Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd's hangout server.
Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd's hangout server.
Server for Sestain's LEET Support.
{undefined} est un serveur sur le thème de la programmation regroupant les développeurs (aussi bien novice que expert) pour s'aider et parler entre eux de code (Python, C, C++, Js, Php, Ruby, Java, etc), voir de tout.
Community about C++
Hey there! Wanna have some fun with technology? No problem! You can do it here! We offer many things, even a chat for subreddit wich is mainly the reason it's created.
A server for gamers and gaming. But we do welcome everyone!
Hello new recruits! My name is Alex and this is the server called The Bomb Shelter. This is a server where I try to implant as many things as I can that everybody likes including Truth or Dare, showing off your game rig, roleplay, sports, casual talk, places to vent and many more including things you can tell us you'd like to see in the #server-suggestions channel. When joining please remember to grab yourself some roles. If you also would like to know about everybody who took part in this amazing creation the go to the #deleted-channel channel where it gives you info about all the people who contributed. Make sure that you also check out the rules so that you aren't disciplined, nobody likes that. Also this server is a W.I.P(Work in progress) so if there is any bugs, mistakes, or something wrong please let me or an admin know. And lastly have fun and enjoy your stay!(edited)
🌲 Hello and welcome on TeamTrees.org Unofficial discord! We support the work that TeamTrees.org (Arbor Day Foundation with help of MrBeast) does and we hope in BETTER future for our nature! You can post your photos of nature that we are fighting for! We also have other topics (Gaming, arts, technology, etc) so you can chat almost about everything there! We hope that you will have a wonderfull time there and as always #TeamTrees! 🌲
A gathering place for the parents/guardians of Roblox (and other games) to laugh at...uh, I mean with each other about life, family, and other experiences of being an adult gamer.
A server that has everything, a small community wanting to expand, ahhh you get the point just check it out if ya like.
Anonymous Worldwide (Public) is a discussion server for Anonymous activists from all over the world. Everyone is welcome. Meet your fellow Anonymous activists and have fun together. There are no real rules, except that we ask you to follow the Discord TOS so the server doesn't get deleted.
OM! GOD ALONE EXISTS . GOD ALONE IS REALITY . || SSSV 20.10 || https://satyavedism.org https://satyavedism.org/infoport https://fb.com/satyavatara | 35K+ #SATYAVATARA #PARAJAGATAVATARA⁣ #SATYAVEDISM #OM #GOD #TRUTH #GODREALIZATION #selfrealization #spirituality #nonduality #enlightenment #yoga #meditation #empowerment #manifestation #magick #occult #education #technology #ai #mathematics #science #linguistics #language #veganism #environment #evolution #satsang #avatara #satguru
Ex-support server for "TomBot" music bot, turned community server. Memes, music, games, art and tech inside!
FNAGEER.COM WEBSITE AND APP BUILDER Create awesome mobile-friendly websites and apps for free! Using Fnageer.com Websites, You Can Choose A Plan That Suits You.
A Developers Brasil é uma comunidade que tem como principal motivo ajudar aqueles que estão ingressando nas áreas da Programação e Pentest.
Coders plus is a community based server that focuses on bringing people together.
Gamers, Content Creators and Techies Safe Haven!
Account giveaways, gaming with others and friendly people!
~img6: the innovative image board~ ~This site took inspiration from the popular social network called "4chan".~ ~It was made by one individual.~ This is just a simple bullet-in board style site where you can share images and talk about anything you want. Site: http://img6.ga
Gaming, Events, Tournaments, and More! Join T.O.G. Network Today
Dragon Dimensions is a fun Minecraft server, with many fun game modes, special events, friendly staff, friendly community, no toxic people and no hackers. What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!!
Maths and Physics server with slightly edgy content.
For Nepalese folks from all over the world. There is something for everyone in this community. From movies to photographs. We got Mo:Mo's too... ;)
This is a Child friendly, Gender Friendly, and Family Friendly server, Will will try to keep our words and keep the server at its best state. Please be aware that we do not have perfect moderation (But we are trying to) so we cannot make it as we promised forever. This server is designed for programmers especially those who programs html and Making exploits, Non-programmers are also welcomed for buisness or just social communication purposes.
WannaGate Discord sunucusuna yol alıyorsunuz.
We are an old server is undergoing new changes! From computer science and coding projects to all things tech, join us to meet up with students and hobbyists from all over the world!
Hey, welcome to our discord-server! Here you can find anything about coding and development. Everyone is welcome to our community! <3
A small hacking team looking for more members. everyone's welcome
This is a community of people interested in various domains of science including but not limited to astronomy , physics, chemistry etc and more Come come and and join us on an epic journey to the amazing world of science
**Welcome to ozarS's Discord !** *We offer fun and good time to discord users in this server* 💎 __HERE ARE OUR FEATURES__ 💎 🤖 ~ Mysterious bots to play with and awesome commands 😂 ~ Meme channels and fun stuff 👽 ~ Total 100 Emotes for nitro and normal users 🛠 ~ 7/24 support in any title 🤝 ~ Partnerships 🎮 ~ Find players to play together every game 🔊 ~ Voice channels for chat, music and for every game 🌐 ~ Advertisement channel 🌟 ~ XP roles, special roles, self-assignable roles, color roles 🌏 ~ Chat rooms for other languages 👮 ~ Moderators for suspects 👥 ~ Multiplayer games 🎥 ~ Movie night events 🎤 ~ Karaoke events with rewards 🤡 ~ Giveaways What are you still waiting for? Come and join our journey!
Welcome to Paradise! We're a brand new 17+ server looking for active members to VC with! Come help us build an amazing and unique home that's comfortable enough for our family.
Making the most of our lives through practical philosophies.
This is a community focused server for learning about a number of topics including music production, programming and ethical hacking, art, and more.
Chill, tight-knit community of people who have gathered over the years. Welcoming new friends!
A small community of IT enthusiasts discussing a wide variety of IT topics. We also have dedicated rooms for memes, creative work, sharing projects, games and talking about tech horror stories.