Indie game studio and community.
Come play indie games, learn to make indie games or just chat.

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Indie game studio and community.
Come play indie games, learn to make indie games or just chat.

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Out next game is in development- and we just tested the server live for the first time to some exciting and purposely explosive results. It was awesome to see a good crowd of people in the game already. It's our first socket io game, so look forward to more details on it soon!

Want to know more about our other games? Come join our discord and learn about Hexcross and Pixel Smithy. The open beta for Pixel Smithy is live, and Hexcross is on the app store and google play.

We are excited to have our community grow! Come be a part of that!

Welcome to MetaHobby!

Welcome to MetaHobby!

I'm qst0, part of the team at MetaHobby, we have an awesome community growing of gamers, game developers, artists, writers, programmers and more.

We have our own titles in released and in beta and we would be happy to show you how to get started on your own. We love feedback on what we can do to make our server and games even better.

Our twitch stream happens every weekend on Saturday and we look forward to streaming in discord as the feature rolls out. Join us for game jams and music jams.

We go beyond just the hobby of gaming, it's more! See you on discord!

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