Empire is a place to socialize from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, vote polls, enjoy events, play games, win giveaways, make new friends, advertise and more! [16000+ members] We provide : - Active, friendly and non-toxic community every hour of every day. - Army level ranking and self assignable roles. - All the fun, useful and music bots you need. - Weekly Giveaways - Games channels, play together, tips and deals. - Media, Movies & Series, Technology channels and more. - A non-english-talk channel (with auto-translate bot activable). - Both funny and serious polls to answer to everyday. - Regular events such as game nights or movies sessions. - A categorized News system linked to 100+ YouTube channels. - Partnerships. - FREE & Premium advertising. Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there! :wink:
Wholesome server for chill people
Star Wars: Fall of an Empire The year is 9 ABY, 4 years after the fall of the GALACTIC EMPIRE at the Battle of Jakku. Whilst the IMPERIAL REMNANTS battle for survival, the NEW REPUBLIC struggles to fill the void left for it, unable to maintain control across the Galaxy. In the Empire’s absence,
🌸 Blossom Empire - a beautiful discord server for anyone and everyone who wants a place to call home. Why aren't you here? Everyone else is.
Discord server of The Sith Empire, an SWTOR guild. We are a beginner friendly guild with over 500 members and we play on the English EU server Darth Malgus.
Based on making jokes and memes on events in history and cultures in the modern world.
Do you enjoy Star Wars as much as we do? Then come spread what YOU know about Star Wars with the rest of us! We are the LARGEST non-RP Star Wars community on discord! We feature a role giving bot as well as droves of channels filled with facts and much, much more!
All Hail Britannia!
~ A new world is upon us! ~ After years of fighting, the countries of Boia are now at peace with each other, re-growing and re-building from the constant fighting. But how long will this peace last?
Smurf Empire - Cheap League of Legends Smurf Accounts. Our Discord server focuses on being a healthy and friendly community, and we have weekly giveaways with 5 winners drawn each Sunday.
A server created with the intent of discussing Japanese idol groups under the company WACK, as well as the groups of former affiliates: BiSH BiS EMPiRE GANG PARADE and many others! As the server grows this general focus on WACK may change to Japanese groups in general, however this depends on how many seek this change.
This is a Star Wars RP server, and we are basically a combination between Cannon and Legends. We are set in 7 BBY currently, and what we do as a server will affect the server's universe such as if a planet has a prodominance of a role, it will start to become pro{Jedi/Rebelion/Empire} or go more neutral, depending on what you do on that planet. Simply this is where Legends and Cannon converge so any Legends character from the imperial era you can get or use species from the Legends continuity, Cannon is also there I guess. also the art is not mine, it is someone else's!!!
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ INFO█ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ 【1】: ↬Plenty of roles and Events!↫ ✪Many self roles and personals, colors, and more! With events to grant exclusive or special roles!✪ 【2】 : ↬Games!↫ ✪Games like counting, pokemon, and plenty more!✪ 【3】: ↬Friendly community!↫ ✪Plenty of friendly and different people! We accept anyone and everyone! Super welcoming!✪ 【4】: ↬Even Roleplay!↫ ✪Roleplay is allowed in specific channels and more ;)✪ 【5】 : ↬Open suggestions, partnering, and more!↫ ✪There are lots in the server that is very interactive!✪ This is almost like an RPG server but with many more things included and much more to come! Open for any suggestions or help to make the server even better! ↬JOIN NOW!↫
We welcome all who enjoys playing rps and star wars communities. Get in to the server and make a character for star wars universe that you like.
Just another sever where everyone is able to hang out and talk to. Nothing much else.
Really expensive, more than $2.400.000 (in Euro). Real life. For that money you'll buy happiness.