Programming | Education
Learn AI together. Share your projects, interesting research papers, great courses, ask questions, anything related to the field!
Technology | Crypto
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems.
Programming | Technology
Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Neural Networks
Community | Support
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Community | Bot
This server is a chill and general discord server which does not have a specific theme set besides just having fun, fun is healthy. We have fun bots (correction, healthy bots) as example we have a bot that can actually have chats, just join already!
Technology | Community
This server was created to form a community of technology minded people, who are interested in all aspects of technology from programming to space travel. The aim is to form a place where like minded people can come and talk and share ideas about all areas of science and technology.
Social | Entertainment
A fun community based server
Technology | Bot
Discord Simulator is an experiment in AI. How closely can chatbots simulate actual discord users? This is here to find out.
Technology | Support
HIRING NEW MODERATORS A discord community focused around technologies Big Data, AI & Mainframe. There is a wide range of topics within the server ranging from Gaming to Anime. With a warm and welcoming community, we'll help you excel in your passion for technology.
eSports | Social
Welcome to The Delos Lounge "Boy, have we got a vacation for you..." What is The Delos Lounge? The Delos Lounge is a unique location where guests can unwind in between their visits to the many of our Delos Destinations. The lounge offers copies of peoples' favorite hosts along with designated areas for guests to socialize and watch/participate in the Delos League What is The Delos League? The Delos League is the name of our very own Rocket League tournament organization, in which members will participate in weekly matches that will be recorded and streamed on twitch. These tournaments are not-for-profit and do not have a cash pool or prize (yet). All tournaments are hosted by the steam account named "Delos" and every match is live streamed and recorded. More information can be found in the Delos League category. What is Delos? Delos Incorporated is the name of the company founded by James Delos. Delos oversees the management of Delos Dest
Anime | Role-Playing
A fun server with a ton of bots, chats with AI, automated bot tutorial, a ton of good emotes + animated nqn emotes for everyone.
Programming | Design
Welcome to Umbrella Corp... Activate Project Skynet (AI - Artificial Intelligence)
Technology | Education
This is the public Quantum community discord that grew out of the Qiskit Global Summer School 2020. All undergrads, postgrads, High school students are welcome to discuss and interact with us and learn more about the Quantum Computing world and participate in meetups, projects and exchange of ideas.
Community | Entertainment
Nexus Sanctum is a small but friendly and welcoming community server that provides a chilled place to hang out and make new friends!
Technology | Community
Welcome to the Futurist Foundation the goal is to connect futurists all into one community. Where people can discuss ideas, start projects, & fund businesses that promote a future we all want to live in.