Gaming | Technology
Welcome to Radium/hub! We are a great community without toxicity, raiders or trolls. Here's what we do have: gaming (we will be hosting tournaments), technology (software and hardware, you're welcome no matter your skill-level), fresh and dank memes, and great staff and moderation. So join us now and enjoy!
Anime | Gaming
Hello! Hydro Flask is a cute server! The name was for the meme but its welcoming and friendly! Goal is 100 members! We do gaming, vcs, art competitions, etc! Server created Auguat 17th 2019. Lets see how much we grow in a year : ) Pop in and say hello! Reactable roles and more fun things! Also hint hint theres e-grills here ;) and e-boys!!
Community | Technology
AIMLAC is a Community of Science and Technology. We are a community dedicated to science exploration and technological innovation! Our members range from High Schoolers, University Students, Postgraduates, as well as people from diverse backgrounds. Using Discord, we're able to maintain a community for sharing scientific discussions, research, and meeting new and similar individuals who are interested in academia of science. We also have gamers channels.
Role-Playing | Community
ReVera Industries Roleplay: The year is 2084, one Nation dominates the globe with its technological might. Based on cyberpunk and dystopian fiction, tackling the modern themes of privacy and big tech.
Furry | Role-Playing
We make games, we roleplay, we've got what you want, what more could you ask for? ;)
Programming | Bot
Zyke Network is an organization of developers and hosting lovers, who aim to provide top quality services with great support.
Community | Anime
Welcome to Track 44 :wheelchair: Our focus is to provide a place to hang out and talk about whatever, whenever, and to collaborate or shitpost. Feel free to dive into a specific topic inside a channel or have it random and general in the main chats. We give our community members all-access to practical and sweet perks like; -Dedicated Game Servers, if it's hostable, we can host it! -Random giveaways for games, hardware, and anything anyone wants to pitch in. -Your own email address. -24/7 Music Bots and Radio Stations. -Group gaming/watching, and voice parties -Surprise launches like Mastodon
Technology | Gaming
Alunite Community is a fun, friendly and laid back server with minimal rules for your and your friends to have fun and chat.
Technology | Science
Simply Engineered is a technological hub for all things software, hardware, bleeding-edge, and more, with everyone included as well. We have multiple ranks, but are just starting out. We believe in bringing each other to the top, teaching those that are interested, and providing knowledge to everyone.
Programming | Community
For individuals to find individuals interested in working with each-other on projects, for any sort of reason. Be it programming, statistics, mathematics, penetration testing, etc. Also a great place to hangout with people of similar interests! Come join us, we'd be glad you did.
Community | Programming
Hello! Welcome to the D3XTER's Official Discord. We hope you enjoy your stay here!
Art | Technology
The First Non-Violent World Art & Tech Lab to BUILD Viral Techy "3Dprinted" Interiors&Buildings! 🍄🌎👽 Architecture on a whole new artsy level!
Education | Language
Servidor focado em estudos, enem, vestibulares, concursos, idiomas, tudo.
Community | Social
In Chill-Station we provide a safe community for Furries, Anime Fans, Artists, Gamers, Meme Lords, and anyone looking for a FUN TIME. We ask you to be at least 16+ Try to stay safe and join anytime!!
Gaming | Meme
It is a gaming and a fun server with a lot of active peoples. I am conduct many types of giveaways like pokecord , pokeverse, dank memer, premium accounts etc.
Education | Community
This server is about any intellectual thoughts to be brought into an outlet, express any ideas you want ranging from theology to sciences. Filled with unique people with different ideologies and perspectives to learn from. Education is very present here, along side of casual talk and good vibes for the experience. Express any beliefs you want, we don't discriminate. No thoughts are ignored except for alt right and fascist ideals. See you on the other side!
Crypto | Community
UniBitX is a Private, Secure, Fast and Easy To Use CryptoCurrency.
Community | Social
We strive for a fun community together, where we can learn if you so desire or just a nice place to have a chat on. This is an adult server, so if you are not 18+, you can't join.
Community | Social
Server for
Science | Social
Extremely laid back space-themed server. Hangout, share space pics, and make friends.
Community | Technology
A place to sell, buy, trade and hangout with people. We have many channels and more to come, we regularly update the server to keep the members happy and safe. All staff have gone through vigorous testing and training to make them perfect for keeping the community safe and happy.
Technology | Entertainment
A chill server to talk about legally acquiring digital items (piracy).
Bot | Technology
It's a server with a shit ton of bots. Join if you want to use my collection of bots.
Technology | Community
The home of the Alee Productions community. We give updates on our projects that we work on (such as Unicity, QuantumNet and AleeBot). We are also a civil and calm community too :)
Programming | Technology
This is a Linux & Tech focused server with friendly users and is a calm and relaxing place to chat, we have game and music nights.
