Gaming | Social
IGC was created with the intention to be a global community that is passionate about indie games, so we can all have fun and learn together. This is a friendly space for: - 🛠 Game Developers to share their indie games with the community; - 🎮 Players to discover awesome indie games being created right now all over the world; - 📡 Content Creators to find unique games and connect to their audience. Indie games are hard to make, and even harder to promote. We are here to make this process easier and connect people that, just like us, love indie games! ❤️ We are committed to make an awesome community here, and we hope you decide to be part of it! 😁 Keep in mind this community was just recently created, and we will improve the inner works of the server over time with your help.
Gaming | Programming
The official CodeWritePlay discord server! We're talking about gaming, game development, streaming, writing, art, design, and more! All are welcome--come tell us what you're up to!
Community | Business
We make games for fun and profit -- you can learn to do so here, too.
Gaming | Art
DreamsCanon is a Discord server for crowdsourced community Dreams game templates and worldbuilding! Basically we make the stuff that everyone else can use to make games and we even build worlds for people to set their games in. Come on in if that sounds good to you!
Gaming | Entertainment
GameDev community, managed by:
Art | YouTuber
Game Dev, Design, Sound, Music and more.
Gaming | Community
Twin Cities Gamedev community server, maintained by igdatc, the Twin Cities branch of the International Game Developers Association.
Programming | Community
Small programming- and gamedev-related Discord community ran by Alkaline Thunder. This server is the successor of Bit Phoenix Software.
Programming | Community
A new community of project-centric godoters, ask to add your own channel for your project.
Community | Gaming
We are a GameDev Team join us see the progress of our games and help us improve them! We are working right now in Hyperstacks VR! Here you can see how we develop Hyperstacks you can be part of a growing community, being here make you be able to give feedback, ideas and even test the game! We hope you like to be here, we are waiting for you! Hyperstacks is a roguelike game of action completely made for virtual reality, where you play the role of a Character that kills enemies with a great and growing variety of weapons, each one bigger and stranger that will make the experience of surviving more and more epic and especially rewarding, enjoying the experience like never before in VR.
Entertainment | Gaming
1. Talk to other game developers 2. Posting your demo and get feedback from others 3. Receive the news about game industry 4. Receive tips on making games 5. Make friends with other game developers 6. Promote your game 7. Discussing marketing strategy Come join this discord channel !! Our main goal is to help game developers out ! feel free to join !
Design | Programming
Javascript focussed game development
Education | Programming | Gaming
Game development for indies, students and professionals!
Art | Gaming
Power Pixel is a gaming community from gaming to game development.
Gaming | Community
Official server for Bloody Rally Show - a violent 2D racing game with procedurally generated tracks, inspired by old classics
Gaming | Social
A small gaming group.
Gaming | Programming
Discord server pro českou a slovenskou komunitu hráčů a herních vývojářů!
Entertainment | Gaming
Discord Channel for the devsfromspain community
Community | Crypto
The official Discord server for Planetarium (
Streaming | Gaming
Content creators, Game Developers, Players of all games, and everyone in between can be found here. We help you grow, find buddies to play with and offer tech support of all varieties!
Community | Programming
Welcome to the GameDevs Café, a chill, game development & beginner-friendly server, Please read the rules and guidelines! Have fun developing together!
Technology | Gaming
¡[email protected] a nuestro servidor de Discord! GameDev ESP es una comunidad dirigida a todos los entusiastas del desarrollo de videojuegos. Haz preguntas, conoce a gente apasionada por los videojuegos y descubre nuevos proyectos.
Hobbies | Meme
THIS IS AN 18+ SERVER Bozos Enthusing about Stupid Things (B.E.S.T.) is a spot for the most sexy, beautiful people to share their hobbies and interests with each other. Share and discuss your works in progress, goals, interests, inspirations, learning materials, and references. Our default categories are art, gamedev, computing, and music. You don't need to produce anything to participate. If you just enjoy talking about these topics and sharing things you find that might help others, that's cool! Share what excites you! If you want to get a group of people together in VC because you find it easier to work around others? Do it up. Banter is encouraged (size up your audience first). Just read #rules and get to know everyone. This place should run itself 99% of the time, and enjoys a mostly hands-off approach towards moderation. Decisions *will* be arbitrary since this is a volunteer thing, so don't get too ass-blasted if you don't mesh and get the boot.
Community | Technology
friendly👍 community hub for developers👨🏽‍💻, designer🌌 and gamers🎲 as well as for everybody🔓 who wants to be here🔽 than you are right in the ConfusingGang🌠
Programming | Gaming
Online Multiplayer Gamedevs (BaaS: Back-End-As-Service): Collaborate with other online mplayer gamedevs and even official staff representatives!
Technology | Programming
Dziel się kodem, dyskutuj i poznaj nowych znajomych.
Gaming | Programming
A game for Nintendo Switch in development by BadToxic. It's about collecting and beating mini games, developing them by gaining experience while playing them and mastering them all. It allowes local and online coop and vs multiplayer.
Education | Programming
A server for any game developer.
Gaming | Design
O Condado Braveheart é uma comunidade de desenvolvimento de jogos e criações artísticas do website: que possui um servidor de Discord. Aqui você pode mostrar seus projetos, pedir feedback, responder dúvidas, participar de eventos e muito mais!
Design | Programming
Uma comunidade Brasileira de Desenvolvimento de Jogos! Venha participar da nossa comunidade de Game Dev!
Community | Gaming
This is my very cool server for all your needs!! Looking for friends!!! Remember to spread love today!! If you do not join, I hope you have a nice day and life!!! goodbye!!
Gaming | Social
A regular small server, but I make games, so there I will also share stuff about my/my team's games
Community | Gaming
Game Developer Suisse Romande Discord
Gaming | Technology
Tales of Kulplex: A 2.5D chill Explorative RPG about mythology, folklore and nature, with buildable characters.
Programming | Technology
Servidor dedicado al desarrollo de videojuegos, inteligencia artificial y programación en general
Technology | Gaming
Русский сервер про разработку игр