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Bot | Programming
Commission professional bot code from @Developer - 3D Printing on demand - Get help with your code in #code-help - Apply as a @Helper and show off your knowledge of code!
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Bot | Art
24/7 Support Server for Discord Bot, Annie.
▱▰ 𝙃𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙚𝙩𝙝 ▱▰ Icon
Community | Gaming
Hireath Community is a community server build around the idea of finding new friends and peers with similar interests!
Technology | Programming
Çalıştığımız alanlar; Web Sitesi Multi Theft Auto [ Script Desteği ] Grafik Tasarım [ Özel Tasarım]
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Programming | Technology
{undefined} est un serveur sur le thème de la programmation regroupant les développeurs (aussi bien novice que expert) pour s'aider et parler entre eux de code (Python, C, C++, Js, Php, Ruby, Java, etc), voir de tout.
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Technology | Community
Community about C++
Community | Technology
SysAdmin / DevOps. Extension developer for Drupal, MediaWiki, WordPress, XenForo. CentOS & Debian administrator.
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Community | YouTuber
Under construction...
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Community | Technology
I'm Tails IM. I'm a system administrator and web developer. I am writing articles on system administration and the development of various systems, applications and servers. I am engaged in the development and localization of CMS / CMF and small modules for them.
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Community | Gaming
ROBLOX Studio Community server.
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Business | Support
Check Rules.
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Programming | Education
این سرور برای برنامه نویسان ایرانی درست شده و از ۲۰ زبان پشتیبانی میکند و در این چنل برنامه نویسان ایرانی سوالات خود را مطرح میکنند
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Social | Community
Samimi Bir Sohbet Ortamına Girmeyi Kim İstemez Ki!? Sohbeti Canlandırmak İçin Haydi Sen de Aramıza Katıl...
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Social | Programming
✨ EHSpace é um Servidor que abrange toda galera! Participe de sorteios, programe, ousa músicas, converse e muito mais!
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Design | Business
Developer Server for GTA V
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Community | Programming
Home of the simple, multi-purpose bot, Kepi.
Reactivity Software Icon
LGBT | Art
We are a community in Plantation Fl, Our discord consist of Vr Artist, Magic Leap Creators, Producers, ACF Chefs, Live VR Show, Unity developers, GoBi Sushi, Building the future together.
ConfusingFutureGang🌐 Icon
Programming | Design
Hey guys🤗, If you want to join a friendly👍 community hub for developers👨🏽‍💻, designer🌌 and gamers🎲 as well as for everybody🔓 who wants to be here🔽 than you are right in the ConfusingFutureGang🌠 What do we offer💯 ✔️You will get help💯, feedback🌐 and nearly everything you want⚜️ ✔️Be in contact with real💯 Programmer👨🏽‍💻, Designer🌄 and Gamer🃏 ✔️You can share📢 your stuff and informations💾 with other people ✔️You can use the MusicBot🤖 in the Music-Lounge 🎶 ➡️Control in music-chat💬 ✔️VoiceChannels for everybody🎤 ✔️The server is completely⌛️ free🔓 ✔️The server is always🕐 online🔋 ✔️You will get a nice rank💹 So what are you waiting for❓ Feedback🌐 Maybe you can give me some feedback📢 because only so I can always⌛️ improve🌄 the server.
Crypto | Community
- Friendly Cryptocurrency - Artists - Gamers Community - Earn/Invest/Trade or develop with our own INSTANTCOIN token! - Daily News, Videos, Airdrops & Trading Signals - Get free upvotes for Steemit - Join Giveaways & Events - Ranking system with Rewards - Pick the roles you want! #👔choose-roles - Promotion/Advertising channels for everyone & even more! New to Cryptocurrency? ​ No problem, this will be a great way to learn and start your adventure for free with for example our INSTANTCOIN token that you can earn in many ways! The goal of this community is to have a place where all cryptocurrency, artists, content creators, gamers, developers and other like minded people can get together to support each other in their own ways. [Visit Website for more info]
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Bot | Gaming
ELO - A pug (pick up game) bot for discord.
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Programming | Technology
KamilDev is a community for all programmers, developers, technology enthusiasts, and everyone else!
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Gaming | Design
White Elk is a game developer based in Los Angeles. We have shipped Eclipse: Edge of Light and Covert.
ConfusingGang🌐 Icon
Community | Technology
friendly👍 community hub for developers👨🏽‍💻, designer🌌 and gamers🎲 as well as for everybody🔓 who wants to be here🔽 than you are right in the ConfusingGang🌠
TechBooks » e-book shop Icon
Community | Programming
TechBooks is an eBook provider on which communicates via discord. We are providing books for: > PC Hardware & Software > Physics & Chemistry > programming > others. We also like to talk. this is a community server for "nerdy book readers". Join if you feel like you want to learn about Information technology. We also like to share memes and others. *psh* we also giveaway books for free & other stuff like discord nitro or money *psh*
Developy Icon
Gaming | Community
Developy is a community of experienced developers who is willing to help other people. Here, you can sell things and hire people to collaborate in a game development, or just chill out and have epic gamer moments.
GrayHat Icon
Programming | Music
A simple server to either shitpost all you want or get help with my GitHub Projects, such as discord bots or web scrapers. You can also propose a project and hire / work together. Major points of interest: Web Scraping, Discord Bots, Algorithm Design
(DEV) => {DISCORD} Icon
Programming | Community
A place for all programmers from beginners to experts. Learn how to code or get help with your coding problems. Pickup a new language or pickup some developers for your latest projects.
LazyDB Icon
Programming | Technology
LazyDB is a realtime cloud database with authentification, emailing, payments, cloud lua functions and more, join our awesome community :D
technocrats Icon
Technology | Programming
A server for people who work in fields of technology. Flexible server, new channels, services, bots, emoji are created or included according to community needs. All technical discussions are welcomed. Idle on !
- Plot Craft - Icon
Gaming | Social
Gaming,Minecraft, Icon
Gaming | Community
Wir bieten euch viele Channel zum unterhalten und sind momentan am aufbauen eines Gaming-Server-Netzwerks. Falls ihr Interesse habt uns zu helfen, meldet euch bei den Ownern Privat oder im Bewerbungschannel!
CBA Icon
Programming | Technology
We sell Minecraft and Discord bots. Low prices, fast response times.
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Community | Support
Welcome to the official DesignersHub Discord Server! -Here you can discuss all GFX related matters, like products, graphics, designs, games, apps, review or other related subjects! -Join and share your designs, get help with designs, learn GFX or just chill!
Gen2K Icon
Streaming | YouTuber
Discord server for Content Creators such as Youtubers or Twitch streamers.
Code Club Icon
Programming | Technology
Growing and friendly developer community. A clean and fresh start after a server revamp. ~Code Club
AOU | All of Us Remastered Icon
Community | Gaming
Hey There! Do you want to join a fun server with lots of cool bots? Well we've got the place for YOU In fact... Its For all of us!!
Pixel MMORPG Hub Icon
Community | Gaming
A Place for people to find new Pixel MMORPGS and a place for developers to show off their game.
TheCodingJ's Icon
Technology | Programming
We love creating Software/AI/Games and anything computer related, come join us and share your own projects.
Design | Gaming
Our server is about the community and the fun doing what you are doing and helping and creating things with each other and of course making that money. We play and have fun and we hustle at the same time. If you know how to edit, program, play games, photoshop, develop games or if you know how to have fun Welcome.
Armed Rising Icon
Programming | Design
This is a server where you can join and see all the progress before my game gets released.. and where you can ask for coding help
Igrasil Studio Icon
Anime | Gaming
Indie Game Developer for Visual Novels, JRPG's and other waifu related games!
Chilling Community Icon
Community | Entertainment
Hello, this is the coolest server you ever delt with. We are an active community of cool people. If you want to talk to cool people youre at the right place. Only cool people are even allowed to join the server. If our complicated algorithm thinks you are cool enough you will be able to join. (That's why not that many are on the server already) I wish your best on trying to join. If you made it, ill see you on the other side! Bye :)
TVR Icon
Gaming | Programming
A server to talk about games and game development.
Python Community Icon
Programming | Support
Hey, Welcome to The Python Community! Here you can find Some Awesome Codes and Enjoy VIP Membership That includes: Lessons, Codes, Bots, Programs, Tricks, And Much Much More Fun Stuff. Enjoy!
Team Woodsalt Icon
Gaming | Social
A discord community for the 3D adventure game 'Woodsalt'. We do Jackbox, gaming and social events. Follow the development, make friends and have fun.
Caror DeV Icon
Programming | Community
The official server for CarorDeV!
DaRealSh0T's hideout Icon
Gaming | Programming
This is a Youtubers server with 90+ Members. We support each other and play games together! We are looking for members to play games with!
The Coding Habitat Icon
Programming | Community
This Discord server is a lounge for developers, coders and the community to connect with each other and communicate freely about the development, coding and the creative world! This could be anywhere from, getting support on a project, helping others out with their projects or just chatting! We hope you find what you are looking for.
Duklizzc0der Icon
Gaming | Technology
Find Gaming Partner for games; Among Us, Fortnite, League of Legends(LOL), Roblox... Weekly giveaways, and more!
Glitch Fairy Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
The Glitch Fairy 2d platformer where you glitch your enemies to gain abilities, find collectibles and have fun! Icon
Technology | Programming is a community that brings together developers of all experience levels. Learn or get better at programming/coding now!