Gaming | Social
For all eras of videogames or technology. Feel free to come in and chat about what you wish.
Technology | Gaming
Hi! This is Sonitech, where talk about Sonic the Hedgehog, and we talk about technology. We're a fairly new and relaxed server. We're kind and friendly, everyone is welcome! I, the host, would love to see you join! :)
Role-Playing | Community
Spaceflight Simulator and Simple Rocket 2 community server
Gaming | Community
Join the Xbox Social Club ⭐ Meet new players, promote your stream, read the latest gaming news & more! Over 2K members and growing 🎮
Gaming | Technology
A hosting company and gaming community. We welcome you to our community, to hang out with other gamers from around the world. Cloud Chaos, we provide web, and game server hosting. Promotional deals, and domains. Welcome to a life in the clouds. Cloud Chaos: Aim for the skies.
Business | Community
A community of entrepreneurs helping each other succeed. Whether you're a college student with an idea or an industry executive, this community is for you!
Education | Social
News Central is the place to stay updated on the latest news around the world, in Discord. Topics include Coronavirus, World News, Technology, Local News, Sports, Politics and more.
Streaming | Gaming
Hey! The warrior squad is a server to help with streaming, technology, and having fun. We are a server that can help you with some things that involve streaming or technology. You can find new collabs to talk with and to grow your stream and community. We are a very supportive community trying to grow the server. Anyone is welcome to join the discord server. If you need help with Pc problems, audio, camera, redesigning your stream, we have all the tools for that. So stop by and join our server! Thank you!
Technology | Programming
In our discord server we provide multiple methods and buy for you section We Take PayPal and BitCoin As Payments We also sell cracked accounts such as: Netflix, McDonalds, NordsVPN, Spotify, UPlay, Origin Please contact our 2 Owners if you have any questions.
Art | Music
This server is a chill place where people of all ages from all over the world can share their art - whether it be drawings, music, entertainment and everything in between. Use our server to promote your work! We are a mature female friendly chat where everyone is welcome so long as you respect others on the server. It's called "The Basement" for a reason - a place to go to get away from it all. You are welcome. Come check us out!
Mature | Gaming
Welcome to PlayTFG! We are a laid back community of gamers whos focus is on having fun. Our community is comprised of IT professionals, Artists, Youtubers, Twitch streamers, Meme-lords and various other hobbyists! We host our own game servers as well as a forum for those that are into it! - friendly and chill community (age 17+) - drunk gaming nights on the weekend - memes and nsfw content by request (NSFW role locked) - self hosted game servers - lightly moderated - family like atmosphere - e-girls Play The Freakin Game
Technology | Education
A server where web development enthusiasts share their experiences and help each other.
Community | Programming
If you need help with anything to do with coding, or if you have an insatiable urge to make something amazing, or you just want to hang out with a bunch of nice people, then this Discord server is for you! We aim to make new friends, and hopefully construct a community between our members. Keep in mind that this is a relatively new server, and we will be taking suggestions from our members to help improve our server. Come along and have some fun!
Technology | Community
Official Forum:
Education | Community
Leadership and publishing opportunities for those interested in contributing to the science and news publication Dialogue & Discourse, one of Medium's most respected publications.
Official server for a new company, Ellaton. Ellaton is a server hosting provider. | Website: | Teamspeak: | Twitter:
Programming | Technology
This is a community for programmers, novice and professional alike, to talk and network with people also interested in programming. We have channels for Javascript, React, C#, and many more!
Political | Technology
We are a discord server for technosocialism, the idea that socialism should come about through automation and technology to free the working class from unnecessary labor.
Community | Gaming
Started a multimedia discord server which also includes an anime section. I currently have about 100 members but their really not active, so I was hoping to get more active members. Lastly have fun ;)
Technology | Community
PC Paradise is a great PC building enthusiast, and tech support server, with knowledge and active members. There are many help channels for different problems, such as build help, overclocking help, troubleshooting, and just general tech support. We also have miscellaneous channels for other types o
Gaming | Community
A discord server for those looking for a community to game with
Technology | Community
REVODE ~be creative ~JOIN NOW
Technology | Hobbies
A community built for IT (Information Technology) geeks and nerds. Server includes discussions on PC building, tech, and the IT field.
Investing | Financial
Welcome to Gainsboro LLC! At Gainsboro Investment Algorithms, we provide high-accuracy stock picking algorithms for you to use. With an emphasis on empirical analysis over mere speculation, our stock-picking algorithms have had accuracies over 80% within the last 3 months. We are also always developing new algorithms for our server to use. Our new high-accuracy forex AI will be ready to use within the next few weeks! With a dedicated staff that will always help and a beginner-friendly environment, our server is for anyone with any stock investment experience. Even if you are a novice investor or an experience day trader, our service is for anyone! Join us today!
