Community | Role-Playing
Fantasy Voice Acting Auditioning Theme:Fantasy I want this to be a fun project for everyone involved to enjoy!
YouTuber | Anime
The Discord server for the Youtuber Fullmetal Dubs
Gaming | Hobbies
Have you ever dreamed of a server with a plethora of different topics like games, art, and music to discuss? Well you’re in luck, since Penguino Universe has it all! In this server, you will find: Art from several creators! Video Games like Smash Bros, Fortnite, TF2, Minecraft, Roblox, etc. Music from several talented musicians! Voice acting channels for aspiring voice actors! And much much more! Come on down to Penguino Universe, where the real fun awaits!
YouTuber | Art
Hey! Im Rokku! Im glad to introduce you to Voice Rehearsal! This server is for those artists, youtubers and future voice actors to come together and collaborate! Here, our main focus is to make your dreams into reality! If you're an artist, musician, editor, youtuber or a voice actor, this discord is for you! Come by today and let's collaborate!
Anime | Role-Playing
A community-active server for voice acting peeps!
Art | Community
The Artixtic Server is a Multi-Topic Art Community Server that's wants to include many artists of different types! We support not just art but also cooking, dancing, music, videography/editing, photography, gaming, writing, and many more! We love to accept people and Network!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
If you are interested in Minecraft and Voice acting Red&Blue Productions™ is the perfect place for you! At Red&Blue Productions™ we make cinematic minecraft films including properties from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek and as well as original projects. We are very welcoming and will look forward to chatting with you all!
Hobbies | Entertainment
This is a club server for those interested in performing arts, which includes dance, acting, making music or performing it, making videos and taking photos, writing, acting and voice acting. We accept people who are interested in makeup, styling, and cosplay. You must complete the application before joining, as a verification method. Here is the link!
Community | Social
Hi we support and befriend anyone who would like to join, if you love anything to do with voices or just chatting in general then feel free to join, everyone is equal in this server and we love you all -Sarah Type of things we love to do: Voice acting and calls Collab Plans General chatter Advice and help
Community | Art
This is a server based around the development team for my upcoming series! I am looking for people to animate, story writing, and voice act for this Join this server for more details!
Social | Community
Hello! We have a server that we think you'd enjoy. We are voice actors who regularly will have glmm, meps, and gls series There are very few rules we offer bots for more fun on the server I usually have a stream going if you are interested in roblox coding We'd love for more voice actors to be apart of our community!
Anime | Community
TheWeebsKingdom im trying to make this server grow and create a strong community where we all have fun and talk about different things the server is mainly based on anime voice acting roleplaying gaming and most importantly have fun the server does not have any NSFW the server community is mainly based on making friends have fun take an advice on something discuss about topics
LGBT | Community
Trap Universe Refugees is the fallout from a prior server known as Trap Universe. This discord is mainly focused on voice acting (female/trap voices) and general socialization, we welcome anyone and everyone though! We're LGBTQ friendly and actively moderate any bigotry.