We are a family community, Toxic-free and bully free home, a very active server, and provide smiles and cheers for all of you! We have cutesy emotes, partnerships, events, giveaways, and plenty of bots to mess with! So please join the community and meet some new faces! ^-^
We are a family community, Toxic-free and bully free home, a very active server, and provide smiles and cheers for all of you! We have cutesy emotes, partnerships, events, giveaways, and plenty of bots to mess with! So please join the community and meet some new faces! ^-^
Club paw is a smaller community, where you voice will be heard and respected. Everyone is welcome!
We are a family community, Toxic-free and bully free home, a very active server, and provide smiles and cheers for all of you! We have cutesy emotes, partnerships, events, giveaways, and plenty of bots to mess with! So please join the community and meet some new faces! ^-^
Anime,art, games, role play,music
Discord Medieval Realistic Roleplay 🤖Unique custom-made bot with: 🏷️Character creator ⚔️Combat ❤️Health ⭐XP System(custom) 📜Realistic alternative history 💰Economy ⚔️Paths (Peasants, Soldiers, Clerics, Merchants and Nobles) 👮Friendly staff and detailed rules 💕Welcoming community and active VC as well as OOC chat 🎲Frequent small and large scale events! 🎵Medieval Music bot Medieval Discord's lore is set in 12th century Frankia in a relatively young and powerful Empire. Different historical events and outcomes have shaped this world so it is foreign to our own, be it for better or for worse. Join the common folk and live out your life in service to your local Lord, or perhaps found a trade caravan and acquire vast riches, maybe you'd even like to take the vow of Knighthood and serve both your King and God, the possibilities are endless!
Support Server For Rhino - A Bot right for your servers!
Welcome to Grace's Paradise! This chill server/lounge is for general chatting, chilling, and role playing! There are fun bots, voice chat channels, games, and support and wholesome love for everyone here!
A warrior cats roleplay where the tension at gatherings is enough to suffocate the MoorClan, BitterClan cats. We’re brand new and looking for new members, hope you can join us soon!
Aynor est serveur Role Play francophone qui tourne autour d'un conflit dans un milieu médiéval/seigneurial. Nous sommes ouvert aux amateurs de RP comme aux débutants :) Contexte: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468821430109339659/554446773662253057/unknown.png
Communauté Multi-Gaming Française, délire et bonne humeur, le smile vous l'aurez toujours ici !
Serveur Discord dédié à la communauté NYC RP (New York City) axée sur le jeu GTA V principalement.
this is just a random server for whatever with an nsfw channel just to have it. but I made this server for people to meet other people and have fun. there are role play servers. some parts in the server potentially could still be a work in a progress. but please just check it out. I wouldn't mind any feed back but be sure to read the rules and be sure to introduce yourself. lastly if there is a role u want ask me specifically because i must approve it but i normally accept all roles. join my server and dm me with any questions!!
Welcome to the… Modern-day Fire Emblem RP! This is a canon only literate roleplaying server where you can use any modern au head-canons you want for the character and bring them into the RP! We currently have Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Echos and Fire Emblem Three Houses as the game's characters that the server is based around. This server is while not directly ERP based it will touch on mature subject matters thus making the server 16+ with a special role for those 18 and older.  we have:  Helpful and Kind Mods Literate Role-players Slice of life RP LGBT Friendly Fun Future events A kind and welcoming community Come and Check it out!
This is a small RP server which is based on the idea that humans, after the earth is destroyed, move the population into the planets of our solar system. Being millions of year later, we have the technology to thrive in our new homes.
A place for writers of all types to join together in creativity and community! We host prompt nights, sprints, contests, and more! Established as a Skype group in 2012 ♡
The Discord Server for the Napoleonic Wars Role Play Server in Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars.
The discord server for the BlueBirdRP GTA V RP community. Join for information on how to play, support and to become a part of the community.
This is a Zombie Apocalypse roleplay server with many areas to visit such as a city, forest, prison, military base, wastelands, etc. There are many items to collect through a bot-made system and many places to try and survive in. This is an action-packed and free place to roam in with PTK and PTI given to all. Do you think you will be able to survive? Join and find out!
Join us in fight for frontieer, become pilot, rifleman, mercenary, join freedom fighters from Militia or IMC corps, make impact on field of battle, drop from air, combat enemy in titans and on foot.
Hello and welcome to Central Station! Here we are a social hub with many features and with your help will continue to grow and evolve! Come check out our unique pokemon role play game!
Yes? Good! Pokemon Showdown is our choice. We're active, we have gym leaders, and occasionally we have fun too. Come check us out! challenge our gyms, or see if you have what it takes to become one! We have a Unique Pokemon role play game as well as Pokecord for those times between match's!
