LGBT | Entertainment
Loving family of dangerous psychotic Gremlins ~ Stranger Things focused but other fandoms are very welcome! LGBTQ+ centric community, thick-skinned while respecting the need for a non-toxic space. Roleplay, music, art, edits, bots, levels, memes, all the good stuff~ Join the family <3
Anime | Gaming
a rly chill ass server, come chill out with random ppl on the internet :p we chat about & watch anime, play games (among us etc), & watch movies :)
Business | Community
Hey tu veux des compte netflix, minecraft, spotify vraiment pas cher même gratuitement ? Alors tu es sur le bon discord ! Sur ce discord il y a des compte Minecraft a gagner avec des invitations, des concours règulièrement, alors tu attend quoi ?
Business | Community
In this server you can check out my shop. I sell cheap accounts for netflix, spotify, ... Come check it out
Entertainment | Community
A friendly community server dedicated to the Netflix show Disenchantment.
Meme | Role-Playing
based on the Netflix original series dc titans
Social | Community
A server for fans of the TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.
YouTuber | eSports
Servidor de Discord para gamers que jogam por diversão; Discord server for gamers who play for fun. Entre e venha jogar conosco, GTA5, DYING LIGHT, MINECRAFT. Come in and play with us, GTA5, DYING LIGHT, MINECRAFT. Todas as idades! All ages!
Entertainment | Streaming
Welkom bij de Netflix Party Discord Deze server is voor en door jullie. Wij hebben deze discord gemaakt om een gezellige community te creëren. Wat is de bedoeling van deze discord? Het is de bedoeling om samen gezellig een film/serie te kijken en er achter af over praten of speculeren wat er in de volgende aflevering/film zal gebeuren.
Entertainment | Emoji
Hello! this is a server for people who have Netflix Party, Netflix Party is a chrome extension and we can watch movies together whenever you'd like!
Entertainment | Community
newly created, 14+ kickback server where you can do alot more than just talk in chats! features include: Netflix Party Chat (Watch Netflix with Friends!), Connect with other gamers! 24/7 Music!! Meme Dropping, and TikTok Dropping! special smoking lounge, where you can rollup or have a drink and talk to others! No bullshit, all weird shit will get blocked and kicked from the server!, (pedophilia etc) no racism, homophobia, transphobia or any type of discrimination!! We don't discriminate and you shouldn't either!! LGBT- Friendly! come kickback with fellow quarantined folks!
Programming | Gaming
Serveur basé sur l'entraide, giveway Nitro !
Community | Social
-We give free NETFLIX Accounts -We have a public Marketplace with no scam tolerance -We have the cheapest NETFLIX,SPOTIFY and many more accounts on the MARKET -We do lots of giveaways with good stuff JOIN NOW
Social | eSports
Bienvenido invocador, puedes encontrar buen ambiente en Reino de jonia, siempre hay gente que está Online y quieren un dúo como tú. que te la pases chingón. en cada canal hay distintos temas, busca el de tu interés.
Emoji | Business
Es un servidor de venga ilícita de cuentas, monedas del juego, cuentas Netflix por monedas del juego o vía PayPal muy baratas, entre muchas cosas mas
Gaming | Community
Are you looking for a discord server where Fortnite and other types of accounts are sold? Well! Then this discord server is for you!
Social | Technology
This server is all about an cheap open Market for users who don't want to pay the full price for stuff they just want to try out.
Community | Entertainment
Join a large community of TV addicts and discuss about your favorite shows, animes and movies in a casual atmosphere. Spoiler alert: joining this server will automatically extend your watchlist! :tv: Speak about your favorite TV Shows and animes. :clapper: Exchange about the last movies you saw. :headphones: Listen to music in a nice atmosphere. :speaker: Talk to people about TV, movies, animes. :question: Play games based on TV shows and movies. Give it a try and join us, there is a lot more to discover! Invite:
Bot | Gaming
In this server you can get free accounts and hangout with friends or find new people! You can earn various accounts such as netflix accounts, hulu accounts, nordvpn accounts and much more! You earn this either by winning giveaways or by using a bot that gives out free accounts! Note: All of this is legal because the accounts are purchased with our own money! What are you waiting for, join now!
