Bot | Entertainment
A Discord bot for Moderation, Logging, and fun games! Common commands: • ~mcserver <Server IP> - Shows information about the given IP address • ~mcskin <Minecraft Username> - Shows the skin of the username given • ~hypstats <Minecraft Username> - Gives you information about a Hypixel Player • ~spotifynp - Shows information about the song you're listening to __***(Must Be listening to a song on Spotify to work!)***__ • ~work - Earn money for doing normal day "Jobs"! • ~balance - Shows how much money you currently have __**(Must do ~work at least once to earn money)**__ • And many more! *(Use ~help to see full list!)*
Community | Gaming
A chill server for making friends and gaming! -Movie Nights -Gaming (Jackbox, Minecraft, etc.) -Non-Toxic -Socialize -Kicking inactive ppl.
Gaming | Community
Arma 3 Altis Life community. Join us to experience the real roleplay.
Anime | Community
Sfw, Economy, Leveling, Bots, Anime, Gaming, Voice Chats, Community
Community | Bot
Community | Meme
A quirky server filled with people with severe brain damage! We have a good economy and leveling system and fun bots! We have nice members and more!
Community | Social
Welcome to the vault! Let's make conversations, laidback or more serious. We're new small server so hang tight with us as we grow. Be silly, be smart, be anything, you're welcome! 👇 Here's what you can find on the server - Leveling system, making chatting a little bit of a fun game - Option to promote your content after certain level - Access to NSFW channel after verification - Convo Starter System(tm) - Admins and many of the members are friendly Finns! - Events in the future
Gaming | Community
Active gaming community that has regular events and huge giveaways | Custom bot and Non-toxicity
Anime | Social
mαnч вσtѕ wαífu вσt, fαtє вσt, mєє6, αdvєnturє αnd mαnч σthєrѕ cσmє αnd chαt wíth uѕ!
Gaming | YouTuber
Please join this server if your a Youtuber, Gamer, Streamer and so much more.
Gaming | Social
This community is a place for you to be yourself have fun game with others have discussions and overall a great experience.
Gaming | Streaming
Aqua Plays' Official server where Aqua hangs out and regularly chats.
A discord server that's gaming-focused.
Bot | Community
This server is the general community and support server for Engauge, a Discord bot that allows you to gauge user participation and reward it on your Discord server. Join to seek help or to suggest features!
Community | Streaming | Gaming
A server dedicated for my twitch! Join the community and gain access to server games and twitch benefits as you level up!
Gaming | Growth
Games, Events, Music, Roles, Leveling for fun. More So Much More Fun
Gaming | Social
A active discord server with economy and leveling. Owner and admin always active.
Community | Gaming
This is a community server(you can find paladins, csgo, villager bot and fortnite channels). Join if you wish to
Social | Anime
Somos una comunidad que esta hecha para que puedas conocer gente que tenga tus mismos gustos. También jugar a diferentes juegos, sistema de economía, leveo con recompensas y mas!
Entertainment | Gaming
Welcome to our server! The server is great if you are looking for a comunity to hang out with your friends (and meet new friends ofc). ~Leveling ~Staff ~Music Bot ~Economy ~Fun ~Friendly Members ~Media ~Self-Promo and tons of other things!
Role-Playing | Community
A "tower" rpg oriented server structure that changes as you progress. Server leveling | Community | Bot Games
Gaming | Entertainment
Hello there! This server offers a wide variety of stuff to do. Aside from socializing we have a ton of activities you can join in on, such as: level roles, giveaway roles, game tournaments and game nights. This is a pretty new server and we don't have a lot of people, but were so happy to welcome you to our community. We have plenty of staff to help you and plenty of cool people in the server. Now put your spacesuit on and blast off to our server!
Bot | Support
Le bot Spiritus est un bot multi-tâches qui est spécialisé dans le management d'un serveur. En effet nombreuses sont ses fonctions qui visent à faire gagner du temps et faciliter les tâches de maintenance d'un serveur. Créé, supprimer, mettre à jour émois, salons, rôles, réaction-rôles est extrêmement simple ! Les fonctions principales de Spiritus : Spiritus procèdent de nombreuses fonctions comme : : • Création, mise à jour et suppression d'émojis, channels, rôles • Système de commandes personalisées illimité • Système de leveling gratuit et illimité • Modération accessible en 1 clic • Des fonctions anti-raids Grâce à Spiritus, configurer, maintenir et faire vivre votre serveur ne sera qu'une partie de plaisir ! Modération : Avec Spiritus a vos coté gardez un serveur agréable, les commandes de ban, kick, warn mute sont vos amis. Et pour ce qui est des raids des fonctions pour vérouiller des catégories, salons ou pour interdire les liens sont à votre disposition.
