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Hello there, this server is for all people who just startand pros at digital drawing. In this server, we discuss about: digital art, traditional art, pixel art, custom brushes, animator, anime, gacha, digimon, pokemon and software. Hope you enjoy while staying in this server
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É um servidor para: otakus, gamers, streamers, artista, etc. Também para quem gosta de mostrar suas pixel arts.
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Our World Of Pixels UNOFFICIAL discord server. We love sharing scripts, codes, hacks here. We often discuss about programming OWOP scripts, talk about our creations and have fun! I highly recommend YOU joining UWUP now!
Gaming | Design
Circadian City is a pixel art indie life simulation game for PC and consoles. The game takes place in a big city where you improve your hobbies, make friends, craft your personality and find a purpose to life. You play the whole 24 hours which means dreams are playable as well.
Trap related pixel game faction.
Art | Bot
The den housing a DueUtil clone known as SumiUtil.
Gaming | Design
This server is for anyone who has an interest in Game Design/Development, programming, art, or anything else in the world of Game Development. My goal is to fill this discord with as much useful information for developers of all skill types. Like tutorials, game design videos, interviews, podcasts, and anything else that can help us becomes better at whatever aspect of Game Dev we love the most.
Gaming | Art
gaming, pixel art, music, Economine, positivity
Gaming | Art
This server is for the development of a 2D pixel RTS where the community will be able to see how it develops and have some influence over it. Pixel art , Game development, Games , 2D , RTS, real time strategy
Gaming | Programming
Welcome To ItsTemps Lounge! In The Server We Offer: 💰 A Fun Environment To Make New Friends
Art | Community
A friendly community of intermediate-level artists. Promotes constructive feedback and criticism, catering to Traditional, Digital, Contemporary, and Fan Artists.
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Like playing an RPG or Pixel Art? Join our Discord channel then. Friendly people await you for on-topic and off-topic chat. Features: - Active chat - Meme - Giveaways
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Indie game studio and community. Come play indie games, learn to make indie games or just chat. Voice and streams! Join us:
Community | Programming
Death Awaits is a game that I am currently working on. It is a roguelike in a limited 3 color palette. Come here to see what I'm up to, and give feedback on the project.
Programming | Technology
💎Welcome to my small little corner of the internet! 💎| 24/7 Music Bot and VCs 🎵 | Coding and Programming Help💾 | Art and Graphic Design Showcase🎨 | Blender 🐵 | Scratch 🐱 | Discord Tricks and Tips 👾 | Unity and Game Development 🎮
Art | Community
Pixel art has been the best hobby for gamers, and it is commonly used for 8 bit games and adventures, and is mainly done in sprite sheets, tilesets, and other resources which are used in retro style games. It is also great for profile avatars and other content. This style of art was integrated into the logo, Chipster Media. If you are interested in pixel art, you should join Sprites and Doodles, a pixel art community. Right now, it is barren and empty, but you can help by sharing your own pixel content. It is also a community where you can stream your own games, and chat with others.
Meme | YouTuber
Heya, Welcome to the Official server of Koplopbop the catsikune, here we focus on anything Kop or undertale related but we have many things for everyone, our staff members are always welcoming of new members so join today!
Art | Furry
Hello everyone! YWD (Yes We Draw) Is a brand new art server. The reason this server exists is to post your artwork of any kind without getting judged, we trying to make a small community of artists that can improve together and help eachother when needed. If you dont draw thats not a problem! You can always hang around and have fun with the other peeps on the server. Hope to see you there, take care!! <3