Community | Political
-A server with role-play country roles an conflict, policies discussions. etc.
Military | Role-Playing
Semi-roleplay server about running or living in a country. Have fun!
Role-Playing | Gaming
It is a fun server where you can get into Minecraft and have fun and role play!
Role-Playing | Design
Welcome to BeneficialCucumberP’s Nationstate Roleplay server. This server was created as a parody of sorts of Gyro’s RP server, ( While I've been in the Nation RP server business for a while, I’ve never seen anything like Gyro’s. It’s a marvel of engineering. I made it my goal to replicate, and even enhance the experience. Join me through this journey as I try my hardest to recreate the masterpiece that is Gyro’s NationRP Server.
Music | Social
Howdy! Welcome to the Lil Nas X Discord 🤠. A little community for people who like lil nas x. get notified whenever Lil Nas posts something on twitter/youtube and hang out with us 😊
Social | Political
Active Owner. Mature, Literate and non-toxic community, Professional role-play based around politics and nations. Smaller community. New Server. Like-minded people in a community perfect for you!
Beliefs | Community
The CBT is an anti-Reactionary anti-Revisionism micro-nation.
Political | Military
Ynamreg is an imperialistic country with the intent to dominate all other nations and spread it's organized religion titled "Mikeism".
Political | Role-Playing
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Beliefs | Community
The Art of Pain is Beauty
Social | Community
This is for all the Canadian's and people who love Canada. I created this server so that i could connect all people of the world alike. Obviously Canada was the main country in mind based on the fact that its hard for Canadians to properly connect with one another on the internet in their own atmosphere. Hopefully this will bring many people into a bond of friendship(or more) with one another. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day.
Support | Community
Hello, Liveltros is a community server where you can make friends, talk, discuss ideas. We hope to get big and start on big projects to get more known. Also we are planning to create a country all the support is needed.🙈✋
Political | Role-Playing
Welcome to Virtual rada, Ukrainian parliament simulation! It's a mock government, where you can help our country turn from a post-USSR state to a great European nation! You can fight corruption together with Zelensky, strenghten Ukrainian culture inside Right, join Opposition Platform to stop the war, and even more! No matter if you're Ukrainian, or guest, or how much you know about Ukrainian politics, everyone's welcome here! ;)
PRS is a place to chat, talk, share memes and much more!
Community | Political
🇧🇾 Reborn Republic of Belarus 🇧🇾 This is the New and Improved Belarus ! ⭐️ A great and fun community ⭐️ Helpful and active staffs ⭐️ Come down and show your art ⭐️ Role play and special events ⭐️ Games, politics and more ⭐️ Fair voting system ⭐️ Media networks ⭐️ Come to our Orthodox Churches 🇧🇾 Belarus is a great server with lots of activities that you can do and join us! 🇧🇾 Server Link: Server Banner:
Role-Playing | Military
The most unique Geopolitical Role-Play server out there with lots of different aspects and almost endless possibilities.
Music | Entertainment
WJEB Radio is a Discord bot powered FM radio station. We broadcast our playlist, classic country, tropical rock, and your requests on 87.9FM and on Discord.
Political | Role-Playing
SEASON 2 HAS JUST LAUNCHED AS OF 23/12/2020! ❈ Respectable Rules! ❈ Actively Updated Maps! ❈ Semi-Realistic 2020 Geopolitical Roleplay! ❈ 193 Nations still Available! ❈ RP Events! and more! Join Today!
Community | Gaming
In this server you can chill and chat, play games and find friends I guess you could call it a roleplay server but we take it more seriously On the server we act as a nation, the emperor and his "helpers" are in charge. You have multiple roles/ranks on here. The Starter rank is Civilian, you can of course volunteer to be a soldier, but in risky times we recruit with no questions asked. ----------------------come down and join the server----------------------- IMPORTANT RULE: in roleplay be as much as respectful to the emperor as you can! In the out of topic chat treat him as a normal person ofc lol. Have a good stay. Notice: This is an entry server due to it currently being small, we are trying to find loyal users who could help the Nation grow until it grows enough for it to be public with no Entry server, with only other option being the Email verification needed.
Role-Playing | Political
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn. It is set in the Modern Age. This is a Roleplay Nation Server. The Kingdom of Cambyn RP is set in 2020.
Community | Social
Literally a server about the beautiful big sky country known as Montana. Talk about anything montana related here, including fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, etc.