Yerli-Yabancı Discord botlarının eklenildiği ve Discord botunuzu geliştirmeye yarayacak içeriklerin bulunduğu Discord developer platformu Kurallara uymayan ve discord sunucumuzdan banlanan kullanıcıların botları eklenmeyecektir.
A cross-server reputation bot. Let your users know who they're dealing with before the first hello!
Find like-minded people to enjoy your games with and meet some truly amazing people! Metanix is a community focused around the people. We have a large number of amazing members and host a variety of events. We welcome people from all over the world.
Support server for MusEmbed, a bot that helps you create clean embeds and also play you some music.
A server dedicated to reveling in the AfterMath of life. AfterMath, join our rebellious community of straight bullshit, participate in our nitro giveaways, and stay for the ambient chillaxing groove to unwind from your daily activities and come join in on the chaos like: movie nights, karaoke parties, meme trolling and more! We'll be waiting for you in the AfterMath!
This is a fun server, all members scrapped us. /apply to apply for staff.
Support Team for a number of bots Created by NDM Network and Intel
A gaming focused community welcoming new members.
Come here to get famous on
Two friends who love to create Discord servers! Crystal and Yueki will do all the work that goes into creating a server. No need for tutorials and frustration. We got this! Join our Discord server to learn about our offers and chat with us.
Professional and feature rich Discord bot, a favourite within the FFXIV community due to its beautiful character and Lodestone features but it is a great bot for any server and does the job of many popular existing bots. Music, moderation, custom commands, timers, profiles & levelling system, etc.
A multi function bot for your multi work Moderation Music Welcoming Until Fun
Toontown (TBD) To Be Decided Is A Future Project that is going to be start developed in a year or 2 we are looking for all the help we can get to make this project a reality, we are looking for community team members, technical team members, creative team members, and moderation team members were looking for it all also looking for modelers you also don't even have to join if you don't have those skills you can join and just watch as the project hopefully gets off the foot :) ps the name isn't to be decided its TBD because there isn't a name yet.
We are a discord server aiming to bring everyone together and make a happy discord server. We always guarantee everyone has a good time.. You can talk about games, chat, politics, music, sing and discuss anything really. And we’re always looking for new suggestions.
Kingdom is a chill community server where you can chat, know new people, advertise, win giveaways, eventuate and more! We always have a nice moderation and staff team, and we try to improve the server all the time, we listen to the suggestions! There are a lot of community channels and some events and giveaways sometimes. Join now and help us to make this a nice and big community!
Join and be Supporter/Moderator ! Helpy BOT | Moderator with many Commands!
A all-game, community-led, gaming/chatting community.