Toronto based for like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other geek culture denizens and technology enthusiasts. We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.
Toronto based for like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other geek culture denizens and technology enthusiasts. We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.
Toronto based for like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other geek culture denizens and technology enthusiasts. We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.
𝘾𝙪𝙧𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙉𝙚𝙩𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠 is a growing Community Server. We offer over 200+ emotes, a level up role system, over 50+ color roles, a 𝙅𝙪𝙣𝙟𝙞 𝙄𝙩𝙤 channel and Self Assigned roles! Join us and spread the 𝘾𝙪𝙧𝙨𝙚!
A Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space travel, exploration, observing, astrophotography, space pictures, etc. We have daily activity, have feeds, post livestreams of launches, and do trivias. Spacecord is for everyone interested in space, you don't necessarily need to be an expert.
A chill place to come hang out and play games. Weekly key giveaways! Weekly server game nights/trivia nights! Come meet new people and find new games to play! We have many channels separated into varied categories. Currently at 4300 users with new people joining every day!
Gamers, Geeks, and Nerds is a laid back and super friendly community of people who consider themselves a geek or nerd. We love to chat about that one subject which we can geek out to or show how much of a nerd we are. We love to chat about technology, anime, gaming, science, movies and TV shows, or whatever else we consider ourselves a geek or nerd about. We also host game servers for our members to play on, such as Minecraft, watch movies together, or just have a casual conversation in the voice channels as we all play different games. It's up to you.
We are a chill tech server. We got tech nerds and professionals from all over the place who specialize in SSDs Power supplies and troubleshooting windows issues. So come one and all to either get help or just to chill with some weeby tech nerds. Also new addition are kitties!!! So many cute fluffy kitties owned by many of our server members.
Technology discussion including hardware, apps, and much more. Google, Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Technologist focuses on the latest in what matters in technology daily.
Projects, DIY, Programming, Webdev, Gamedev, Robotics, Electronics crafting and repair, and more! Come see and find out all the projects that will inspire you!
Coronavirus, 3D printing, AI, DMT, CRISPR, buddhism, neuroscience, robots, philosophy, biology, literature, history, technology, religion, transhumanism, geopolitics, AI, quantum physics
This server is for coding support!
Meu quarto. Não repare a bagunça. Minecraft, Retrogames, Conversa, etc e etc.
Greetings! This is a place to talk about mostly anime related things but more importantly make new friends and have a good time. There is something for everyone here though. Anime, memes, gaming, technology, cosplay and more are within here.
**Welcome to ozarS's Discord !** *We offer fun and good time to discord users in this server* 💎 __HERE ARE OUR FEATURES__ 💎 🤖 ~ Mysterious bots to play with and awesome commands 😂 ~ Meme channels and fun stuff 👽 ~ Total 100 Emotes for nitro and normal users 🛠 ~ 7/24 support in any title 🤝 ~ Partnerships 🎮 ~ Find players to play together every game 🔊 ~ Voice channels for chat, music and for every game 🌐 ~ Advertisement channel 🌟 ~ XP roles, special roles, self-assignable roles, color roles 🌏 ~ Chat rooms for other languages 👮 ~ Moderators for suspects 👥 ~ Multiplayer games 🎥 ~ Movie night events 🤡 ~ Giveaways What are you still waiting for? Come and join our journey!
CodeSupport is a community dedicated to giving guidance about coding, as well as creating conversation with one another. No matter your skill level, you are welcome in this community - all we ask is you follow the rules. We provide a platform for like-minded people to share their ideas, projects, and skills.
A dedicated server to the game, War Thunder! We play War Thunder, and we grind together as a community! Non-NSFW server, with great music, giveaways, bots, memes, and more!
Official Discord Partner! This is a friendly community for those who are interested in being involved with science exploration. Over 10,000+ Members!
bullied irl and have no friends online? well join us you will probably be bullied anyways (haha jk... unless..?)
Cryptocurrency discord. Based off /biz/. Join even though you don't like/browse /biz/ though.
This server is a chill place where people of all ages from all over the world can share their art - whether it be drawings, music, entertainment and everything in between. Use our server to promote your work! We are a mature female friendly chat where everyone is welcome so long as you respect others on the server. It's called "The Basement" for a reason - a place to go to get away from it all. You are welcome. Come check us out!
A discord server for those looking for a community to game with or for Tech support and anything technology related including, pc building designs and support and coding.
An educational server for anyone, teacher or student, boss or employee, to teach and learn anything that is sfw as long as everyone is treated fairly.
This is a Roblox game related group. Zombie Rush is a popular game on Roblox, this is a clan dedicated to Zombie Rush. We have stats from the wiki, tips, invite rewards and more goodies.
Coding Server for everyone!
We have memes, a growing community of gamers, Pokecord, Idle Miner, Memes, and more fun stuff!
The Official Apollo Discord A great place to discuss, create, and collaborate.
We help peoples on scripting, we sponsor games to make them better, we create games ourselves, but who is "we"? Well, our team.
A community for all Tech enthusiasts and artists. Discuss the latest and greatest tech, share your art, memes, ask for feedback, level up and unlock exclusive Free to use templates of all sorts. Invite Link:
Transhumanism discord server. Topics are: * Science * Futurism * Longevity * The Singularity * Food Supplements * Implants * Economics of the Future * Politic Systems of the Future * Biohacking etc.
Scrypta is a Peer-to-Peer infrastructure designed for new business models and public governance management. The system is based on the digital currency called 'LYRA'. Scrypta is a blockchain with advanced decentralized features for greater scalability, flexibility and is suitable for the creation of complete architectures for unlimited projects and new use cases. Scrypta is a constant evolution project with decentralized nature that makes it particularly suitable for collaborations and contributions from developers who want to create practical solutions based on its architecture. Moreover, the Scrypta based ecosystem offers exceptional features of archiving, certification and verification which represent excellent tools for all those companies wishing to look at the technological innovation offered by the blockchain. Links:
Welcome to my workshop, where I forge the finest products in the graphic design, VFX, and cinematic genre's. Join to open a ticket and hire me or get free support for absolutely anything else from networking, development, design, art, and more!
QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by applying blockchain sharding technology. QuarkChain is one of the first public chains that successfully implemented state sharding technology for blockchain in the world.
The Official SIVANN Discord Server
This is a group for furries who work in IT. Feel free to hang out, ask for help, bitch about users, and post those dank me me's. We've got those free "wee fee's" and the password is "password".
Space-focused gameplay, chill shenanigans, occasional memeage, tech talk, cooking and recipes, and so much more.
Welcome to The Cult of Gears! We are a server dedicated to bringing in a pseudo-official Technology Student Association hub, and place to talk and meet with other TSA chapters! We also have game sections and other fun stuff! Not a TSA member yet, and are a middle or high schooler? Check out for more information!