibike Fanwork Tengoku Icon
Anime | Community
The one-stop shop for all Hibike! Euphonium content creators! (including but not limited to writers, artists, cosplayers, and YouTubers.)
Community | Social
An Undertale server.
Writers Multiverse Icon
Hobbies | Writing
It's a multiverse of stories
Archive of our Own Icon
Writing | Community
Hello there and welcome to the Unofficial Ao3 server! This server was made because there are a lot of Wattpad servers, but no Archive servers, so I created this server for members of the Archive family!
Mcscribes and Mcscribblers Icon
Writing | Art
The largest, chaotic, active (debatable) writing/art server. 5k members and counting. Word sprints, discussions, house competitions, and so much more. Sanity isn't required but recommended. Discord partnered.
H/Hr - H.M.S Harmony Icon
Community | Writing
H/Hr - H.M.S Harmony A Discord for the fanfic pairing Harry/Hermione <3.
r/Lucifer Icon
Community | Social
A discord server for all fans of the Lucifer TV series
Overwatch: Before the Storm Icon
Writing | Gaming
Free form Overwatch role play server.
Creative Randoms Icon
YouTuber | Support
Are you a... - YouTuber - Musician - Artist - Writer - Or any other creative kind of bean? You should probably join the Creative Randoms. We are a community of all of the above things. Together, we share our work, get feedback, and talk about what we want to do with our creations. Most importantly, we hang out. Come join a casual server, and get some feedback on your projects!
Mr. Quill's Study Icon
Community | Entertainment
Mr Quill's Study. Where your writing needs are met. Ping @Owner or @Head Admin for Member role
Gabenath Book Club and Art Club Icon
Writing | Art
The Gabenath Book Club and Art Club server is a community dedicated to promoting and appreciating fanfiction and fanart for the Miraculous Ladybug ship of Gabriel Agreste/Nathalie Sancoeur. Here you will find: 🦋In-depth and organized channels for your favorite Gabenath fics, including discussion channels, fanart channels, and even spoiler channels! 🦚Galleries for Gabenath fanart! 🦋Tools to help writers and artists in their work, such as resource channels, help channels, sprints, and more! 🦚Prompts, requests, and headcanons to get the creative juices flowing. 🦋General discussion channels. 🦚Notifications about big fandom events! 🦋🦚 And much more!
Fanfiction Book Club Icon
Writing | Hobbies
This is a fanfiction book club made for sharing stories you've written or that you love with a growing community. There is a fan art channel, a writing prompt channel and opportunities to discuss your favorite fandoms with like-minded people!!
My Immortal Limpid Tears Icon
Art | Entertainment
'My Immortal' appreciation server. I couldn't find any, so I decided to make one. There, now it exists.
-ˋˏ ANIWRITERS ˎˊ- Icon
Anime | Writing
❝ANIWRITERS❞ is a discord server made for anime fans to come together to create and share amazing fan-works.
fanfair  。* ♡. · Icon
Writing | Community
fanfair is a new, all-inclusive multifandom community made for discussing your favourite series, making friends, and sharing fun creations, including edits and fanfiction. we hope to see you here!
Writing Pantry Icon
Social | Writing
The sweetest writing server on Discord (seriously, diabetes guaranteed). Social place for writers and readers of all shapes and sizes, and there are over a 1000 of us. Non-elitist. Everyone's welcome!