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Community | Social | Entertainment
#1 Most Active Community 💬 Social 🔊 24/7 Voice Chat 💝 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Gaming ⭐ Relaxed ⭐ Meet New People ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Custom Bots ⭐ And More!
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Community | Meme
The smaller active servers are the better ones WE ARE SHITPOSTERS We usually talk about -War -Countries -Geography -History -Etc
Edelweiss Icon
Anime | Gaming | Community
We are a 2.5k+ anime and gaming server with the theme of military and history!
Skept Republica Icon
Political | Education
A non toxic community for discussing Politics, Religion, Philosophy, History, Science, Economics etc.
Gun Furs Icon
Furry | Hobbies
The furry fandom's finest homage to John Moses Browning n' Co. A group for collectors of firearms and antiques, archery, history, hunting, military life, reenacting and survival. Furries, bronies, and lovers of anthropomorphic animated creatures all welcomed! Queer/LGBT friendly!
Computing History Icon
Technology | Gaming
Retro Computers, Commodore, C64, Amiga, Apple
uncovering the past Icon
Education | Entertainment
Homework Help Icon
Education | Community
Fastest growing homework help server on Discord. We are very inclusive to all users who are of diverse demographics. This server is strictly moderated to ensure the environment is conducive for learning. Powered by r/HomeworkHelp Moderators team.
United States of Philocord Icon
Community | Political
Very tight and passionate community
Vietnam War Role Play Icon
Military | Role-Playing
Hallo my name is Hans and this the Vietnam War Role Play Server. This for people who like History, Role Play, and Reactors
Ancient History Hub Icon
Meme | Education
A place to discuss various ancient history topics, share memes related to the period, and more! Originally started as a backup for my Facebook meme page Ancient History Papyrusposting, where I post my own original spicy ancient history memes with several paragraph summaries of the topic, it has grown to include more aspects. Anyone interested in ancient history is welcome to join, ask questions, talk with other fans of this area, share relevant memes (found elsewhere or original), talk about ancient history media, including books, movies, and games about the period or set in it, and do anything else that concerns this topic. The server also acts as a place where I share teasers of my upcoming alternate history novel set in the Late Bronze Age. There I share my progress, maps, excerpts, and other things to build up the hype before it is released to the wider public.
Panzer Girls Icon
Gaming | Anime
Tworzymy Polską społeczność zrzeszającą fanów militariów i bojowych anime! Naszym głównym kierunkiem są anime pokroju Girls und Panzer oraz High School Fleet, naszą flotę anime w przyszłości mamy też zamiar powiększyć o tematykę Kantai Collection. Poza sferą anime, nasza społeczność składa się z aktywnych graczy gier takich jak, War Thunder, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Enlisted, Azur Lane i Genshin Impact. Z tego powodu co tydzień w sobotę robimy duży event bitewny w War Thunder, o którym więcej możecie się dowiedzieć w samym centrum naszej społeczności! Poza tym na co dzień prowadzimy ciekawe RP w świecie Girls und Panzer, na etapie tworzenia jest również RP dla własnych postaci, którego świat i fabuła będzie tworzona w 100% przez społeczność. Zapraszamy serdecznie!
Bharatiya Itihasa Icon
Community | Education
Bharat is not just a land, neither something that is bounded. Bharat is a culture, a tradition, shaped by the Karma throughout the ages. We as a responsible individuals of this great land are here to spread the immense knowledge, experience that has shaped our motherland. Itihasa is not a subject, but is the greatest teacher. The past defines your present, and your present defines your future. So, remembering our past is equally important as to plan for the future. Here, we take a glance at out past and our present, while what happens in future is unknown. We are open for all types of individual, Indian or not, he/she might follow any religion or have different views from others; are all welcome here.
Melancholy Icon
Community | Meme | Emoji
Best and largest depression and anxiety server! Friendly community, supportive staff, 500 sad egg yolk emotes! Over 37,000 members. Join us!
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Melancholy Icon
Community | Meme | Emoji
Best and largest depression and anxiety server! Friendly community, supportive staff, 500 sad egg yolk emotes! Over 37,000 members. Join us!
Cultured Gentlemen's Club Icon
Community | Political
We are a growing cultured community, we discuss many topics such as; politics, philosophy, history, art, music, etc. We are gentlemen and we put our comrades first. Welcome!
Generali iz Fotelje Icon
Gaming | Community
Generali iz fotelje discord server je zajednica igraca strateske igara sa prostora bivse Jugoslavije.
