Community | Gaming
This is my very cool server for all your needs!! Looking for friends!!! Remember to spread love today!! If you do not join, I hope you have a nice day and life!!! goodbye!!
Gaming | Art
This server is for the development of a 2D pixel RTS where the community will be able to see how it develops and have some influence over it. Pixel art , Game development, Games , 2D , RTS, real time strategy
Programming | Technology
CodingSquad is the Community for many different technical themes.
Gaming | Mature
DayZ heavily modded
Bot | Business
Wanna join? You are welcome <3 Hire skilled Employees/fast service • Market • Free Advertising • Free Post Your Videos • Community • Every 50 Members = Nitro Giveaways We are running a New Nitro/10M 07 Giveaway daily come join : Best OsRs Servies Prices. : Vouchers nd Feedback on Discord
Community | Art
Team Triad is a cozy fun multipurpose server with a thriving community On this server you will find: - Awesome people to talk too - The Team Triad Minecraft Server - Server Events such as movie-nights - A N I M E - Contests with prizes!
Programming | Technology
We sell Minecraft and Discord bots. Low prices, fast response times.
Community | Investing
Hash is a small, wholesome and active community (well we try) where you can talk and get to know people who you can befriend and have fun in this boring time Besides from talking, there's crowdfunding, freelancing and grow with us ! ! (features are still under construction) You can learn new skills and languages within our server! Earn money and have fun!
Programming | Technology
Growing and friendly developer community. A clean and fresh start after a server revamp. ~Code Club
Programming | Technology
Yazılım, web tasarım, grafik, oyun geliştirme, arduino geliştirme ve tüm bilişim dünyasına dair konuların sohbeti için sunucumuza gelebilirsiniz.
Gaming | Programming
A tiny game development team. Come join us if you want, or if you just want to chat.
Social | Gaming
Sorteos, Dating, Diversion, Socializar y mas, con bot propio, buscamos staff.
Bot | Business
Hello im jake from jakes development now this server is if you need support with my bots or any other bots
Gaming | Role-Playing
Hey! I'm from a server that's reopening soon named ImmortalRP. We have active development and many other perks such as custom housing (with new houses being creating all the time), player-run and managed convenience stores, lawyers, real estate agents, and other player jobs that add to the RP experience as a whole. I'm one of the Co-Owners of the server and are looking for people to play consitently on our newly-relaunched server. We are actively seeking gangs, people for new jobs (be creative), and any other activity you can dream of :) If you're not interested, no problem, but if you've been unhappy with your current experiences and are looking for a new server, feel free to join. (P.S. Most people complain about the staff on their current servers. On our server, we pride ourselves on keeping staff related issues out of the game, and investigating before bans.)
Gaming | Programming
roblox studio, roblox studio building group, roblox studio tutorial Roblox Chili, lol, good, deutsch, English
Technology | Programming
We love creating Software/AI/Games and anything computer related, come join us and share your own projects.
Technology | Community
Welcome to the Community Server, Golang, here you can share your knowledge in Golang, share your github project or meet other users go the Server is multilingual
Gaming | Programming
Indie game studio and community. Come play indie games, learn to make indie games or just chat. Voice and streams! Join us:
Gaming | Anime
Green Salad Republic is a normal server with an abnormal name. Currently a small member with rapidly growing members and experimental projects being tested constantly with new updates very often. We also have a Minecraft server and plenty of people to talk to about general gaming or other interests and such.
Technology | Education
Beginner to advanced programming enthusiasts, everyone is welcome and almost any questions will be answered
Community | Programming
Official server for DeadBiteGames
Programming | Technology
Hexworks is a friendly bunch of developers who like to write programs either full time or as a hobby.
Gaming | Programming
Derpy's Games is a fun community that makes games. This is a server with games that are in Alpha Stage and needs help! We do fun giveaways and cool gamenights as well! We also have updates for our games. All games are made by DerpyBobbyTheCake (Roblox) aka TheCakeIsALice#4226 (Discord). Just by joining and participating, it really helps our community and we are also hiring developers and admins!
Technology | Community
This discord is used for those that are new to ethical hacking, penetration testing, cyber security and more! Want a group to learn and grow with? This is the proper place for you. We have missions, CTFs, and more that we do together. We have opportunities for giveaways, growing your resume, having a community to help you through your journey, great resources, and more!
Gaming | YouTuber
The official server for Skyfox Studios!
