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Programming | Education
Learn AI together. Share your projects, interesting research papers, great courses, ask questions, anything related to the field!
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Technology | Community
The Futurist Foundation is a non-profit organization with the purpose to promote crowd-sourced projects seeking to create an innovative & sustainable future, educate the public on the matters of futurism and to support research into legal and ethical questions concerning future technology and its usage. We encourage the use of technology to inspire and enhance global security, through promoting international cooperation of science, de-escalation of arms, and supporting research into existential risks. We aim to move technological progress forward by enhancing humanity’s understanding of science, logic, and keeping an open mind. We promote the inclusion of all people regardless of any individual trait and aim to ensure that everyone can benefit from the use of technology.
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Technology | Crypto
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems.
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Programming | Technology
Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Neural Networks
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Community | Support
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Entertainment | Meme
An AI bot with features such as: chatbot, math, memes and tictactoe! It is a very fun bot to add.
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Emoji | Anime
A server for those who love Detective Conan emotes you can use these on other servers if you have nitro. Enjoy these amazing Detective Conan emojis!
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Technology | Community
This server was created to form a community of technology minded people, who are interested in all aspects of technology from programming to space travel. The aim is to form a place where like minded people can come and talk and share ideas about all areas of science and technology.
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Technology | Bot
Discord Simulator is an experiment in AI. How closely can chatbots simulate actual discord users? This is here to find out.
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Technology | Support
HIRING NEW MODERATORS A discord community focused around technologies Big Data, AI & Mainframe. There is a wide range of topics within the server ranging from Gaming to Anime. With a warm and welcoming community, we'll help you excel in your passion for technology.
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Anime | Role-Playing
A fun server with a ton of bots, chats with AI, automated bot tutorial, a ton of good emotes + animated nqn emotes for everyone.
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Programming | Design
Welcome to Umbrella Corp... Activate Project Skynet (AI - Artificial Intelligence)
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Technology | Education
This is the public Quantum community discord that grew out of the Qiskit Global Summer School 2020. All undergrads, postgrads, High school students are welcome to discuss and interact with us and learn more about the Quantum Computing world and participate in meetups, projects and exchange of ideas.
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Community | Entertainment
Nexus Sanctum is a small but friendly and welcoming community server that provides a chilled place to hang out and make new friends!
Meme | Technology
Join this server to get AI-Generated memes daily. We also include quotes, stories and chatbots, all AI generated!
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Technology | Community
This is an open platform for learning and sharing knowledge about all kinds of technology. Get connected, help each other, share your projects and have interactive discussions. Topics like: AI, Data Science, Internet of Things, CyberSecurity, Flutter, Webtech, Animations, Robotics. There are 4 categories created with specific purpose: 1. Discussions Channels: Here domain-wise channels are created where you can discuss on any topic related to that domain. 2. Share Resources: Only resource like blogs, videos, courses and datasets can be shared. 3. Share your Projects: Share any project you have related to a domain. 4. Misc: This is fun and news centre. Share memes, news, anime, tv-series, movies, books, build-pc, tech-event and advertise courses.
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Financial | Crypto
Welcome to AI Marketing US community. Let's make money 100% legally and passively with AI !
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Crypto | Business
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 A decentralized framework for text-generation AI with secondary utilities.
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Education | Community
A Data Science Community for learners who are interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics.