Commission professional bot code from @Developer - 3D Printing on demand - Get help with your code in #code-help - Apply as a @Helper and show off your knowledge of code!

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Commission professional bot code from @Developer - 3D Printing on demand - Get help with your code in #code-help - Apply as a @Helper and show off your knowledge of code!

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Freelance software developer 35/hr


Need a custom bot made for your Discord server?


Get help from @Developer and commission your very own custom bot code!

3D Printing on demand has arrived!

Send me your .stl files for a quote on your product. Will have your product printed and shipped in under 1 week.

New bot development services available!

Patreon deployment packages have arrived! Now you can get incredible deals on your custom bot code. $12 deploy and host, $25 monthly revisions and more!

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