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Hello all this is my minecraft server it’s a nations server and you can make a nation or be a nomad. And much more help the earth or drive about destruction as a private contractor maybe even go it alone. It is slowly growing but once it becomes big the fun becomes immeasurable. Minecraft bedrock edition only
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Very tight and passionate community
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Politics welcomed Academia welcomed Scripters welcomed, video-game Voxel Builders Interested in Multiplayer Voxel Building games? What about the creation of nation-states and societies in these games? Particularly interested in ROBLOX or Minecraft? Enjoy your stay in PUBSOC then!
Role-Playing | Design
Welcome to BeneficialCucumberP’s Nationstate Roleplay server. This server was created as a parody of sorts of Gyro’s RP server, ( While I've been in the Nation RP server business for a while, I’ve never seen anything like Gyro’s. It’s a marvel of engineering. I made it my goal to replicate, and even enhance the experience. Join me through this journey as I try my hardest to recreate the masterpiece that is Gyro’s NationRP Server.
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Do you want to form your nation, fight in massive wars, and conquer the world with special weapons, quests and abilities? Join Deltarift today, and experience not just a server, but a game.
Role-Playing | Tabletop
This world, Wecht, has 32 similarly sized countries, these countries were once at conflict due to lack of resources. It simply wasn't enough to share the resources out equally, countries did nothing but quarrel over who deserved what and why. To prevent an inevitable war, an allied government was formed between the countries, and their solution to the problem of resource shortages was decided. Every 2 years, each country would submit a team of it's finest, smartest, strongest, most agile residents between the ages of 16 and 18 inclusive into a year-long tournament bracket. Battles would pit two countries' fighters against each other to test their skills in combat, puzzle solving, strength, perseverance and more. If your team wins a battle, your country is moved onto the next round. If your team loses, your place on the bracket is finalized Where your country ends on the bracket will designate your countries overall share of the planet's resources for the next two years.
Role-Playing | Bot
Build a glorious Nation! Expand your Empire, customizable role-play and go to war against others. Enjoy having the comfort of full access to the League of Nations Bot in the support server or by adding the bot to your server.
💥Gang Wars💥 In life it's survival of the fittest... The strong toppling the weak in this dog eat dog world... Strength is shown in many ways whether that muscle or brains power is all that matters, and now power means much much more... This world OUR world has new guests and they're running the streets now. A void appeared one day and in that void came creatures from many different places some from space other from completely different dimensions. They plague our world joining our society taking it over. Drugs, money, death, bullets, etc all of us out there what will you do with it? It's time someone cleaned these streets or maybe it's time for a new lord to rule these streets.... ✊Join now and raise your gang for war!✊ ✨ -Features- ✨ -high accepting right of oc(just don't go crazy) ✅ -control you're own area🚧 -create your own gang and invite others 😈 -endless rping possibilities 🤩