Mapping (Level Design) server for everyone who interested in Cube Engine family.
> Selam Dost! > Biz TCMU yani Turkish Countryball and Mappers Union! > Aramıza katılmak istiyorsan linkimiz hemen aşağıda fakat özelliklerimizi merak ediyorsan buyur :) • Parti Sistemi • Kendimize özel tag • Countryball ve Mapping için kanallar • Reklam bölümü • Kendimize ait linkimiz • Emojiler • Botlar Ve daha fazlası Seni aramızda görmekten onur duyarız. Is an online gaming community created in 2010, our primary game is Call of Duty 4. Started of as a CodJumper clan, expanded to Promod and other servers.
The Embraced One's server, focusing on a project to remap the world of Hollow Knight and make an interactive map out of it with downloadables and timelapse videos.
Welcome to Centuria! Centuria is a Minecraft server on a Earth Map. Some things you will be able to enjoy/do are: Create factions, or nations, and learn how to know what it's like to run a country in Minecraft (1:553 Scale Earth Map). Diplomacy, you may forge alliances, go to war, expand, trade, etc. Build your favorite cities, you may build iconic cities like NYC, London, Tokyo, or even fictional ones. *This server is still in development, expect release sometime in May :)*
Gmod Creators Area a pour but de favoriser l’entraide entre créateurs de contenu mais aussi de répondre aux question des fondateurs de serveur Garry's Mod ! Principalement axé sur la création de contenu pour le jeux gmod, vous trouverez de l'entraide pour le mapping, glua, web, graphisme mais aussi la modélisation et la configuration. GCA organise aussi des événement afin de mettre en compétition les créateurs de contenu et récompenser les meilleurs!
This is a Server where you can talk about mapping for source games, share your maps and progress and talk to other people who use the Hammer Editor. [This is an unoffical discord group]