NFTs The Fellowship of Ilmeresh Icon
Crypto | Art
NFTs / Digital collectibles. The Fellowship of Ilmeresh is a collection of randomly generated Knights, Wizards and Alchemists and other characters! It consists of 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) released on the Tezos blockchain. All the traits have been designed in 3D in order to achieve realistic reflections, shadows and interaction with light sources! The scene is set in Ilmeresh, a medieval fantasy world several centuries b.C. (before Cryptos). Knights and Wizards have joined forces to form a fellowship to defend against Trolls, Goblins, and other evil creatures.
História do Mundo Icon
Education | Military
Servidor focado em estudos e debates da história do mundo, como estudo da história militar, primeira guerra mundial, segunda guerra mundial, revoluções, revoltas, personagens históricos, curiosidades e ajuda nos deveres de casa.
Rhetoric™ Icon
Community | Beliefs
Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
The History Discord Icon
Education | Community
The History Discord server is a place where you can talk and discuss about history and historical events or ask people to help you for your school project about History and historical events or timelines. You can write here about anything from the Egypt empire to WW2. You need help for your school project? You want to know more about historical events and History itself? Discuss and ask people about any historical topic and event on this server!
World War History Icon
Education | Social
We are a community of dedicated history fans, learners, and casual peeps who want to hang around casually and spread their friendliness while doing what they enjoy the most. Our server provides several history channels covering most periods of documented military and non-military history, from classical antiquity to modern day affairs. If you're not too keen on history, feel free to discuss in our gaming and anime channels.
Satanazes Icon
Community | Beliefs
Mature and civil server for serious discussions of complex natures and positive forms of self expression. We welcome all kinds of users and pledge to actively service their interactive needs. Possible topics might range from politics and religion to simpleminded recreation. Present members posses a long standing history on discord and are perfectly equipped to actively manage a server. Come on take a look towards this special place, where irony meets sincerity.
[Beta] Kingdoms and Dutchys Icon
Role-Playing | Military
Welcome to Kingdoms and Dutchys! KaD is a unique one of a kind nation RP experience! Create your grand empire and conquer lands beyond your comprehension. Battle NPCs and other players with our developing war system! Join quick! We’re just starting with very few members! We hope to see you on the battlefield!
r/monarchism Icon
Community | Political
r/monarchism is a Discord server for all who are curious about, or sympathetic towards the traditional alternative to republican, democratic government. Counter-revolutionaries and retrogrades welcome!
Grand Debate Terminal Icon
Science | Political
Up for a discussion? Want to debate on a wide range of topics? Want to learn more and engage with members of your community? Come check us out! We are a middle ground for a wide range of topics and offer more niche servers a platform to promote themselves. Partner with us today!
FlagsHub Icon
Emoji | Art
FlagsHub is an emoji server that aims to add additional flag emojis to Discord. We divided our flag emojis into a few categories, namely Historical Countries (ex: Soviet Union), Historical Miscellaneous (ex: Dutch East India Company), Modern Unrecognised Countries (ex: Transnistria), and we plan on adding more! Suggestions also welcome. This server is the perfect place for flag enthusiasts out there that thinks that the default flag emojis aren't enough.
Puff Master 18+ Icon
Furry | Gaming | Entertainment
420 loot boxs give aways here! For growers furrys and non furrys! We have 2 give aways a month!
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Puff Master 18+ Icon
Furry | Gaming | Entertainment
420 loot boxs give aways here! For growers furrys and non furrys! We have 2 give aways a month!
Global Affairs Icon
Political | Community
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.
Tacticom Icon
Community | Meme
We are am open discord community for gaming, memes, humor, debates, history, and general chit-chat. We like to play strategy games, but every other game is welcome. What are we? We have a small, friendly and active community, moderately regulated, not too much and not too little. What is it for? why are we different? Our goal is to create fun discussions about world history ,politics, gaming, and philosophy! All are welcome, no matter ideology or country, with a slight exception to very antagonizing extremes (i.e Neonazism) which are not accepted. Gaming? We also play strategy and RP video games, if you are into that kind of thing! Ranks? In principle, yes. but we do not like the "You are superior than others" ranks, especially not with smaller communities where everyone is already important. So everyone is on the same level on enforcing the rules and access to channels for the most part.
lizzyloveshistory Icon
Community | Hobbies
if you like history and dont have a stick up your ass, you should join our server. we have plenty of GIRLS and guys who love history, as well as those interested in politics, gaming, airsoft, reenactment, collecting, and of course, memes! channels for ww1, ww2, the civil war, the cold war, and much more! this server is new but growing fast so join to be a part of it! also the server is run by the coolest girl you'll ever meet!