Developer group© Icon
Community | Programming
Retroit Icon
Gaming | Community
The official Discord server for RETROIT - the upcoming MMO. Join for a chance to enter the city early!
Square Code Icon
Programming | Technology
Square Code is a area where you can interact and learn with other coders! 👍
Comunidad Hispanohablante Icon
Gaming | Community
Una comunidad de Discord en Español, ¿¡para qué tantos servidores?!, en este servidor podrás encontrar de todo: Videojuegos, soporte, ayuda con tú bot (dev's) , muchos emojis y mucho más. ¿A qué esperas?
Blue Development Icon
Bot | Programming
Welcome to the Blue Development Server Discord! RULES: 1. No Scamming 2. No Skidding Code from other developers 3. We are a business so treat us as such 4. Use Common Sense Terms and Conditions: The owner OrangePill#6969 reserves the right to remove any member from the discord for not following rules, please note that he also reserves the right to discongregate your discord bot at any given time, we operate a pay monthly scheme however you do have the right to request paying yearly at your own discretion. If you believe any payment operator or staff member is not in the rights of what has been performed please message the bot straight away so that the support team and owner can help where applicable Please react to the message below when you have read the rules and accepted our terms and conditions once approving the rules and terms of conditions any misjudgement will be a punishable offence
Develop Your Bot Icon
Bot | Programming
**__Develop Your Bot__** Need help with your bot? Need a testing channel for your bot? Join **Develop Your Bot** today! __Here is what we offer YOU__: > 🧪 Easily obtainable testing channels > 👥 Helpful community for any coding question > 👤 Helpful staff team > 🤖 Fun Bots such as Nation and StarBoard Convinced? Join **Develop Your Bot** today!
Kraktoos™ Icon
Community | Entertainment
- Hello, welcome to **Kraktoos™**! > ➥ We are a **new** community looking for **new** and **active** **members** and **staffs**! What We Have for You in **Kraktoos™**: > 🤖 ┇Many Chat Bots > ⌨️ ┇Many Music Bots > 💻 ┇Everything you need in life > 😊 ┇Great and Helpful Community ```Here is the link if you are interested!```
Palais de *nix Icon
Technology | Education
A friendly *nix related server. We talk about technology and any *nix OS (Linux, BSD, macOS, etc.)
StuxieDev's Glitchy Void Icon
Technology | Meme
A wonderful community, fun games, friendly chats, server events & the Official discord server of Content Creator/GameDev StuxieDev.
The Diamond Wahmour Den Icon
Furry | LGBT
This is a chill server for furries and allies to hang out. It's a small community aimed at catering to everyone. We hope to see you on the server soon :D
🌌 Galaxy Alexsters Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
🌌 Galaxy Alexsters is a relaxed community for many games and regions around the world. We host our own dedicated servers for certain games. Join to hang out, talk about gaming, and participate in giveaways. We have game roles for many different games and have frequent giveaways of steam games, Discord Nitro, and other prizes.
Dev Scene PH Icon
Community | Programming
A community for developers in Philippines. Learn about software, hardware, concepts, and more!
🍥 Cubeiros™ - Suporte Icon
Community | Bot
Olá, eu sou o bot `Cubeiros™`, estou aqui para ajudar seu servidor, quer saber mais sobre mim? Me adione em seu servidor e use o comandos `c/ajuda`, possuo diversas funções, como: 💫 • Defesa; 💫 • Contador; 💫 • Jogos; 💫 • RPG: Também possuo 5 Categorias de comandos para serem usados em seu servidor, que tal ver?!! 🍥 **• Convite do bot:**
Proj Hub Icon
Programming | Technology
Proj Hub; a server for developers, receive help and criticism, promote your projects!
Nodes. Icon
Crypto | Technology
A cryptocurrency server. Includes price bot to check crypto price on demand. Discussions about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This server also includes discussions about today's new tech, computer related stuffs and all sorts of developments.
GGFG BotDevs Icon
Bot | Programming
A server, For bot developers and coders and people who want to test own bots or other people's bots!
IntuiNetwork Icon
Gaming | Community
This is a Bedrock AND Java edition Minecraft server that has many dimensions: Minigames, an SMP server and way more!
Bit Studios Icon
Gaming | Programming
Bit Studios is a software development company based in the uk.
Roblox Studio Community Icon
Design | Programming
Chat, share your creations, and get help from other developers! 7k+ members!
MHG Corporation Icon
Community | Social
Teknoloji , Çekiliş , Hacker , Geliştirici , Oyun , Eğlence , Gizlilik , İşletim Sistemleri , Moderasyon , Topluluk ve daha fazlası
Empathy's world Icon
Community | YouTuber
This is a friendly community server, we offer partnerships, staff apps, perks, rant channels, a lot of events and more!!!!