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Join a large community of TV addicts and discuss about your favorite shows, animes and movies in a casual atmosphere. Spoiler alert: joining this server will automatically extend your watchlist! :tv: Speak about your favorite TV Shows and animes. :clapper: Exchange about the last movies you saw. :headphones: Listen to music in a nice atmosphere. :speaker: Talk to people about TV, movies, animes. :question: Play games based on TV shows and movies. Give it a try and join us, there is a lot more to discover! Invite: https://discord.gg/4Q3avDs
Servidor de pessoas legais que querem fazer amiguinhos. para jogos também kskskskks,
Somos una comunidad que ha nacido para crecer con el mundo audiovisual: ¡Videojuegos, cine, series, anime, y mucho más!
Pusheen's Yarn Ball is a server for texting, live chatting and finding friends from all around the world. Our mascot is ― you guessed it ― Pusheen! Our goal is to create a cozy, and honest community for everyone to feel welcomed in. « What We Offer » ✧ An open community for everyone to join ✧ Friendly & helpful Members ✧ Texts & VC chats ✧ Monthly Events ✧ Cute Pusheen Emojis ✧ Vent Chat ✧ Bots to play with ✧ Roles & Ranking System
Welcome to the CozyCouch! Please help us maintain a friendly, safe, and supportive environment. It’s a chill server with people who respond usually. There are some Gamers, Movie and Show Watchers, Memers, and Social Media Gossipers. We welcome the wholesome and restrict spammers and other troublemakers. Have an awesome day peeps!
Servidor de Cinema/Trailers/Spoilers/Análises De Filme para discord
A place for people who enyoy streaming, or just sit and talk about movies/music/series/anime or whatever comes to mind with great people!
🎮Gamers Club🕹️ Este server é dedicado a games e ao convívio entre pessoas. Neste server nós temos: 🕹️ Chats bem organizados 🕹️ O Pokécord, a Loritta e muitos outros 🕹️ Calls de música 🕹️ Canal para divulgação 🕹️ Bots bem programados 🕹️ VIP disponível com várias vantagen 🕹️ Rpg bem organizado 🕹️ Bot Próprio 🕹️ Chat para Furrys e K-pop 🎮 Caso encontre algum erro reporte à nossa equipe 🎮
We aim to bring the Lesbian fandoms together in one place, where everyone can meet and discuss about their favourite pairing. Join us now!
If you are a fan of comics,films and series which were created and made by the DC Comics or you just simply like their films and series then join this server! You won't regret that you joined. ;)
Very active and big Transformers fans community. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Vidéastes Incorporated est une plateforme de rencontres pour fans de cinéma, que vous soyez cinéphile, amateur ou professionel vous y trouverez votre compte ! Vous pourrez discuter des dernières sorties et vous plonger dans le milieu de l'audiovisuel : salons d'actus, partage de projets et mise en relation avec d'autres passionés sont au programme. En espérant vous voir bientôt parmi nous ;)
With V‾ERSE we want to connect 🔌 as many people as possible. Try it, hang out with many different people and talk 💬 about you favorite stuff, Anime, Movies, Music and more. Right now we are at the beginning. A little bit of help would be nice, so if you like the server, feel free to invite friends 🧁 We are looking forward to see you on our server 😸
『Welcome To Netflix Talks!』 Welcome to a Netflix server where you can talk and make friends! This is a new server, So everything might not be setup as good as many other discord servers. Enjoy!
Disfruta de RELANTIX, películas y series en streaming en tu smart TV, consola, PC, Mac, móvil, tableta y más dispositivos.