Bienvenue à Valnuit Icon
Community | Science | Social
Bonsoir à tous et à toutes ! L'équipe de modération de Valnuit est heureuse de vous annoncer l'ouverture de ce nouveau serveur ! Basé sur la communication entre communautés, et suivant le fil de toute une histoire, Valnuit est une ville assez différente des autres, du fait de ses salons plus que divers ! Ainsi, laissez votre imaginaire s'adapter à ce nouveau monde, car, perdue au milieu du désert, Valnuit est toute une source d'informations et de partage. Relatez vos faits étranges vécus, publiez vos écrits, votre savoir, vos goûts en matière de littérature, de cinématographie, et partagez ainsi votre monde, à ceux qui en possède un autre. Avec le plaisir et l'espoir de vous accueillir au sein de la communauté de Valnuit, je vous souhaite un agréable voyage parmi les dérivés de l'imagination humaine. ~ L'équipe de modération -----------------------
The Political Camp Icon
Political | Community
🏕 THE POLITICAL CAMP |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| ➡ Politics orientated server, currently accepting all political enthusiasts! Why should you join our server? ➡ Active community and staff ➡ Question of the Day with dedicated channel ➡ Frequent events and activity nights ➡ Political debates and polls ➡ and much, much more. Join today and talk about your ideals / policies today! Some of the stuff you'll experience at our server : Freedom to express your opinions Unbiased staff Thriving voice-chat usage to meet new people Frequent gaming nights and our very own Minecraft server View-shared movie nights Friendly and very active staff Like what you see? Join today by clicking on the link below and join the fastest growing politics, history and ideology server on Discord!
MapHub Icon
Community | Social
MapHub is a community of cartographers and map-makers who love to share their work!
The Kaiserreich Icon
Meme | Social
A bunch of memey edgelords sitting around doing whatever
r/classicalmusic Icon
Music | Education
We are originally members of the r/classicalmusic subreddit. Musicians, enthusiasts and friendly folk are all welcome to join in discussion and sharing of classical music!
Portuguese Empire Icon
Military | Role-Playing
Here we do a lot of RP Events, we talk about history, and we are very just and detailed having a functioning government.
Wargaming Fan Community Icon
Gaming | Community
We want to build an active community that will engage not just with each other. Currently, we hope to get more active members to make things that way and create a large community for wargaming players.
Casual Gang 🥳 Icon
Bot | Art
A server for people to chat , socialise and have fun ! Frequent dank giveaways as well, and tons of anime / history / art related content . Come join ! 😛
STEM & Humanities Interchange Icon
Science | Language
Coronavirus, 3D printing, AI, DMT, CRISPR, buddhism, neuroscience, robots, philosophy, biology, literature, history, technology, religion, transhumanism, geopolitics, AI, quantum physics, psychology, mental health, support
Monster of the Week Icon
Role-Playing | Writing | Mature
NEW 21+ (not ERP) semi-literate to literate role-play server based on supernatural/horror mediums (like SPN) with OCs and most canon characters open to play!
Monster of the Week Large Banner
Monster of the Week Icon
Role-Playing | Writing | Mature
NEW 21+ (not ERP) semi-literate to literate role-play server based on supernatural/horror mediums (like SPN) with OCs and most canon characters open to play!
The Svea-Boo Rike Icon
Meme | Furry
A History/meme server that's accepting of furries
The British Empire Icon
Meme | Social
A relaxed server for members of the UK and our friends from overseas.
Everything Everywhere Podcast Icon
Community | Streaming
Learn something new every single day. Everything Everywhere Daily tells the stories of interesting people, places, and things from around the world and throughout history. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, history, science, geography, and culture.
[Sail]61e Official Icon
Entertainment | Hobbies
Regiment for the game Mount and Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars! Active, Welcoming and fun.
Islamic History Icon
Community | Beliefs
Server for r/islamic_history. Dedicated to the discussion of the history of Islam and Islamicate civilization, from both a religious and academic perspective.
History Corner Icon
Community | Education
History discussion server.
The Lyceum Icon
Education | Hobbies
The Lyceum is a discord server made for having a wide variety of academic disciplines in one location. There are channels dedicated to history, philosophy, mathematics, chemistry, news, political science, religious studies, theology, music theory, literature and more. Have intellectual discussion with people of similar, or completely different interests! Icon
Community | Entertainment
Eine Gaming-Community! Treffe hier viele neue Leute und zocke zusammen mit Ihnen dein Lieblingsspiel!
