SFW social Vocaloid server
Server for chatting and interacting with people. Themed on Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project.
This is a discord server for fans of vocaloid, or just people who want to talk in general! Join for memes, music, conversation and more! -Friendly community -Self-assignable roles -Inside jokes -Conversation is chill and chats don't get flooded all the time -Fun bots
robocat appreciation association is where u praise robocat428942!!! u can post funny cats, anime, nightcore, vocaloid, and funny pictures. it is epic!!!
A server for Vocaloid, UTAU, and other Vocal Synth fans to hang out and chat!!
A brand new server to celebrate vocaloid music :) we are very kind and would love to make new friends to share our love for vocaloids with!
Looking for a place to worship the Goddess Hatsune Miku? Look no further. Welcome to Miku's Magical Place, where you will find the latest news about Miku, the most beautiful pictures and a whole community that is all about supporting Hatsune Miku! SFW server!
New anime server to chat about new and old anime, manga, light novels, and other general stuff. Everyone is welcome to join!
A relatively new server dedicated to appreciating Vocaloid and everything relating to it, including utaites! Here's what we have to offer: ♬ exclusive RP channels ♬ Vocaloid songs level roles ♬ cute Vocaloid and utaite emotes I hope you consider joining!