Anime | Community
We are a server dedicated to the roblox group "Chronowire Studio", which was made 1-2 years ago, only now starting to truly make it run with a fully done server, etc. We have a LOT to offer in terms of channel variety and expression(s) as well as emojis. Our current project, the one we'll kick off with, is Bleach: Origin (Anime), that of which we named and have been planning for, for 3 years now. We would love any sort of growth whether or not you seem interested. By merely joining, your presence is supporting us all. We have a great developer, our Owner. And me who manages every single thing, Co-Owner. We have all the means to pay whatever developer(s) we end up hiring, this is where the growth comes in, the bigger the community = more developers interested in being hired by it and more possible memories/friends/company you'll experience/get, as well as support and suggestions for our creations/ideas. Thank you, and please, think about it! Take care. ♥
Bot | Programming
A server for talking about bots and other things
Art | Community
A small and friendly community of YouTubers, artists, game developers, and furries.
Technology | Community
Привет, пользователь, я не буду придумывать всякие остроумные фразочки для того, чтобы ты усмехнулся, я хочу тебя обрадовать совсем другим. Дискорд действительно сейчас переполнен токсиками, которые думают что смешно шутят, но на самом деле это не так, и это грустно. Но суть не в этом, я хочу тебе представить просто уникальное, компактное и самое главное - комфортабельное место для твоего пребывания в дискорде. Это сервер Stargaze. О нееет, опять банальный сервер - мог подумать ты, но ты просто проверь этот сервер, просто зайди сюда, здесь действительно царит добро и уют, если ты хочешь просто поболтать или просмеяться с мемасов - зайди сюда, здесь уж получше чем на свалке, не так ли?
Business | Design
Dedicated Server for many different items including: - Logos - FiveM/GTA5 Livereys - FiveM Servers (Not Hosted) - Discord Servers - Discord Bots - Discord Bot Hosting - Roleplay Cads
Gaming | Community
We are an open and welcoming Roblox development server that is heavily community based.
Programming | Language
Ook voor Nederlandse mensen Welcome to "DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONS"! We are a just started Discord Server! Have you just started development or have been working on it for a long time, you can always go here! You can always ask questions in the "DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONS" server to other Members! If you need help with your "Scripts" you can join a "Help Voice Channel" to be helped by other people! You can also share your own scripts there with other Members in a "Text Channel"
Community | Programming
A Gathering Place for Gaming, Entertainment, and Others.
Programming | Gaming
Need a custom minecraft plugin or any kind of development done? This it's the perfect place to ask!
Entertainment | Community
A community for everyone mainly for devs and gamers
Gaming | Community
ES Development is a discord server for Minecraft plugins coded and uploaded to spigot/MCM/ any other plugin website by Saif, join me give me tips (I'm new to MC Coding) and see how far I can go !
Gaming | Community
Email Us For Questions: [email protected] Game: Reddit: Website: (Coming Soon) Tawk .to Site: Help Center
Entertainment | Bot
Official Grandeur Bot Support Server. Join for info on the bot.
Gaming | Community
Our goal is to create a centralized hub on the Discord platform for anything and everything related to gaming. This could be anything from LFG (looking for group) on your favorite game. to just talking to like-minded individuals.
Gaming | Design
The Lucy <3 Lucy Discord server is a spot for real-time updates for the new indie game Lucy <3 Lucy. Lucy <3 Lucy is being developed by the Canadian team currently known as TeamTimeWarp. The server is a place to relax and learn about our little game! If you're interested, we'd love to have you! More about the game: Lucy Lucy is a Visual novel game with a psychological horror theme. It's currently being developed with 100% free programs such as FireAlpaca, Blender, Ren'Py, Audacity, etc.
Programming | Design
This is the place where you learn to code, although this should not be your primary source of learning how to code. For all things code. If you would like to let me add a coding language, give me the language in the suggestions channel, and I will see what I can do.
Community | Gaming | Programming
Welcome at SpielsGroups - a place to hang out with your friends and a network full of possibilities
Gaming | Community
TaskMC a été initialement créé dans le but de rassembler une communauté hétérogène, tant au niveau des compétences que des milieux. Vous verrez que pas mal de concours/tournois sont préparés par nos gentils administrateurs.
Furry | Education
Furry Developer Network (FDN) is a discord server for all things development inside the furry fandom. This includes, but is not limited to: - sharing ideas and projects - getting help with problems - colab on projects / ideas - showcase things you've made
Bot | Support
ModBotic Development is a server dedicated to the Multi purpose discord bot called MotBotic made by • ItzVOID™!
Programming | Technology
Want to learn how to hack? Ever wanted to program? PwnSquad can help you get started. We're a community devoted to help you learn programming and hacking. We don't encourage anything illegal, but we can get you on the right track. We welcome everyone, from total beginners to seasoned experts. We created PwnSquad to bring programmers and hackers together in a nice and friendly community, without the people who ruin it all.
Bot | Programming
Crispy Development is a server where you can get bots, websites, and applications made for you at a low price.
Community | Programming
A server based of the discord bot esdeath. Esdeath has over 50 commands so far and more are being added and updated frequently. If you want to be a beta tester join now before the positions are closed.
Community | Programming
This server allows you to hire, sell, advertise and many more! You can start your roblox development career here, and whenever you need help you can come to us.