International Leftist Library Icon
Political | Education
We are the International Leftist Library Our aim is to document international leftist materials from diverse branches and traditions. We have a great deal of resources on leftist theory and history in many languages, all there to help you in debating and developing your knowledge
Blood and Iron: Pallacia 2 Icon
Role-Playing | Political
Blood and Iron: Pallacia II is a narrative-focused "countries-on-a-map" game wherein a set of players will create their own nations with unique cultures and religions and wield them in a large-scale Character-Focused Game-of-Thrones style Geopol RP. This is a literate and welcome community, join!
VexilLogic Icon
Hobbies | Community
Everything from vexillology to history, it's just Logical!
The Center-Left (Libcord) Icon
Political | Beliefs
LIBERAL MEMEPOSTING SERVER. This is a Discord unabashedly for the center-left to discuss politics with others on the center-left. The center-left believes that the incongruities caused by capitalism can be helped by reform, and that they don't necessitate destruction of the entire economic system in order to implement a utopian ideology that has never been shown to work. The center-left is made up mostly of social liberals and Third Way social democrats. More recently, New Democrats in the United States and New Labour in the United Kingdom revived liberalism and social democracy (respectively) as strong political forces in their nations after turns to the hard-right. Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were the driving forces behind New Labour, and Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were self-described New Democrats.
Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Maki Large Banner
Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Gothic Revival Discord Icon
Language | Community
This Discord is for people interested in the Gothic language, an ancient and mysterious language spoken in the 4th century AD.
The Fertile Crescent Icon
Community | Education
Hey everyone! This is a new server meant for general discussion about almost any and all topics. We have a range of channels for topics like politics, philosophy, religion, science, history, and many more! We promote and encourage civil discourse and debate about any topics, though we will not allow outright offensive things. We also hope to have in-depth conversations about things like philosophy, ethics, and more, pertaining to all sorts of topics from AI to art. We welcome anyone at all and we are open to all kinds of suggestions about new channels, roles, etc. We hope to see you in the server! We are LGBTQ+ friendly and will not tolerate any homophobia, misogyny, racism, ableism, or any other type of bigotry.
Moist Shack V2 Icon
Community | Education
Moist Shack is a debate discord with light rules. Come Discuss whatever topic you want!
Traditional Archery Icon
Sports | Hobbies
You don't need to to know anything about archery at all to join, we are more than enthusiastic to help new people get into this ancient sport. ────────────────── This is a server where you can go nuts about traditional archery. (Any form of archery before the 20th century) The world of archery is small, so be nice to each other!
Shadiverse Icon
YouTuber | Writing
The Official Shadiversity Community Server. We have dedicated channels for arms & armour, writing, and many more things.
Nations & Cannons Icon
Education | Tabletop
The year is 1776. The British are coming, and the Continental Army needs your help. Take the fight to the Redcoats in this Revolutionary 5e campaign!
𝐏 𝐎 𝐋 𝐈 𝐓 𝐈 𝐂 𝐒 Icon
Community | Social
𝐏 𝐎 𝐋 𝐈 𝐓 𝐈 𝐂 𝐒 is a server where you and others can debate and talk about politics and current worldwide news. We are a small server at the moment, but with the help of you guys it could become an alive and thriving community.
Philocord Icon
Political | Community
A community centered about philosophy, history, politics, and many other interests! Frequent elections and promotions for activity. Official Discord of the_philosophers_meme_mk24 on Instagram.
The Museum of Infinite Art Icon
Art | Education
An organized and extensive gallery of fine art, artist profiles and art history, art news, and a community of artists and art-lovers supporting one another (we also have fun art emojis!) Our mission is to become a comprehensive art resource and community. Join us and look at our digital collection of artists you know, discover new artists you'll love, learn about various art movements, discuss art and get deep in our discussion forums, share your art and support others in their artistic endeavours, and participate in community events! Great for artists of every level, art lovers, art students, and history buffs. This community is LGBT2S+ friendly and has zero tolerance for bullying and hate speech. We do everything we can to assure it remains a safe space.
Academic History Icon
Education | Entertainment
Tired of pop-history servers? This is a server built for those who majored in history, but open to all. Our focus is to develop a community for high-level discussion about historical and historiographical topics. We also stream movies and documentaries twice weekly.
The British Empire Icon
Gaming | Meme
The British Empire is a hybrid democracy server primarily focused on talking about history, memes and military based games. we offer: -Elections for Emperor every so often -xp to roles system -in search of mods and admins -we play lots of games and hope to do some game nights. -self roles -a chill community -open to partnerships so what are you waiting for? Join the Empire today!
Europe Icon
Community | Language
Europe server, for those interested in Europe and its culture. We offer FOTD, language learning, events, a Minecraft realm, current news, topic channels such as , history, vexillology, discussion. Roles based on language, country & interests. Welcoming users and much more