Hello there! Welcome to Tales From The Foundation! An SCP RP server with great and dedicated staff, a chill environment, and some other neato-stuff. ▷ Both custom and canon SCPs! ▷ Many different departments and channels to RP in! ▷ No ERP or NSFW! ▷ And lots more!
a small furry community with a special place for rping we have a little bit of everything so join in and get your paws wet
Willkommen Du befindest dich im Jahre 2170, 50 Jahre nach Beginn des großen Energiekrieges. Mittlerweile ist die Rohstoff- und Energieknappheit, dank neuen Entdeckungen auf Xyrak, Titanica und anderen Planeten, zurückgegangen, doch der Krieg geht dennoch weiter, denn nicht nur die fünf Reiche der Menschheit streben nach Macht, sondern auch andere Spezien die sich feindselig gegenüber uns zeigten. Du bist im großen Reich Tymia, das für Recht, Ordnung und Freiheit steht, auf Terra (unsere Erde) aufgewachsen und hast dich entschieden, für dieses zu kämpfen. Dazu hast du dich für die Militärabteilung der Mech-Soldaten entschieden und wurdest auf einer der zwei besten Mech-Schulen angenommen. Ein Deutschsprachiger Sci Fi RP Server
A mature version of Camp Half Blood, we allow the things other servers dont ---------- - Fair, Nice, Staff - we are a growing community - an easy to fill character template - we work with you to get your character approved ---------- So join today
We're a role playing server based off all types of mythology. When you join you can make your character any sort of fictional being. We accept everything from the minecraft creeper to Gods. We are small but have a very active community. Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you were rejected by heaven and hell so you were automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
This is a textual Kirby roleplay server for anyone who loves the Kirby franchise and wants to write stories about it! Come in with us and play as one among many Kirby characters from most of the games from the series! There are also non-roleplay channels for us, fans, like a memes channel, a fanart channel, and even one to talk about general Kirby lore. We strongly hope you will have fun in here! We can't wait to see you with us!
Distopia Révélation [RP] est un serveur RP multivers faisant référence à de nombreuses œuvres, ce RP fonctionne avec des stats comme par exemple la force l'agilité la magie et beaucoup d'autres, nous pouvons vous garantir que vous ne vous ennuierez pas dans cet immense univers, ce RP n'attend que vous !
Sacrifice of the Sincere is an open and welcoming gaming community, with many game servers, in game Guilds, and friendly members. We appreciate teamwork, good communication, and the ability to have fun.
Dragonball multiverses platform allows all sorts of ideas and possibilities. you can create a OC or use a original character. There are huge events and helpful staff. A chill society or a chaotic environment during battle the choice is yours just don’t overdo it Anyway Hope you join and enjoy the role play thank you
Welcome to Angel Office! This server is for RP and just general chatting! We have the best of the best Security (Moderators), 2 general chats in case it gets crowded, and much more! If you're having trouble, we have a Secretary Desk (SPECIAL HELP) and a Help-Desk (Normal help)! Keep in mind this is a SFW (Safe For Work) server, and we don't want any NSFW related things here. We hope you enjoy this server to the FULLEST! -The Staff at Angel Office
A Great New developing server.. The role play is taken place at a university and and a large campus with mountain ranges and forest. join today for the best fun and getaway you can get. All characters are balanced op is not allowed and we even have some NSFW channels!
Join the best DnD server in South Africa with added gaming.
╔ ╗ *Live by the sword,* *Die by the sword..* ╚ ╝     ⊱──────【✥】──────⊰ **Welcome to The Roundtable!** ⊱──────【✥】──────⊰   **✤ A fantasy themed community server for people of all ages and races to join and have fun in!**     *We feature:* **❈ A warm and welcoming community** *We guarantee you won’t find your own special clique here!* **❈ House system** *Pledge allegiance to one of the four houses of he server and compete for rewards* **❈ Self-assignable roles** *Select your own roles and colors from our vast variety of options!* **❈ Partnerships** *We are always open to partner with other servers, we’d like to grow along with you!* **❈ And much much more-** *Join to discover all the other features of The Roundtable
Lore: 60 Years after the events of TES V: Skyrim The World-Eater Alduin has been banished into the distant future by the Dragonborn using an Elder Scroll. Since then the Dragonborn passed through their life. The Civil War in Skyrim was ended with a Dragonborn-aided Empire executed Ulfric stormcloak and put all Holds excepted Solitude under command of Imperial friendly Nords. After this the Empire of Cyrodil grew in strength and took back Tamriel from the Thalmor, pushing them back to their territory and forcing them into a peace treaty, called the Adamantine Concordat. This returned most of Tamriel under Imperial control with worship of Talos being reinstated. After Titus Mede II’s assassination a new emperor, Nero Viranus. The new emperor is strong but cares about his citizens and empire. Under his guidance cane the fall of the Thalmor and the rise of the Cyrodillic Empire, also the reinstatement of worship of Talos.
Welcome to Creation of Anger; a small, (semi) literate roleplay server of Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and fan-made egos. We include NSFW and darker rp channels that are not required. No restrictions. (assuming you're literate)
Subpar Central is dedicated to community. This server is for anyone of any level!
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