We are a community server which offers fun, games, and chat, along with discussion about various games and giveaways with real prizes!
The Kingdoms of Gaia is a medieval-fantasy magical RP with rich, in-depth lore, 4 unique kingdoms fully controllable by whoever rules them, and an ever-evolving world with large-scale events. We even invite people to host small-scale events for fun together! The server is set on helping and watching character's grow, as well as allowing super creative people to host events with other players Story arcs you make, interact and involve other players all to see yourself grow. Your powers also will grow stronger as you do! A community progression! If you love to tell a story and involve others in it, you'll love this place! Note, we're a fairly small community trying to grow. It may be quiet, but with enough active people, it can easily change. Come help be a part of our growth! LF Partners to help grow!
Discord Medieval Realistic Roleplay 🤖Unique custom-made bot with: 🏷️Character creator ⚔️Combat ❤️Health ⭐XP System(custom) 📜Realistic alternative history 💰Economy ⚔️Paths (Peasants, Soldiers, Clerics, Merchants and Nobles) 👮Friendly staff and detailed rules 💕Welcoming community and active VC as well as OOC chat 🎲Frequent small and large scale events! 🎵Medieval Music bot Medieval Discord's lore is set in 12th century Frankia in a relatively young and powerful Empire. Different historical events and outcomes have shaped this world so it is foreign to our own, be it for better or for worse. Join the common folk and live out your life in service to your local Lord, or perhaps found a trade caravan and acquire vast riches, maybe you'd even like to take the vow of Knighthood and serve both your King and God, the possibilities are endless!
Kingdom of Anvora is a medieval fantasy roleplaying server with original lore and setting. Inspired from the various fantasy media, the server aim to allow the roleplayer to experience the medieval fantasy setting, participate in riveting events, RP with interesting characters and so much more
The Imperial League (IL) is an open world mid-fantasy roleplay. When I say "mid-fantasy" what I mean is all characters will be on fairly equal footing in regards to their abilities. No one here will be playing cosmic furry demon gods with the ability to bend time and control your mind. While magic and fantasy races are in existence, everything is still relatively grounded as far as most Discord fantasy roleplays go. The goal is to create a fantasy RP that doesn't quickly become a super hero RP or a power contest. There's no grand demon lord of an evil kingdom to defeat. Instead, the RP is a character driven space where players can interact in a world that is defined and orderly, yet remains flexible and malleable to the actions of those that are willing to work alongside a multitude of other players.
Hello everyone, This group focuses on RPing a medieval fantasy plot, the description of the plot has been written in the server. We look for people who can at least write more than one line and are capable of being descriptive. Here your imagination is your limit. At the moment were following the main plot, but we do side plots as well on a daily basis. We also do give aways from time to time such as monthly subscription for discord nitro.
Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.
𝛀The World of Hamala: Age of the Arcane𝛀 ←一一一一一一一一ㄧㄧㄧㄧ⧫⧫ㄧㄧ一一一一一一一一一→``` The World of Hamala is a world filled with blood lust, evil, and fantastical elements that make this world unlike any other. It is here where you can claim glory, riches, and honor amongst Immortals and Mortals alike. Since the death of the four primordial beings, the balance and order of the supernatural and natural world have fallen out of place. Some Immortals have broken out into a civil war, causing the immortal realms to descend into complete and total Chaos. However, for those who escaped to Earth, they were met with lands ripe for the taking. These lands are filled with evil and fantastical beasts of legends past. But, in the deep and darkest parts of the Underworld, past its Tartarean gates, Khaos and his creatures stir, preparing to take over the Underworld and invade the land of the living. Will you bring order back to the world or rip it apart? Will you take lands on Earth or end the civil war ?
#BlkDragon*Inn is set in a high fantasy, medieval world! * 18+ non-erp server * Simple 3 complete sentences post minimum * We require a character sheet submitted and approved before playing! Check out our policies: https://www.blkdragon.com/policies/
The Realm Of Tamriel - A Serious role playing Discord for The Elder Scrolls Universe. - Open world role play, with multiple channels all across Tamriel. - Welcoming to both experienced, and also newer role players. - Focused on detailed Posts, typically multiple paragraphs long. - A Growing community of role players, writers, lore experts, artists. - Lore friendly style role plays, with a focus on realistic characters. - Currently looking for more role players, as well as potential staff. - Also welcoming to Elder Scrolls fans in general, for game discussions. - We have a friendly staff, willing to answer questions, and help you out. Feel free to jump into our Discord, we are currently hosting a role play set during The Great War, but you are free to tell your characters own story, interact with other characters, and also various NPC’s across all of Tamriel.
