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ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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Objev s námi nový druh YouTube tvorby jménem mapping a prozkoumej svět Countryballs. Tady se můžeš poradit s některými zkušenými, ale i se začátečníky jako ty jak se dělá mapping, jak se malujou státokoule aj. Kromě těchto věcí tu máš ještě možnost, diskutovat s různými lidmi v hlasových kanálech nebo sebepropagovat, (pokud budeš mít tvorbu neuvěřitelnou, zařadíme tě do Elitní Tvorby.) Rozjíždíme i takzvané Anime kino, takže pokud seš weeb, tak na tyto relace klidně doraz. Fuksensko, Andar a zbytek A-Teamu doufají, že se ti na tomto serveru bude líbit a hlavně svou tvorbou zachráníš mapping před zkázou.
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The Republic Of Gabrieball Welcome to The Republic Of Gabrieball, here we have a little of everything; countryballs comics, a youtube where the owner streams sometimes, roles, and more! Why should i join? You should join because, we have a good-looking server, active staff, activity, level system and a lot of fun stuff to do!
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Come join us in our server, the Countryhumans Hub! We welcome anyone interested in the countryhumans community with open arms, and provide opportunities for artists, writers, and role players alike. Our staff team is experienced and professional, as well as passionate about this community. In our server, we have art, writing, and role playing with channels that allow for regular discussion and channels for NSFW. We will also host contests in order to determine the emojis, server icon, and special roles, too. Our server is also meant to be a place of community discussion. Come meet friends and talk about your favorite artists, writings, ships, etc. We'd love to have you here!
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uhh country simulator u make countrys and rule them yeah u can war and stuff
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Art | Role-Playing
Hi there! I'm new to the CountryHumans fandom and I want to make a server on it. Countryballers and Hetalia (I haven't watched or read it) fans can also join. We provide: 🌸Kind staff. 🌸Fun games such as truth or dare. 🌸LGBTQ+ friendly people. 🌸Roleplay! 🌸A good automod system. What we want: 🌸You to join here! 🌸Active members! 🌸Reviews on Disboard. 🌸Boosters. Have a fun time here! PS: Is you are a raider, then fuck off and go raid another server (Sorry for being mean).
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New fresh server for everyone, who likes Polandball(Countryballs) Includes Mapping and Countryhumans sections as well as a lot of Countryball emoji. Lets make our first official Countryball community on Discord together! We will make a lot of art contest every week when this server grow up, so come and join right now!
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Countryhumans Plaza! Over 130 Memebers, Alot of Roleplay and Chatting! We have a secure verification system and love to share our discord server to you!
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Community | Art
Hello and welcome to SHM's Basedment. Feel free to join and talk with the community. [🗞️] -- 100+ reaction roles [😄] -- Funny people [🗺️] -- Mapping Community [⚔️] -- Mapping Battle Royales [🔊] -- Voice Chats [👥] -- Partnerships [🗳️] -- Juicy Polls [🗯️] -- Very active [🗨️] -- About 6K daily messages And much more! 😄 🇳🇱Feel free to join and have a great time🇳🇱
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A community of countryball / polandball artists, gamers and fans!
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The smaller active servers are the better ones WE ARE SHITPOSTERS We usually talk about -War -Countries -Geography -History -Etc