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Community | Streaming | Entertainment
Discord Nitro Giveaways, Chats, Voice Calls, Events, Karaoke and Creator chats! Join today.
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Polar Ace Discord Server Banner
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Community | Streaming | Entertainment
Discord Nitro Giveaways, Chats, Voice Calls, Events, Karaoke and Creator chats! Join today.
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Technology | Financial
A few of our features: - 💬 ChatGPT: A bot that enables users to interact with ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, collaboratively in Discord servers. - 🎨 DALL·E 2: Create original images in response to user prompts right from Discord. - ⛵ Midjourney: Bring your imagination into reality with Midjourney AI! Generate unique images in under 60 seconds, based on a text prompt. - 🌄 Stable Diffusion: Generate one-of-a-kind images with no limitations using Stable Diffusion AI! - 🎵 Riffusion AI: Riffusion is a Discord bot that uses AI to generate music from text prompts! - 🤖 OptionsFamBot: An all-in-one charting bot that is able to interface with info regarding company financials, company ownership, news, and much more economic data. - 🐳 Unusual Whales: Access a real-time comprehensive data feed of full options flow data, complete with unusual options activity detection, and a variety of tools to gauge market sentiment.
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Programming | Technology
Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Neural Networks
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Programming | Community
Professional discord server focused on everything Data and machine learning related
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Programming | Crypto
A place for coders/engineers from the UK (we aim to do in-person hackathons and other tech-related events). Interested in both high-level code in Python/JavaScript and low-level Rust/C++. General interest in the intersection between cryptodevlopment (Solana), IoT (Cortex-A and Cortex-M) and ML (Numpy, Pandas, PyTorch, TensorFlow, JAX). If you have an entrepreneurial flare, even better!
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Programming | Education
Community of software developers, data scientists, or hobbyists interested in advanced analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing
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Education | Community
A Data Science Community for learners who are interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics.
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Technology | Education
Hal9's server is for individuals looking to learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Machine Learning (ML). You can talk with our development team and data scientists, learn how to use the Hal9 tool, and hear about cool events we are putting on like our free AI Fundamentals academy or webinars on specific topics within the space of data science, AI, or ML.
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Streaming | Programming
I am a Twitch Streamer who streams programming machine learning and cybersecurity content. If you enjoy CS or InfoSec join and lets get to know each other.
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Programming | Education
We are a community of people learning Python, data science, statistics, linear algebra, and machine learning. We regularly host broadcasts and provide resources for people looking to level up their knowledge.
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Education | Programming
One-stop place for DEVs to Connect, Collaborate and Create & Win Daily Swags & Goodies?. Stay updated on Global Workshop, Hackathon, Job/Internship/Scholarship by top-notch organization like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Collaborate on Open-Source Project & build your Portfolio. 24/7 Active Chat!
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Community | Technology
Join our server to be updated on AI/ML safety field. Read more on our website: https://apartresearch.com/
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Gaming | Programming
A Machine Learning enhanced social game you play on Discord itself! Midjourney, Dall-E and more are supported. Generate the best representation of the theme and compete with your friends!