Aynor est un Empire qui a été bâti par Warren Edwin qui a aidé les habitants à espérer, croire à nouveau en un monde meilleur. Il leur fit miroiter les rêves d'une puissance et d'un flot de richesses à ne plus savoir quoi faire. Cela ne fût cependant pas le cas après qu'il ait prit le trône. Un évènement vint changer la vie à Aynor. Un enfant naquit sans être totalement humain. Il y avait autre chose, trois paires d'ailes blanches dans son dos. Cet " ange ", il s'agissait de Charles Edwin, fils de l'Empereur Warren Edwin. Au fur et à mesure, se fût l'homme comme nous le connaissons qui devint une minorité abusée par ces humains différents. Mais cela n'est pas du goût de tout le monde. Ils peuvent sembler tous être Impérialistes, mais des bruits risquent à se faire entendre dans les rues. Les Scotérigènes semblent être un ordre s'installant peu à peu dans l'empire menaçant à l'insurrection. L'empereur ne restera sûrement pas sans rien faire, mais pour l'heure...
21+ non-ERP hub dedicated to three settings: sci-fi aliens DnD 5E tabletop, modern magic in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters with our own, original lore, and Dragon Age.
Please join us we are a roleplaying community based around the medieval era loosely, its more fantasy then reality, please join us so we can show more!
King of the Skies is really fun, and we have lots of friendly people, and we have fun together. ~Nitro Giveaways ~Fair Moderators ~Consistent Rank upgrades until Mod status ~Fun bots ~Mod Roles to assist in every possible way
It's a Roleplay server. Focused on well... roleplaying
Hello. I am looking for new members for my discord roleplay server with medieval theme. Once you join, you can ask one of the admins or White knights to assign you a role. You can choose from up to 20 different roles and if you want, we can make one just for you. My server does even have separated text channels where different roleplay situations can occur. Staff will get their special role. Either White knight, Overseer or Warden. Note that the staff must be active and must do their respective jobs. Under are described different types of staff and what they are supposed to do. (we need atleast two of each role. (There is one White knight left, two Overseers left and one Warden left) White knight: Manage server and manage roles (these can also manage webhooks) Warden: Ban players, kick players and mute players. (wardens should be the most active members) Overseer: Manage channels, manage webhooks and emojis
An isekai server where your character isn't strictly from Earth, but from a world of your choosing! Make your own OC, because we're interested in what you can do!
Eucron is a fantasy and medieval roleplay discord server! We are welcoming to any race, sexuality, gender, etc. We have lots of locations, roles, and an easy character development system so you can get to roleplaying ASAP! We accept partners, allies, and any promotional services you have. We hope to see you there!
Eucron is a fantasy and medieval roleplay discord server! We are welcoming to any race, sexuality, gender, etc. We have lots of locations, roles, and an easy character development system so you can get to roleplaying ASAP! We accept partners, allies, and any promotional services you have. We hope to see you there!
This server is meant to create a space for discussion of a diverse history that is often neglected in discourse: Africa. Information is being added as I research more, and people are welcome to contribute, discuss, and ask questions.