Anime | Community
Community | Entertainment
just another typical server for chatting, but if you ever want free accounts such as netflix, hulu, disney+ and food accounts like domino's, etc then you should join this server!
Gaming | Community
✨ group of friends who game together, looking to expand the size of our server and meet new people :) ✨ at the moment we're playing a lot of brawlhalla, speedrunners, rocket league, various shooters (pubg, fortnite) and jackbox. we also stream movies and tv shows fairly regularly. ✨ we live in a closh ✨
Gaming | Entertainment | YouTuber
The Server IS Arabic/ English
Community | Social
A discord server for all fans of the Lucifer TV series
Entertainment | Art
A server in which you must be in, It is based on Anime, Art, Music, Pokemon, Story telling channel, 280+ people, No strict rules policy, everybody is kind and at the same time fun. A MUST JOIN SERVER
Entertainment | Meme
Almost daily giveaway of all kinds of stuff! For example minecraft, spotify, netflix or even nitro!
Social | Entertainment
Hello and welcome to the Stranger Things Fan Server 😃 In this server we can chat about ST and other things. We got a couple of useful bots to keep you entertained! I'll see you on the other side!
Community | Streaming
Join the server with other UrMagic and "The Magicians" fans.
Community | Technology
Invite 2 friends for access to our private alt dispenser! Our dispenser includes: - Minecraft - Origin - Uplay - Nordvpn - Hulu - Crunchyroll - & More!
Community | Entertainment
Biggest and Cheapest discord server, you can find any virtual item here and get it for a unbelievably cheap price, join for giveaways and amazing products
Community | Entertainment
Hey Captain, welcome to the murder! _______________________ Join The 99's Fourth Floor Discord Server! We have self-assignable roles based on the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine, custom emojis taken from iconic moments of the show and leveled roles for those of you who enjoy a challenge! Plus, we often have an array of cool events for you to enjoy, plenty of bots to have fun with and more!
Entertainment | Social
Canales especializado con recomendaciones, chistes y memes sobre tus series favoritas.
Community | Entertainment
Based on the superhero webcomic/television show "The Umbrella Academy", this server's purpose is to bring the Sci-Fi, comic, and Netflix fans even closer by chatting, promoting their social media, discussing theories and making friends. The Unofficial Umbrella Academy Discord offers: - Server Roles - Custom Emotes - Events - Friendly Members & Staff - Encouragement & Support It'd be awesome if you decided to drop by! We are always happy to see new faces!
YouTuber | Support
Hello this is a account generating server and you can generate netflix, hulu, and minecraft accounts + more.
YouTuber | Support
Hello this is a account generating server and you can generate netflix, hulu, and minecraft accounts + more.
Entertainment | Community
Business | Support
I sell a lot of different things such as Netflix accounts <3
Community | Social
On behalf of Wilford Industries, we would like to invite you to our Server. We are a community based around TV, Movie and Comic adaptations of the Snowpiercer. Our train supports a multitude of cars: - Mess hall for general discussion about Snowpiercer, or any other topic interest of interest to the community. - Spoiler car where any discussion that could spoil the show takes place. - Gallery car for fan art and creation. - Clinic car which is an opt-in channel where fellow passengers offer kind words of support to those in need. - Reddit/Twitter car for all Snowpiercer news in one source. Integration with Minecraft, Roblox, RP, and other Snowpiercer communities. And many more!
Social | Anime
We play Tekken 7, Minecraft, Dead By Daylight, Final Fantasy -- Not everyone is that active, as we are a small group, we are looking to make it active and find nice people! Any games are welcome!
Entertainment | Anime
Love watching Netflix? Just got into show binging? Everyone's here sharing their favorite shows and movies, join in. * This server also entails Netflix support, Netflix social media feeds, Netflix reviews, information, and a spoilers chat.
Community | Entertainment
join to have some fun :)
Entertainment | Community
Movie Night Discord Server
Entertainment | Community
Movie Night Discord Server
Entertainment | Hobbies
Join this server to talk about Chasulia!
Community | Entertainment
A Carmen Sandiego server for old and new fans alike! Come talk about the Netflix show or the original games!