Gaming | Community
This server is all about gaming together. Happiness and good days... In heaven you are never alone!
Gaming | Social
What do we have? 🎉 | Ranks and Leveling 🤖 | Fun Bots! OWO, Rhythm, Idle Miner... 🤖 | WE NOW HAVE MUDAE 🤠 | A Growing Community 🎮 | Gaming Channels ✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦ This is a growing community. We play everything and will play with anyone. Anyone can join. ✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
Entertainment | Community
A friendly discord community meant for meeting new people and making new friends! Join voice chats! and much more!
Bot | Anime
Fun & Addicting Discord RPG focused on activity! 🔥 Fighting 🔥 Guilds 🔥 PvP 🔥 Leaderboards 🔥 Classes & Races 🔥 Raids 🔥 More...
Community | Gaming
18+ SFW small cozy community that is welcoming to everyone! We would love to get to know you and spend every day with you! 🌸 Self-roles 🌻 PIXELMON MINECRAFT SERVER 🌸 Events 🌻 Listening to music together 🌸 Friendship Making channel 🌻 Random Discussions 🌸 200+ emotes
Community | Emoji
A server for making friends in. Many bots to play with. Internet-forum-style word games. User-Above-You games. Role rewards for reaching certain levels. A birthday role and announcement if you register your birth date (month and day) with the bot. Suggest an action command.
Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome to the Cro's Nest! What we offer: Self Advertising at level 10+ LFG for any game Music voice channels Art post channels Leveling And many more! Join Today!
Community | Entertainment
Complete achievements, unlock special rewards, build a profile with custom ranks, get rewards for boosting, and fun entertainment channels!
Gaming | Entertainment
New server with a Modded Minecraft Server and other fun things! Join and have fun!
RoboStux - The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Moderation, Reaction Roles and so much more.
Entertainment | Crypto
Police Bot is about to hit its 100 server limit, we won't get verified until April. Overall Police Bot is a fun, reliable, and fast bot that you can use all the time. Now with a leveling system + some image editing.
Bot | Gaming
Botman es un bot hecho para el entretenimiento de los usuarios de discord, capacitado con más de 100 comandos con ganas de seguir creciendo.
Community | Gaming
┍━━━━━━━━♔━━━━━━━━┑ 𝕭𝖗æð𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖌 𝕬́𝖘𝖌𝖆𝖗ð𝖘 ┕━━━━━━━━♔━━━━━━━━┙ (Means Brotherhood of Asgard in Icelandic) Hello, we're a nordic themed server which is currently being reworked We offer: ➣ 『Community』 | | 《🌍》International | 《🙂》Friendly | 《😂》Funny |《 💯》 Chilled ➣ 『Gaming』 | | 《🎮》All kinds of games ➣ 『Leveling』 | | 《⭐》 Special perks + Channels | 💎》 For the lazy ones ➣ 『Giveaways』 | | 《🎁》nitro giveaways | 《🎉》Other ones We hope to see you
Gaming | Community
Sur ce serveur, tu retrouvera des Bros dotés d'une Super Sympathie Légendaire ! Pour créer des liens dépassant ceux de simple teammate. Respect et bonne humeur au rendez-vous !
Bot | Entertainment
Hello! Im SharkBot. Tags (Ignore): bot discord discord bot bot discord
Music | Entertainment
The most all-in-one bot made to engage members and moderate your server! Leveling, economy, music, logs and more with an intuitive dashboard
Community | Growth
Leveling/ Ranking Discord Server Bot Part Of The TroniX Bot Family, Created With Love From The TroniX Team!
Helpsie™ is a powerful multipurpose bot with features varying from moderation to leveling with similar features to MEE6, Arcane and Dyno.
Bot | Programming
It's a level Bot that works over multiple servers. So if you are level 10 in one Server you're level 10 on every server. It has the commands: help rank shop(still in development) inventory buy and some other. It also shows on how many servers the bot is on. Not only that, but it is default set to st