Gaming | Financial
Friendly Community focused on earning free Roblox Robux. There are also Giveaways.....sometimes.....
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Gaming | Financial
Friendly Community focused on earning free Roblox Robux. There are also Giveaways.....sometimes.....
Fate/Anime [PL] Icon
Anime | Art
Serwer o tematyce Anime przeznaczony dla Polaków. Rozmawiamy tutaj o grach, animcach, youtube. Dodatkowo mam kanał na youtube (na który chcę wypuścić fate/stay night po Polsku) Dlatego osoby, które lubią voice-acting i chciałyby uczestniczyć w projekcie są mile widziane! Serwer zawiera również: - WaifuBot - AstolfoBot - Mudae i wiele wiele innych, także serdecznie zapraszamy! Jest to dosyć świeży serwer i nie mamy zbyt wielu osób, ale mam nadzieję, że razem stworzymy świetne community.
TheBestCheese Animation Icon
Hobbies | Art
This is the TheBestCheese Animation server. This is a server where you can make animations. How it works is we all take turns to make our very own of animations with a team on your back. If this sounds interesting to you please join and apply in the welcome-apply chat line. This is just a very casual thing right now, if it grows into something bigger then we'll see where it goes, but for now, it's just being done for fun. Have fun! Be sure to read the welcome-rules chat line if your interested!
Team Of Uthtube Icon
YouTuber | Anime
Welcome to TOU! Dedicated to the PHC (Pokémon Hack Community), We have an extremely loving small community that provide a place for Pokémon content creators! Join today!
Nezuka’s Dubbin Discord Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
This Is Basically Just A Server Where We Look At Webtoon Comics Dub/Voice Act Them I make Videos With The Trusted Members Only. We Can Have Dub Requests And Have Fun Bloopers And Stuff Please Join!
GoldenStudios Icon
Art | Gaming
A place to get away from the real world and stay comfortable and happy! Make friends, make art, and just have a good time!
Clan Voices Imps Icon
Streaming | Growth
The server of Voice Impressionist and Voice Actor TheVoicesImpman and his fellow Imps. Here you can socialize, communicate, promote, show off and meet some awesome people already in the community. Challenge other members with your voice impressions or Clan Master Voices himself. Lots of different text chats and Voice Chats including Arts and Crafts, Self Promotion, impression challenge, Game Aid, Lonely support and Tech Support to name a few Unique ones. The community is very friendly and supportive to those who are in need as well as struggling with metal health because everyone is welcome in Clan Voices Imps. Join up and begin a new journey to meet exciting people show off your own impressions and help yourself and others do better in life and Social media!
VO Hideaway Icon
Entertainment | Community
The purpose of this server is to provide a safe place for voice actors of all ages and experience levels. Here you can relax, chat, and make friends with people who share your interests! It can be hard to find communities that aren't overridden with toxicity, and as a result the goal of this server is for everyone to be as kind and supportive as possible to each other as we all continue on our journeys through the VO world. We want people to make friends and connections, and just generally enjoy their time here. Server features: • A business center category where you can post and view casting calls, art commission sheets, VO profiles, and advertise your projects. • Advice channels for all your voice over needs. • A private section for established members of the community who have shown that they can follow the rules and are generally chill people. This helps ensure that the server remains a safe place for all. • Voice chats to connect and make friends!
Explosive Ideas: Creator's Hub Icon
Art | Hobbies
Explosive Ideas: Creator's Hub is an adult mainly SFW hangout server, with the goal to help voice actors and creators of all kinds connect with each other and promote themselves in a drama-free environment. Many of us share our hobbies and creative ideas with one another, and sometimes will be hired by the server owner for commission work! We have recently been updated and are trying to revive the server, so please do join us!
˚*•̩̩✩Froggy's Film Crew*˚*·̩̩̥ Icon
Role-Playing | Art
`Welcome to ˚*•̩̩✩Froggy's Film Crew*˚*·̩̩̥ !!` ▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂ `Ever wanted to voice- act in WCUE? Now you can! In FFC we have many characters available to become a VA for! You can also meet new people and help contribute! If you just want to chill, that's great too!` ▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂ `In FFC you can.. ┈┈•༶>` `➽Voice Act` `➽Make Friends` `➽Share Art` `➽Use Bots` `➽See Characters Come to Life` ▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂ We cant wait to meet you!↝