Bot | Anime
Fluxpoint Development is a community focused server for developers, gamers and anime nerds that enjoy doing what we love. We provide many Discord services including high-quality bots, windows apps and an api/gallery for other bot developers to use.
Programming | Gaming
The biggest and most friendly community around the Unity game engine. Come join us for help, discussions and sharing your projects!
Gaming | Programming
We're a team of Roblox hackers/developers and we have a lot to offer the community. We have some amazing stuff. 2020
Programming | Support
Arkode is an all in one networking and support hub for software developers of all fields and levels of education. We believe it is important for everyone to be able to collaborate, share knowledge and support each other. Our goal is to accelerate peoples careers, projects and hobbies, by bringing people together from all over the world. Work on projects together, problem-solving, run virtual classrooms, or simply socialize in one of the many spaces we offer! Our team wants everyone to feel welcome and be able to get the support they need through our global community of developers (we're still growing!).
Community | Programming
Introducing to you ​ ​​Martial Programming ━━━━━━━━━━ Martial Programming is a fun, friendly and welcoming programming community server, open to anyone, anytime. The server is still small and growing, but we thrive to be the best versions of ourselves; We are looking for staff to support the server and consistently make sure that the community stays a safe place for programmers and others to chat and make friends, or maybe even look for help fixing their code. ​ ​Language Channels (Open to add more) :: - C++ - JS - C# - Python - Node - GML - Lua - Ruby - Batch & Bash - PHP - CSS - HTML - Other By joining Martial Programming and bumping the server, you are supporting future development and growth of the server and it's community. So make the right choice; and join Martian Programming today!
Programming | Technology
Welcome to the PuffinDev programming group. This server is for programmers to share ideas, get help, and socialise. We are mainly aimed at programmers, but there are also channels for 3d modelers, aviation enthusiasts and more Languages: C++ C# C Java Python JavaScript HTML
Community | Gaming
This is Far Cry series - Modding server. talk here about any Far Cry game, mod it - and release your really cool mods to the community. if you're not a modder - you can became a modder here 😉
Gaming | Programming
📈 - The Official Server for Auto-Tune - 📈 | 💳 The Automatic Pricing Plugin for Minecraft 💳 |
Design | Gaming
Experienced and skilled fivem development and design. Join and create a ticket to get a custom quote on liveries, eup, or other development work. Check out previous commissions in the "#commissions-showcase" channel.
Programming | Technology
A programming server focused on testing, with channels dedicated to frontend and backend technologies, as well as end-to-end testing.
Technology | Programming is the best growing community offering coding help, tutorials and downloads.
Programming | Technology
We're a community focused on the pursuit of learning and quality in the craft of software engineering
Role-Playing | Technology
Aspect Roleplay is Garry's Mod server that is currently under development. We hope to have the server up by the first of next month. There will also be giveaways coming up to the release of the server as well as hiring staff.
Gaming | Community
Project Delta is different from many other servers. Why don’t you check us out for yourself? We think that you will be interested in what our server has to offer -Safe & involved community -Our server is an interesting place -Regular events -Friendly staff If you like what you see, check us out!
The Joyful Programmer is a Digital Age Society where we teach, learn, socialize with each other on various digital topics including computer programming, as-well-as share screenshots, samples, ideas, thoughts, and source code to our projects.
Technology | Programming
Titanium Development is a development community that focuses primarily on web development. We are best known for Staff Watch and Titanium CAD, two FiveM-related projects of ours! To get support or updates regarding our projects, join the Discord!
Bot | Programming
A server, For bot developers and coders and people who want to test own bots or other people's bots!
Programming | Social
Programming server in swedish and english. Get help and help others with code. Äntligen en programmeringsserver på svenska!
Gaming | Community
A discord server for the BSurfing game A discord server for the BSurfing game A discord server for the BSurfing game
Programming | Gaming
This server is for help and discussion about the Unity Game Engine. Feel free to freely tell what annoys you without risking a ban - cause that's what this server is for. We also try to help with all the Cinemachine issues. Btw, you have to be in Rage Mode when entering this server!
Technology | Programming
A friendly place to meet other Ubuntu, Linux and technology enthusiasts for chatting or getting help.
Gaming | Hobbies
The official JeFawk's Spaghettorium discord server. Games, development, and related bullshit but don't be a prick about it.
Programming | Growth
Project 1 is a server based around bringing high quality projects to users. Projects can be anywhere from simple websites, complex websites and even discord bots. There's something for everyone! Even if you don't like our projects, support would be greatly appreciated as we are very small currently. We would like to grow so that we can get our projects and ideas out there into the real world. Other than being a member and supporting the server, you can also help through our Contributor and Tester roles. These roles aren't staff but are so so useful to us. You can also apply for our staff roles to become apart of our friendly and useful staff team. Join our server today and see what you think!