The official Dimini Inc. Discord channel. Server for conversation with Dimini administration, as well as other people who like Dimini.
The official JeFawk Games discord server. Games, development, and related bullshit but don't be a prick about it.
Braven Bit Games is a software development studio. We make games for mobile and desktop, as well as apps and bots!
Need a custom minecraft plugin or any kind of development done? This it's the perfect place to ask!
[German/English] Web| Dev | Tech | Design | Gaming | LEARN, CO-OP, GRO | custom Bot
Indie game studio and community. Come play indie games, learn to make indie games or just chat. Voice and streams! Join us:
Video Game Development Group
Welcome to Razzmatazz Animation Squad, or shorter said, RAS. We are a community based of on VRChat. Here you will be able to get any help within development, modelling, using shaders, materials and so on. This is also the Official Discord Server for the VRChat Sheriff's Office! We are also of course recruiting deputies!
Zube This is a server where cubers meet. And the best Cube timer is developing in this server!
General discussion about programming languages and coding. If you have a problem, you can head here to ask. We have community of most advanced Java, Python, Node.JS and Unity developers and game designers.
LYCAN is a historically famous, competitive, and highly social cross-game guild for all play styles. We were founded in 2011 with over 14K players, lead by a large roster of elite friends that had stuck together from the start.
Official Scrumpy Development Server.
Apuity6 is the one stop shop for Discord Bot Development! Do you need a Discord bot developed for you/your server? Head on over to Apuity6! We will do our best to make you proud!
• Eigene Webseite • Themen aus aller Welt • Aktive Community • Level-System & Musikbot Komm und überzeug Dich selbst!
Official Discord server for the Retro Game Mechanics Explained YouTube channel.
All about those wallpapers.
The University of York Game Development Society. Come join us, we have cookies!
Information on every subject related to Crypto, however tangentially, organized into the channels of a discord server. So... while the server is mostly about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, it's growing to include a lot of information about how I'm publishing the information gathered in the server with github pages. A sample of our SERVER DIRECTORY: _General_ 101 Cypherpunk Earn Crypto Economics Evaluation Exchanges Governance History ICOs Mining Oppression Regulation Satoshi Trading Wallets Walstreet _Resources_ Assorted Media Books Data Communities Ethresearch News Sites Research Papers Work Online _Security_ Cryptography Privacy Cybersecurity Tor _Tech_ Data Mining Databases Decentralization Distributed Systems Drivechains Forks GitHub Hash Algos IPFS Linux Open Source P2P Pi Sidechains Smart Contracts Smart Signatures State Channels
Elaztek Studios is a game development studio. Currently, our primary focus is Project: Infinity - a fan made Halo title, and its engine - the Blamite Game Engine. We are always looking for new team members as well as people interested in the projects.
mystice games ############### Game Development
Secremecy squad's official Discord server. Join today to have fun, meet new people and compete in giveaways.
Channels: books, btcpay-server, casa-lightning, cold-card, earn-bitcoin, electrum full-node, hardware, lapp-dev, libre-patreon, lightning-nodes, linux, liquid, marketplace p2p-localbitcoin, privacy, rare-pepe, raspberry-pi, resources, wallets
"Why?" Might you ask.....well it all started when a weeby group of redditors figured that our best bet on what to believe in in this universe were the holy truck and our favorite waifus/husbandos. After all, realistically speaking, the wider anime community already worships such figures. We've seen the memes of an isekai-based religion, and came together to make Isekaism a reality. Some time later, we're already piecing together a working model of a religion, and we need your support in making this dream a reality. Just think about it, if we get just a portion of the anime community on-board, we're already a significant
Support discord of MrUniverse!
A server mainly for discord bot development, however any development talk is allowed
A server built to help connect librarians, library staff, and other library professionals together to help collaborate, discuss, vent and do all the other secret library stuff the public isn't ready to handle.
FiveM modifications Discord
The Last Keep is a tabletop roleplay sytem that I have begun to work on, and I've made this server as a place for people to use and speak about it. This is still a new server, but I hope to have an active, and engaged community that can freely speak their mind about the game system I have created. I hope that this project can someday grow to something big, and really hope that it won't be just another personal project lost to time. If you do decide to join, I hope you have an amazing time😊
Hey, welcome to our discord-server! Here you can find anything about coding and development. Everyone is welcome to our community! <3
Towny MMO is not just a game but a community, YOU make yourself here, will you be the social butterfly or the grinder seeking a mastery in a specific field or the wealth some could only dream about. Towny MMO is a community project in state of active development with the developers being people who genuinely care about bringing others together, we have a burning passion for games and communities and in our opinion there is no better way to do this than through games which most of us here on discord have all come to love.
In this server, we hope to bring all walks of life from within the information security industry together, to chat and learn from eachother!
Discord Server von mir, AstroGD. Ich bin ein deutscher Entwickler und programmiere tools auf Github und arbeite an unterschiedlichen Projekten. Komm vorbei und schau rein ^^ Discord Server of AstroGD. I am a german developer developing tools on github. I am also working on other projects. Come on in - I have cookies ^^
HangoutReborn is a Discord server focusing on everything that you can think of, we are actively looking for new directors and administrators of the server. We would also appreciate advertising our server in areas that allow it. :)
We've created this server for people who (want to learn) code and design. We are trying to build up a close community with people who want to help and learn from each other. An explaination of how everything works will be shown to you in the join channel
Hello there, are you looking for a server that offers all kinds of graphics, models, and designs? Well then you should check out Cam Designs! Cam Designs is a small business that offer their quality products for cheap prices. --------------------------------------------------------------- About us ✅ Cheap Prices ✅ Quick, Responsive staff ✅ Non-Toxic ✅ High quality product ✅ Active community! ✅ Giveaways ✅ Applications for DEV, MOD, ADMIN ✅ MUCH MORE! -------------------------------------------------------------- Join us to see what we offer! Join now to get your product that will tailor to your needs! Hope to see you soon!
This is a small social community focused on gaming (emphasis on Nintendo), game development, art, and music; hosted by yours truly! Community features: • Open community - anyone can be a part of the server. • Friday events - movie/game nights and streams on Fridays. • Improve your crafts - teach others and learn about art and game development. • Mind blowing robot technology - they don't only go "pew pew." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) • Space stuff - a sick-nasty-dope-awesome fantasy space aesthetic. Thank you for your interest!
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