Role-Playing | Military
Welcome to Kingdoms and Dutchys! KaD is a unique one of a kind nation RP experience! Create your grand empire and conquer lands beyond your comprehension. Battle NPCs and other players with our developing war system! Join quick! We’re just starting with very few members! We hope to see you on the battlefield!
Social | Political
Active Owner. Mature, Literate and non-toxic community, Professional role-play based around politics and nations. Smaller community. New Server. Like-minded people in a community perfect for you!
Role-Playing | Political
It’s a fantasy, medieval nation roleplay.
Role-Playing | Political
metro 2033 discord rp, features faction and character, and there is also fun gmed actions with post apoc quests and adventures.
Role-Playing | Political
This is a Fictional Nation-Roleplay, We don't have much members, but we are quite active, well, sometimes not. We will appreciate Joining and actively roleplaying.
A unique roleplay experience where we take elements of D&D bones, HOI4 / EU4 nation control, and Total War esc war / army leadership and the first unique economy system ever introduced. The Seven Kingdoms are all available to be played with each of their lords and ladies available as characters to control and play as. Many roleplays lack the unique reactive world that we offer as we are the only RP world that is willing to change around player actions. No character is safe. No story line is immutable. No edge of the world too high to piss from. At first, as shown through this description, it seems complicated but it’s really not. We have a very exhaustive guide to help you understand everything plus helpful staff. Join and give it a try. Worst come to worst, you don’t like the server and you leave. No harm no foul. But what’s most likely is you’ll love the server. Major houses still open are Baratheon of King's Landing and Dragonstone, as well as Tyrell and any minor house!
Role-Playing | Community
Alternations is a nation simulation game with aspects of both strategy and worldbuilding. It is historical, meaning based in the history on Earth, but is only semi-realistic. Using the world map provided inside the server, players can claim land within a given limit and expand that land over time. We intend to create a tight-knit, enjoyable and interesting community. As of now, the server is in construction, so you have a chance to influence how it turns out. Why not join in? It’s not as if there’s many communities of this kind out there these days.