Meme | Role-Playing
Meromonia is a fictional nation created by a group of friends. It isn't focused on the Nation part, however, and is a place to post your creations, talk with other people, and make friends
Role-Playing | Design
Welcome to BeneficialCucumberP’s Nationstate Roleplay server. This server was created as a parody of sorts of Gyro’s RP server, ( While I've been in the Nation RP server business for a while, I’ve never seen anything like Gyro’s. It’s a marvel of engineering. I made it my goal to replicate, and even enhance the experience. Join me through this journey as I try my hardest to recreate the masterpiece that is Gyro’s NationRP Server.
Community | Role-Playing
Great,fun,lots of stuff to do
Social | Political
Active Owner. Mature, Literate and non-toxic community, Professional role-play based around politics and nations. Smaller community. New Server. Like-minded people in a community perfect for you!
Community | Role-Playing
Vítej v Boršťavské republice. Chceš se stát prezidentem? Dělníkem nebo soudcem? Můžeš! Pracuj ve státě pro ostatní a vydělávej. Nakupujte si itemy a volte ve volbách. Ty se můžeš starat o vedení továrny, můžeš si postavit dům nebo se stát prezidentem a expandovat válkou, zavést fašismus či komunismus. Můžete cokoliv.
Role-Playing | Political
It’s a fantasy, medieval nation roleplay.
Hobbies | Social
Cubing Nation is a speedcubing discord server with a active, helpful and friendly community. Everyone is welcomed!
Political | Role-Playing
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Anime | Social
Anime Thighs is our national anthem! Join us!
We are a community server, duck and government themed. All are welcomed, both duck and non duck. We are always open to suggestions so that this server can be a place for everyone. Come visit, you don't need a visa.
Role-Playing | Political
The Suebi Kingdom is a community of a mock government with the mix of rp, history and geography. We welcome everyone into the kingdom and we give you the oppurtunity of being part of something bigger.
Political | Beliefs
Welcome to Powerland 2! A simple nation rp server based upon rping as politicians in well.. Powerland!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Have you ever wanted to take the fun from nation roleplay discords and communities and apply it to Minecraft? If you did, then you have come across the right server for you! Imperium MC constantly works hard to achieve the best community and experience you can possibly have! From becoming a crime lord, starting your own business to leading one of the most prosperous nations available, you can achieve all! Join Imperium MC to delve into a novel, yet exquisite roleplay experience!
Sports | Entertainment
🚨 !WELCOME TO ROAD TO QATAR 2022 WORLD CUP! 🚨 🔥 Live Game Chats! From the Nations League to the Qualifying that has already begun! 🔥 👀 Do you support San Marino? We do as well! Bhutan? We do too! Come on in and join! 👀 👮 Staff Members that aren't toxic and will make you feel welcome! 👮 🇶🇦 So come and support your nation and join our chat as the countdown to World Cup 2022 begins! 🇶🇦
Role-Playing | Mature
A world of nation building and character creation with varying genres and settings from high fantasy to space based sci-fi. The Arcadius Roleplay is a server that allows people to participate in world building and exploration whilst also providing a relaxed and welcoming community. ------- What can this server offer you? ------- An active and responsive moderator and admin team! Custom maps and universe lore! Rotations on setting to keep the RP Fresh! A great community! The chance to become part of the server community outside of RP! ------- What are some things you can do? ------- Act as the head of your nation, guiding it to greatness or perhaps turmoil and war Not feeling like the pressure of an entire nation? Why not make a character and travel between other players nations exploring and interacting with them in different ways? Or fight other nations leading your people to victory over others and rising to power on the international Stage
Community | Gaming
In this server you can chill and chat, play games and find friends I guess you could call it a roleplay server but we take it more seriously On the server we act as a nation, the emperor and his "helpers" are in charge. You have multiple roles/ranks on here. The Starter rank is Civilian, you can of course volunteer to be a soldier, but in risky times we recruit with no questions asked. ----------------------come down and join the server----------------------- IMPORTANT RULE: in roleplay be as much as respectful to the emperor as you can! In the out of topic chat treat him as a normal person ofc lol. Have a good stay. Notice: This is an entry server due to it currently being small, we are trying to find loyal users who could help the Nation grow until it grows enough for it to be public with no Entry server, with only other option being the Email verification needed.
Role-Playing | Meme
Greetings Citizen! The Glorious People's Republic of China is calling for you! Join our server now to experience top-tier roleplay, an interesting political and economic simulation and of course to be graced by the Presence of the Glorious Leader , General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and President of the People's Republic of China himself, Xi Jinping. If you work hard enough and prove your loyalty to the Chinese State, you may even have the chance to rank up and maybe ( only for the most devout citizens ) even receive the honour of working for the Chinese Government to further the revolutionary cause and dethrone the decadent american pigs as the world's superpower. the official language of our server is english, no other prerequisites are needed, though a microphone would probably be handy.
Role-Playing | Political
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn. It is set in the Modern Age. This is a Roleplay Nation Server. The Kingdom of Cambyn RP is set in 2020.
Role-Playing | Political
Blood and Iron: Pallacia II is a narrative-focused "countries-on-a-map" game wherein a set of players will create their own nations with unique cultures and religions and wield them in a large-scale Character-Focused Game-of-Thrones style Geopol RP. This is a literate and welcome community, join!
Political | Community
✭ ═══【Perland】═══ ✭ Welcome to the Perland, which was first brought to life by the Marxist-Leninists who gae life to this country! What do we have? ╭─────────────────────── ➣ A Military! ➣ A fair Government with plenty of roles for you. ➣ Tons of medals for you to earn! ➣ A fun and caring nontoxic community! ➣ Plenty of things for you to such as chatting and listening to music. ➣ Open to alliances and partnerships! ➣ Active members! ╰───────────────────────