Programmers Palace is an community for people of all experience levels who are interested in programming or computer science. We also have events and competitions! If you are looking to share, help, learn or discuss, then programmers palace is for you.
CodeSupport is a community dedicated to giving guidance about coding, as well as creating conversation with one another. No matter your skill level, you are welcome in this community - all we ask is you follow the rules. We provide a platform for like-minded people to share their ideas, projects, and skills.
A place for all programmers from beginners to experts. Learn how to code or get help with your coding problems. Pickup a new language or pickup some developers for your latest projects.
[Test via un bot nécessaire pour être admis] La caverne du développeur est un serveur discord français permettant de parler de programmation ou de tout.
Wholesome art server! Join us near the fireplace for some cozy vibes.
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program. We currently have channels for: NodeJS Javascript Java C# Python C++ php And more soon! I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
Community about C++
Nous sommes un petit groupe de développeurs intéressés par la programmation (3D, langages, théorie, bas niveau, etc...) regroupés sur un serveur discord récemment crée qui privilégie l'entraide, la bonne ambiance, et le partage. Nous souhaitons accueillir de nouveaux membres partageant cette optique. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre :)
Have you been looking for a place to get ideas for projects, A place to ask questions about coding, or just a server list filler? Byte Frenzy is for you. We offer many places to advertise, find ideas, and even get peoples thoughts on projects!
Join to talk, share and make friends. Boxed is a social media platform that you can apply to help design or just stick around and chat.
A community server for CodeFizz including its bot, CodeBot.
As of Funerary 2019, we're a new chat looking add more people interested in computers, hardware, networking or anything IT related
A server for Visual Studio Coders, here you can chat with the community, find new friends with similar coding interests, find help and help others or share your projects with others!
Comunidad de programadores, en esta comunidad podrás recibir ayuda de cualquier lenguaje de programación, descargar programas únicos y acceder a nuestra tienda con una gran infinidad de productos.
A place to share all your skripting needs!
This is a Child friendly, Gender Friendly, and Family Friendly server, Will will try to keep our words and keep the server at its best state. Please be aware that we do not have perfect moderation (But we are trying to) so we cannot make it as we promised forever. This server is designed for programmers especially those who programs html and Making exploits, Non-programmers are also welcomed for buisness or just social communication purposes.
Hey, welcome to our discord-server! Here you can find anything about coding and development. Everyone is welcome to our community! <3
StudIO is the first hackable code editor for iOS. This server is for the community of the private beta users (and everyone else).
Testing/making Mystic eSport's official bot
Welcome to Coding Core! Our goal is to teach as many people as possible about programming. We have 1000+ people willing to help all around the clock. We also have giveaways, fun challenges, and much more! Are you a streaming trying to grow your community? Maybe you have a discord server but need some extra advertisement. We have a place where you can advertise anything once every 24 hours! So come check us out!
(code)(skills) Server criado para aumentar suas habilidades e crescer com a comunidade' <3
Friendly Code lyoko server ! French and english ! 750 members !
A friendly server for coders. We produce bots, applications and give assistance with coding.
Vous cherchez de l'aide pour paramétrer votre serveur ? Vous ne savez pas comment marchent certains bots ? Vous êtes à la recherche DU meilleur bot pour votre serveur ? Le serveur Support FR est là pour vous ! 🇫🇷 Un support Discord français de qualité, avec des membres expérimentés et sérieux 🤖 Des bots de qualité. Il y a même dyno premium, les 2 Rythm premium et d'autres encore, ainsi qu'un bot privé de haute technologie super avancée dernière génération 😃 🛠 Toute une partie faite pour vous aider à coder votre propre bot 🖱 Un site magique est en cours de préparation 💯 Des emotes sublimes Notre super magique magnifique lien d'invitation ➡️ Nous avons besoin de graphistes, de codeurs, de modérateurs et même d'administrateurs !
Deutscher Server für diverse programmier- und nerd Themen. Language-Bashing, shitposting und Autismus stehen an der Tagesordnung. Jeder ist willkommen da jede Programmiersprache gleichermaßen diskreditiert wird!
Welcome To 3D Lock You Can Meet People Have The Same interest As You We A Growing Up Server Who Help And Chat Server Is about Hacking Basics All You Need help we can + Programming Server is about: Hacking You Need Help With Hacking and basics? Just join mate Programming Coding Support and help You will meet others and share your idea's Our Mission or point is to Update Or add new information To People Knowledge Who want to learn we have interesting project But we dont do illegal stuff We Have friendly Staffs and people who respect and share projects with each other Thanks For Taking your time to read
SEVEN's CODE [セブンスコード]: a rhythm game [音楽ゲーム] by Unlimited Studio with Composer Naoki Maeda [前田尚紀] Join us for this adventure of saving the world through different perspectives with music.
Tanışma sohbet muhabbet oyun kaliteli ortam #AllahAffetsin
This is the official support server for the discord bot, Aiden's Assistant. The #1 discord assistant for you and your server. Ranging from amazing staff to the friendly community.
Looks like you stumbled on the Pixel Den; welcome! Over here, we not only celebrate the art of playing games, but the art of making games as well. Let me show you what I can offer: A tiny but nice community to befriend, A place to ask for help with code or that one level you're stuck on, A channel to listen to the music of your choice, A bot that I, personally, am working on for the server. That's all, but as we grow, more stuff will be added. If any of this strikes your fancy, feel free to join!
Chill chatting and more
Lua Obfuscator
DU MUST JOINEN - Hier treffen sich Developer und Gamer - Ein Discord zum Programmieren und Zocken YOU MUST JOIN - Here meets developer and Gamer - A Discord for Programming and Gaming