Technology | Programming
A server for all you tech enthusiasts!
Technology | Meme
A server for lovers of SpaceX and Elon Musk! If you are a space or technology lover you must JOIN NOW!!
Community | Gaming
Many of friends and friend's friends are here. Really active server. Looking for staff. All people are nice. It is a nice place to relax and hangout.
Programming | Technology
A great place for coders and ones want to learn code!
Technology | Support
Do you need help to build PC? Need advice with the best parts to buy for the price? We're a community dedicated to helping you throughout all the stages of the process, including the part list creation, pc assembly, choosing the best peripherals and maximizing the value of your purchase. Anyone is welcome here!
Gaming | Technology
this is a technology and gaming/mining channel
Community | Gaming
A community/gaming server with a lot of stuff you can do!
Technology | Programming
This is a server with a great community, a ton of really smart people, and a good amount of moderation. This server is aimed mostly at people that are interested in technology, programming and/or ethical hacking, but also for people who are interested in gaming. We hope to see you here!
Programming | Social
Welcome to the Azure Discord Server! We are the official Discord server for Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services! Whether you want to talk about Azure related topics, general tech or just come and say hi, we are a welcoming social community based on a foundation of decorum and respect.
Technology | Music
Community | Technology
Technology/Code focused community server. Bots for everyone, voice channels, and video game stuff.
Technology | Support
We are a chill tech server. We got tech nerds and professionals from all over the place who specialize in SSDs Power supplies and troubleshooting windows issues. So come one and all to either get help or just to chill with some weeby tech nerds. Also new addition are kitties!!! So many cute fluffy kitties owned by many of our server members.
Technology | Programming
A tech server for all things regarding games, software, hardware, and even if you need technical support, we got you!
Community | Technology
Welcome to the 3D Now Community Discord Server! We are a group of makers that loving talking about 3D printing and helping others! We have many experienced members that are very knowledgeable and always willing to helping out beginners. Also, we have multiple channels to chat about 3D printing, tech, projects, buy/trade, and more! Join our inclusive community of makers to talk about anything and everything 3D printing!
Gaming | Streaming
Bad Mofo Gaming is a server for gamers who think they are a Bad Mofo. We have text and voice chats for popular games, allow self promotion, and even tech support to help with setup issues. Wanna vent, hear some motivation, or just network with other gamers? No problem, we have that covered as well!
Role-Playing | Writing
Considering moving to planet Alpha? Here at Astra Corp. we are here to help you with that! We're so glad you're considering space travel with us. Before you decide, we'll provide you with some information about moving to Alpha will be like! The trip from Earth to Alpha is about 7 light years. We provide the option to our passengers to stay awake during this time or to be cryogenically frozen for the duration of the trip. When you arrive on Alpha you'll be greeted by the friendly greeting staff, who will walk you through your application process! All of your savings will be converted into the local currency there, Nectar. It's so easy to start a new life there, buying a home and getting work. It's practically a utopia! Please let us know in the next few weeks if you plan to space travel with us! We'd be pleased to have you! And we hope you have a good rest of your day. ~ Astra Incorporated
Gaming | Meme
The Dawg Shelter is a brand new server made by the legendary kromit. We are friendly people. Fellow dawgs may join and engage in the social interaction.
Technology | Music
Hello, ✔ Talk And Chat With us ✔ We Doing Giveaways ✔ We Will Show You The Best Items To Buy On Amazon, Ebay... More Join Us
Community | YouTuber
The best place where you can share your content with other YouTubers and Gamers here! Friendly server for YouTubers and Gamers! JOIN NOW!!
Furry | Anime
Join the fucking server
Technology | Community
This discord is used for those that are new to ethical hacking, penetration testing, cyber security and more! Want a group to learn and grow with? This is the proper place for you. We have missions, CTFs, and more that we do together. We have opportunities for giveaways, growing your resume, having a community to help you through your journey, great resources, and more!
Technology | Community
I am a creator and feel the need to present the best of tech to people all around me. So, come join me in this venture of tech and make this world a better place using tech of greatest times! Also, We discuss about Space and Physics! Come and Join us in this venture!
Technology | Community
This is a server for you to come and advertise your server. How It Works: Welcome to self-promo. This text will explain how everything works and what to do. This server is meant for people who want to advertise their servers and get more users without doing illegal stuff. DM the bot @self-promo-bot and it'll start a survey asking for information so it can post your server in this server but you have to remain in this server to keep your invite link