Big plans for 2020, an online family looking for people willing to tag along with us. 🌟 Waifu Minigames 🌟 Giveaways 🌟 Active 🌟 Badass community 🌟 Don't miss out!
Big plans for 2020, an online family looking for people willing to tag along with us. 🌟 Waifu Minigames 🌟 Giveaways 🌟 Active 🌟 Badass community 🌟 Don't miss out!
A server to chill at. Also, White Tea is good for you. ☕️
Big plans for 2020, an online family looking for people willing to tag along with us. 🌟 Waifu Minigames 🌟 Giveaways 🌟 Active 🌟 Badass community 🌟 Don't miss out!
Welcoming community to all osu! players of every gamemode. - Access to the report cheaters channel where you can post cheaters. - The ability to change the color of your name in the color change channel.
Anime and memes and life and games
Games, Memes, Trolls and Socializing.
A new, small and friendly gaming community. Join and find new friends to play with or just have a chill conversation :)
Sugoi Café was made to be a fun, friendly server to hang out and make new friends. we offer self roles, a friendly community, fun bots and more!
Wciąż szukasz ludzi do gry? A może poprostu chcesz pogadać? Dobrze trafiłeś/aś. U nas znajdziesz wszystko czego ci potrzeba. ;)
Daeron's Family server is oriented to stay in contact with Daeron and play with him.
Servidor de Twitch de Nekowyn
Прежде чем начать своё общение на сервере, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь правилами. Спасибо за понимание!
Servidor de bate-papo, conversamos sobre games e anime. Temos chat próprio para quem joga osu! Somos bem amigáveis então não tenha vergonha ao entrar 👍
memes e jogos
The server is open with any topics and you can just hang out with anyone you like except if they're busy, you can also find new friends here!
Fuwa fuwa ayaya ayaya mafu mafu >theres 3 grills >osu players >Homosapiens mobile GAYMERS
The main server for the thomascatlow Twitch channel, mainly focused on the rhythm game, osu!.
A German and English Discord Server with many Bots and osu! and MarioMaker2 Channels. (A Sub-Server of Pixelbraker)
• Anime schedule with date and time of new episode releases! • Join our game-specific chats! • Participate in our yearly Anime Watching Challenge to get custom roles! • Share your online findings with us! • Or just come and chat with us about whatever is on your mind!
Salut toi ! Tu aimerais faire des connaissances et t'amuser, viens sur GSpeaker !
a little discord server i made in my free time theres not many people so i would really appreciate if you joined
Hello! Are you interested in making friends and talking about anime/manga with other people? Well this sounds like the place for you!! Come and join Umaru's World!!
the discord server of a fellow top 200 osu player. mainly a gaming related server but we talk about all sorts of shit :o
NA (NORTH AMERICAN) League of Legends wholesome and fun server! The Cub Club is a community-centered server with members who always try to keep the vibe positive. The point of a server is to meet people, and interact with them, and this is exactly the type of place to do that, with a smaller (but growing!) community, you’ll always be sure you’re heard and can easily find someone you enjoy talking and playing with. We are trying to grow a loving home for people all around the world, and as such, we are always trying to improve the server and community in any way shape or form. We are proud to present our approachable, hospitable, and outgoing atmosphere, with our more than affectionate community. From the staff that keeps the server free from toxicity, to the people that make the server so amazing to be a part of, we would love to welcome you to be a part of it! 🎮 Games: League of Legends (main) / Apex Legends / Osu! / Overwatch / Maplestory 2
This server is mainly just for hanging out and making new friends! we talk about Games, Anime, Music, and etc. (it's just a simple server really)
Witamy w Intergalaktycznej Karczmie, dosyć zimnym miejscu, ale niezwykle ciekawym. Serwer wielotematyczny. Poznaj wiele interesujących osób!
A discord server with 1 text channel 499 voice channels and no rules.
Hello! You are more then welcome to join my server! :smile: We play Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, and many more! Anyone is welcome!
A community that unites anime fans and gamers. Rapidly growing, chill, friendly, events, giveaways, etc! Everyone is welcome!~ ♡ SERVER FEATURES: ▸ Color Roles ▸ Self-assignable roles to personalize your profile ▸ Custom bot ▸ Leveling system ▸ Events ▸ Giveaways for Discord Nitro ▸ Friendly & Active community and staff ▸ Anime and gaming chat Follow us on Instagram: @OfficialWeebKingdom
This server have many lot of features like anime update, search anime by image, anime discussion, and anime game topic, and also anime fact and character topic that's means not only otaku must join in, a normal people who doesn't like anime too can join to our server because this server made for gamers
This is my server where everything is dead 80% of the time. Ive been streaming on twitch for about 2 years now and my channel is still dead. So If you like lolis and anime, then please join. Also there's entertaining shit like memes.
We're a small group of people trying to keep a dying server alive, Wanna help us?
A friendly gaming server with a focus on League of Legends, StarCraft II, Space Engineers, and Osu! Come hangout and have fun~ Active staff, with members mostly on after 5pm CST. We are home to the `AoH | 24/7 | 4.2ghz | Chicago` Space Engineers server.
CGG is a gaming and chatting server! We are an active, friendly group and we have plenty of people from all around the world.
For Everyone That Loves OSU! <3 You can find new friends that play osu!. You can have 1v1 2v2 battles in our discord server!! Youl have lots of fun!
Ladder is an OCE gaming community that supports all platforms. We have over 30+ role-based selectable games, with patch notes, voice chats and text chats for each one.
Small server created by friends for everyone. Chill and friendly gaming/anime community that is looking for members to join, no NSFW content. Server also hosts unique osu! bot that can provide detailed osu! stats. EN only