Servus ich bin Gnoraz, und das ist mein Community Server. Ich streame auf Twitch unter twitch.tv/gnoraz Schaut vorbei und bekommt alle Neuigkeiten rund um den Stream mit :)
Darkest Dawn Online is an MMORPG based on the themes medieval and magic. Play with whoever you want online. Fight unique monsters and collect the most random item names. Go on a quest to find buried treasure. Cut down trees. Anything else? It's all sorted right in front of you. Play Darkest Dawn Online today at tinyurl.com/ddoplay to start your adventure! ████████████████████████ ► Discord: https://discord.gg/gMY7gp9 ► Forum: http://darkestdawnonline.boards.net ► Game: https://tinyurl.com/ddoplay ████████████████████████
ANIMALIA ✧ ————————————— ✧ Ahoy there traveler! Welcome to the world of Animalia! Many years ago, animals were small creatures humans abused and kept as what they call ‘Pets’, that changed when the first Sentience Period arrived. Multiple species of animals evolved to become sentient, they were as smart, no, smarter than humans! Two more of these periods took place in Animalia, perhaps even more will come! As of recent events, the gods took out there rage upon Animalia and destroyed their kingdoms, dividing their land into seperate regions, causing utter chaos among the inhabitants of Animalia, becoming absolute savages. There are also huge struggles for power and a chance for a player to become an overlord of a region and lead a massive army! ✧ ————————————— ✧ We have... ✧ - An active community. ✧ - Friendly staff. ✧ - Interesting and unique lore. ✧ - Frequent events to tighten up our lore. ✧ - Plenty of races for you to choose from. ✧ - Partnerships!
Fantasy Medieval Roleplay. Silent Kindgom is here for those who wish to roleplay with either fantasy characters or logical characters. We have 8 simple rules only a few follow into rp. Op Characters are okay just read the rule about it. We offer Oc templates if you are new or want to try it out. We are fairly new but we are active and will join in on rp when ever. We offer a level system, We do Roleplayer of the week and stuff. Come join on.
Hunterfell is a Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay server that emphasizes on being able to RP using any fantasy genre fiction as long as it fits the criteria, examples of series are Monster Hunter, Skyrim, Runescape, etc. Hunterfell also has a very inclusive, friendly community.
Looking for friends? Come and join High Castles and be a part of an active community dedicated in providing a wholesome experience.
A medieval-fantasy roleplay for roleplayers who wish to join a roleplay that promotes quality RP. The setting is within the realm called Ringfolde, a landmass that prevents those who dares to travel in it to escape. More is explained in the server's lore.
Dungeons, dragons, hobbits, and shires. Here goes a server dedicated to high fantasy, original characters, and a little bit of homebrew pizzazz. Fans of tabletop or admirers of it are free to join a brand new roleplay-based server where characters typically entered in a tavern will be able to find home. Inside the chat, we are also prepared to give space for people to find or advertise campaigns, seek players or seek a new DM. Come by for some easygoing conversation and openworld RP! 15+, please be at least prepared to write us up a blurb about your character or have the heart and soul to stay and chat a while.
JOIN THE ROYAL VANGUARD TODAY! Here is what we offer as a server: 🏹 A Medieval/Game of Thrones Server Theme 🏹 🎮 Gaming 🎮 🎭 Role-Playing 🎭 🥇 A Levelling System 🥇 😂 Memes 😂 🔞 NSFW Channels 🔞 🎻 Music 🎻 📂 Server Advertising/Partnerships 📂 🔈 Dedicated Communication Channels 🔈 😃 A Friendly, Welcoming Bunch 😃 What are you waiting for? Join The Royal Vanguard now and become a member of The Kingdom. 🏰
We are a small, fantasy RP server focusing on plot and character development.
A Discord Server For The /r/merlinbbc reddit page, disscuse the merlin franchise here
Fantasy roleplay with emphasis on politics and adventure! If you join quickly, you have a better chance at getting a powerful role! We have 24/7 roleplay, frequent events, and a great community. I'd recommend at least joining to see how it is.
The World of Bareth is a discord roleplaying server with an expansive universe filled with lore that has been refined over years of play. In depth mechanics provide a fair and intuitive roleplaying experience! Play as a lord or street urchin-- whatever suits your fancy. Get involved today!
Wrymryth! Here you're open to let your creativity go wild with making your own country and its lore in this open medieval fantasy world and have people roleplay in it along with interact with other countries made by. Well others. There are currently only a few slots left for countries but I do hope you also join to help this small developing Roleplay grow. This is a sandbox even for those without countries with the ability to create guilds,events,and change the face of the world with yourself and others. Come join in on just the beginning of the fun!
Just a little discord server to play dungeons and dragons style with friends! Battle with honor! Trade with merchants! Defeat opponents!
This Discord is for people interested in the Gothic language, an ancient and mysterious language spoken in the 4th century AD.