Education | Hobbies
Family History and Genealogy VR Meetup in AltspaceVR. Come learn about researching my family history and finding the sources you need to discover your ancestors.
Technology | Education
NatureHacker is for those who want to discover the secrets of the universe. From health, to futuretech, to chemistry, biology, and physics, we are unlocking the unknown.
Science | Education
A friendly discord for PhD students and researchers who are interested in open science.
Community | Entertainment
UFO Sightings is a Youtube channel showing UFO footage from all over the world. We are a non commercial channel that collects and shares the best evidence of UFO sightings. Uncensored and unedited footage of possible alien or military craft. Alien sightings? We don't know.
Community | Technology
Basically, here at Xeno Labs, we create different scientific items and present new theories.
Science | Education
The Journal of Negative Findings' discord serves as the first step in creating an academic journal where scientific professionals and civilian scientists alike can have an open discussion about research, critique each others findings, and disseminate findings that other high impact journals gloss over. It is time for the gap between science and society to come to a close.
Writing | Political
Political Server focused on News and Unbiased Observations Mostly located within the US, but new sections can be made for different countries.
Science | Education
Cutting-Edge Scientific Studies Surpressed Science Non-Materialism Science Conspiracy's Proven Real Extra-Terrestial Evidence Spirituality Meets Science
Gaming | Education
We need new and valid research about video games. Let's figure out the mysteries behind video games and what it does to us!!
Community | Science
A community for all the people who love science, research, and learning for the sake of learning!
Science | Education
Mathematics server, university and research level. Not for homework. Common subjects: algebraic geometry, number theory, analysis, foundation of mathematics, and others.
Investing | Business
A server for people who want to invest in the stock market or for people who want research and want to know peoples opinions about certain companies 🙌
Science | Education
A discord server for researchers and research enthusiasts. We are trying to build a community of various researchers to create a healthy environment to communicate, learn and maybe work with each other to discover something new. If you are interested or involved with researching come to join us.