Gaming | Social
ARCHER is a new community server that encourages anyone to talk about absolutely anything! Please note: We are new and need active chatters and just... people! We are still working on the server, so expect improvements! (we love those who support and offer us feedback :>)
Anime | Community
Netflix France est un serveur communautaire non officiel de découverte et d'entraide, qui vise à rapprocher les utilisateurs Netflix !
Community | Role-Playing
Hi, we are COMIC, a server for all the Big Bang theory fans out there! We are a growing community, which is exactly why we need you to join us! Not a Big Bang theory fan? That's ok too! Hope to see you down there!
Gaming | Entertainment | Community
Great community Vibes, come hang out, play some games casually. We do yoga in the evenings, based on how everyone is feeling. A music bot that is at your command, 1v1s, Netflix, Disney Plus.
Community | Entertainment
We are a community of fans discussing all forms of the Snowpiercer series including the TNT television series, the film, and the graphic novels. We offer a variety of amenities including: - Channels for discussion for each series! - Channels for fanworks, fun, and more! - Feeds for Twitter, Reddit, and the Wiki community. - Integration with the Snowpiercer Wiki. The world's been a frozen wasteland for seven years. Wilford Industries is pleased to welcome you aboard the Snowpiercer Discord Server.
Anime | Community
Netflix恐竜少女ガウコ日本語/英語サーバー アニメの作者と彼の友人が所有 サーバーはGレーティングで、非常にアクティブで、メンバーはとても親切です。 サーバーボットは許可されていません。
Gaming | Community
GtaV recoveries and much more for games, movies, and all kinds of entertainment.
Entertainment | Hobbies
What We Offer at DeltaAccounts: - Frequent Account Giveaways - 1 Year Warranty Accounts for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Crunchyroll, CuriosityStream, CBS All Access, PH Premium, Plex, Duolingo, UFC, WWE, NordVPN, IPVanish, and TunnelBear with more coming soon! - Affordable prices, accounts start at just $5! - Frequent Discounts - Payment in PayPal, Cashapp, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and more!
Technology | Support
# accounts-method-price 10000-NORDVPN-$5 188-HULU-$3 1200-cod(mw,cw,wwii,bo4)-$5 1400-uplay-$3 1650-Orgin-$3 300-VRV-$5 BUNDLE (everything) = $10
Community | Entertainment
Hangout server where all are welcome to chat/game together or to talk about movies from disneyplus or Netflix.
Streaming | Music
Watch Movies and Series completely for free We are looking for Stream Helpers, Event Manager, and Mods! JOIN NOW
Community | Entertainment
This is the most official AHS fan community Discord, we talk about ALL the seasons. Though you can talk of any topic. We are a fast growing community, come join us😁!
Community | Gaming
Siema! Jesteśmy nowo powstałym discordem z chęcią jak największego rozwoju. U nas na discordzie po mimo że jest niewielki bez problemu znajdziesz osoby do pogrania w gierki, pogadania czy oglądania wspólnie filmów. Wiec jesli chcesz dołączyć do naszej rodzinki to zapraszamy. Każdy jest mile widziany. :)
Streaming | Growth
Salut. Acesta este un nou server dedicat comunitatii romane de netflix. Aici puteti gasi abonamente la netflix foarte ieftine si foarte calitative (cele mai ieftine din Romania) Mai multe detalii pe server😉
Music | Social
Seriously tho... why's it so hard to find a server for people who *aren't* weebs, memers and furries? We don't know either, but we got you covered.
Entertainment | Role-Playing
Greetings fellow humans, human fellas! If you love The Dragon Prince (who doesn't) then this server is for you! We're quite a small community at the moment, but but a really nice one nevertheless. We have a General Chat, Theory/Discussion channels, channels for each Arcanum and much more! It would genuinely mean a lot for you to join <3
Entertainment | Community
The #1 community for The Last Kingdom, a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's "The Saxon Stories" series of novels.
Community | Gaming
This is a Discord Server focused on YouTube, Gaming, Netflix Movies, Hanging out and many other stuff. We are trying to build a Community with people that have the same interests. Have a great time and enjoy!
Anime | Role-Playing
a great place for rap fans and anime fans to hangout, chat and RP. We also have a simple character template that makes it easy for anyone to join the RP Fun.
Social | Entertainment
We are a small "The Umbrella Academy" themed Discord community set up by @mozdead on TikTok!