Education | Language
This server is in need for teachers at the moment and this server is just like a school a bit.
Community | Hobbies
Hi! Big Nerd Energy (already a meme as you can tell) is a server to meet people who share your interests. There are channels for linguistics, mathematics competitions, gaming, books, debate, and many more! Come on in and say hello!
Education | Science
This growing community is an excellent place to share knowledge, ask questions, and just to chat. With a community of 1600+ students, professionals, and interested laypeople, the Psychology Den is a great place to find academic discussion related to the science of Psychology. Note: This is not a therapy or support server. We cannot (and will not) offer professional help or advice.
Education | Social
This server is an academic server dedicated to the academic pursuit of knowledge with many subject areas and events to suit your fancy! We hope you enjoy your stay!
Education | Writing
The mission of The Philosophy Server is to help meet certain unique needs of laypeople, serious autodidacts, and philosophy students/graduates. For laypeople, this is a place to ask questions and seek philosophical guidance and education. For autodidacts and philosophy students, this is a place to discuss philosophical texts and ideas while making friends with others who share your interests.
Education | Community | Political
Philosophy, games, fun, chill, community, movies, music, media, memes, academia, academic, history, politics, and theology / religion.
Education | Entertainment
Tired of pop-history servers? This is a server built for those who majored in history, but open to all. Our focus is to develop a community for high-level discussion about historical and historiographical topics. We also stream movies and documentaries twice weekly.
Community | Education | Beliefs
"The Unexamined Life is not worth living." - Socrates A server with one goal: to cultivate a laid-back, wholesome and somewhat chaotic environment with casual philosophical discussion. ⚜️ Daily Events and Nitro Giveaway Parties! ⚜️ Active Community ⚜️ Lecture Halls (Host your own too!) ⚜️ Daily Debates ⚜️ Designated Academic Spaces ⚜️ Server Economy with Exclusive Roles and Perms ⚜️ Game Room with Server Arcade ⚜️ Social & Academic ⚜️ Self Assignable Roles ⚜️ Tiered Rank System ⚜️ 24/7 Breaking Newsroom ⚜️ Create your own polls for the entire server ⚜️ COVID-19 Experts that can answer any of your questions ⚜️ Over a dozen custom bots so you never need to leave discord to search google, youtube, dictionaries, wikipedia, etc. as well as owo, plsbot, yggdrasil, sigma, pokecord, and much much more! ⚜️ Homework Help! ⚜️ Positivity Channel! ⚜️ Laid-back, wholesome atmosphere ⚜️ By the members, for the members
Education | Financial
Server for discussions on economics, finance, business and political economy
Education | Community
A friendly, productive, and relaxing community for high schoolers to be productive in and destress whenever they're not :) Don't be shy, come join!
Science | Education
The Journal of Negative Findings' discord serves as the first step in creating an academic journal where scientific professionals and civilian scientists alike can have an open discussion about research, critique each others findings, and disseminate findings that other high impact journals gloss over. It is time for the gap between science and society to come to a close.