Anime | LGBT
Hello! We’re a relatively smaller LGBT friendly jojo shipping server! We have a lot of channels, such as 🍒 A rare pair channel, and channels for various ships 🍒 A fanart and fanfic channel to share your own work and get feedback! 🍒 A voice chat where we listen to music or watch funny videos. We’ve played among us, cards against humanity, and jackbox! 🍒 Responsive mod team with a server suggestion channel 🍒 Not NSFW but must be 16 and up!
Community | YouTuber
[BPS] ⟡ 𝔅𝔞𝔫𝔞𝔫𝔞 𝔓𝔦𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔰 𝔖𝔥𝔦𝔭 This server is for all shipping purposes for the Banana Bus Squad, supporting general shipping talks, fanwork, and much more. We welcome all members who are eager to meet other like-minded people and talk about ideas or simply to enjoy the content and company! Reasons to join: ♡ › Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly events for AUs, HCs, Gaming, and Movies ♡ › Neatly organized channels and categories for all your shipping and fandom talk ♡ › Special commands and interactive bots ♡ › A friendly and open group who are more than happy to welcome you to our little family We look forward to seeing you onboard!
Gaming | LGBT
We're lovers of Cyberpunk 2077 and their love interests! Ship, talk and have a good time in general. We're waiting for you!
Anime | LGBT
A discord server where all you JeanxArmin shippers can talk and join others just like you! Friendly and run by two if the biggest Jearmin shippers out there!
Anime | Social
The third iteration of the greatest RWBY server ever created. Join for fun and degeneracy. Over 20 ships to choose from (so far).
Anime | Community
A discord server about a pairing called franticshipping/RuSa (Ruby x Sapphire) from the PokeSpe/Pokemon Adventures manga! Every franticshipper is free to join! Here you can discuss anything franticshipping related from headcanons to AUs and more! We also have an art category for fan artists, fanfiction writers, cosplayers and any Pokespe content creator! (And it doesn't matter if the art you wanted to share is franticshipping or not.) There's also an accessible spoiler channel where you can discuss new Pokespe chapters!
Community | LGBT
This is a server focused on the She-Ra canon ship Catradora! You are welcome to join and spread love!
Community | YouTuber
Hello and welcome to Krii7y Haven! The name is self explanatory. This server is for fans to discuss Krii7y in a nonjudgmental environment and to find others with similar interests. This is a positive, friendly, supportive community for everyone to feel comfortable and content.
Writing | Music
At it's core SEREPHORIA is a welcoming Jikook dedicated ship server, we are constantly expanding and want this to be a safe, non toxic space where fans can share ideas and discuss the ship.
Anime | Role-Playing
We do shipping, discussions, and just general talk about MHA and anime! Join to find your new best friend today :) (btw we're rlly active)
Entertainment | Writing
Henlo! In Marvel Madness we are deadass mad, no idea is too crazy for us :) there are channels for all your favourite things Marvel~ characters, ships, actors, AU's! Certified freaks™ for chatting, discussion, headcanons, writing, fanfiction, and all kinds of Marvel talk!
Anime | Community
Oh hello there! Welcome to our server! We are a server dedicating to worshiping your favorite Detective Conan Ships. Discuss art, fanfics, and ideas in our friendly environment and active voice chat. We don't tolerate any ship-bashing nor toxicity.