This Discord is used to bring fans of the Mount and Blade series together into one place.
This Discord is used to bring fans of the Mount and Blade series together into one place.
Club Paw is a sfw server with a focus simply on helping other folks out and providing them with a safe space to make friends and be themselves.
Welcome to Wastelands, a place where the clans of fire and ice reside. We are searching for new members that would like to create their own stories and characters, in a space where they can collaborate with other role players! Join the dare-devilish fires of 🔥 BlazeClan, or join the ice cold slopes of 🧊 FrostClan! We're a friendly open Warrior-Cats based role play server of passionate writers that await your arrival. Currently, we have high ranks open for those who join and ask first! We will also keep an eye out for trustworthy members that we can rely on to be staff members in the future. 》 Open ranks. 》 Self-assignable roles. 》 Planned future server-wide plots. 》 No character limits. . . . and more! Join us at Wastelands today to begin your journey.
Welcome everyone to the World of pones! Discord server. here in this server people can relax, chit chat in our wonderful chat rooms, make friends, and have a good heckin time lol, here in this server we also have art channels for members to post wonderful art //art must be sfw!// we also have a gaming room for all those wonderful gamers that wanna share some gaming content along with a venting room for those that would like to share personal things and seek helpful advice. and lets not forget that we also provide voice chat channels for those that would like to speak with others and who knows i may also drop into one of them from time to time hehehe and we also offer Role play rooms for those that wanna role play good rps like a fallout rp so please don't role play outside those rooms and with that being said we hope all of you will enjoy our lovely server and all it has to offer!
Communauté Multi-Gaming Française, délire et bonne humeur, le smile vous l'aurez toujours ici !
Serveur Discord dédié à la communauté NYC RP (New York City) axée sur le jeu GTA V principalement.
this is just a random server for whatever with an nsfw channel just to have it. but I made this server for people to meet other people and have fun. there are role play servers. some parts in the server potentially could still be a work in a progress. but please just check it out. I wouldn't mind any feed back but be sure to read the rules and be sure to introduce yourself. lastly if there is a role u want ask me specifically because i must approve it but i normally accept all roles. join my server and dm me with any questions!!
Welcome to Magnolia! This is a Fairy Tail themed RP Server. We are currently looking for mods to join the Magic Council so if you're interested in that please dm Jack Fullbuster. The timeframe of this chat is about three generations past the Natsu Era. We call this the Descendants Era. It is large scale so the information may take a minute to read for that I apologize! But we tried to make it as simple as possible while providing a fun Rp experience for everyone! So come join us! Join a preexisting guild or make your own! Unleash your magic power and watch your character grow through your choices and battles!
Come and join us in some cool roleplay thats based off the Metroid franchise!! We are a family friendly server that is looking for others to have fun with!!
Fun laid back role playing Community
Midnight Kingdoms es un servidor de rol de ARK ( de consola) en el mapa Valguero. Historia: Este mundo se encuentra sumido en la guerra entre vampiros y hombres lobo. Los humanos son esclavizados y forzados a trabajar para las criaturas mas poderozas. Sobrevive como humano hasta tu reclutamiento por alguna de las facciones, participa en los eventos y obten el control total. La guerra ha dejado debastados los poblados, las bases de las facciones y el mercado, por lo que deberan trabajar para devolverlos a su antigua gloria. mientras mas fuerte sea tu faccion, mayor sera su territorio, asi que concentrate, fortalezete y trabaja con tu compañeros para obtener el dominio total de este mundo. Ganaras dinero vendiendo objetos y recursos al mercado; participando en eventos y cobrando tu sueldo por el trabajo que realices para tu lider. Habra eventos todas las semanas y podras encontrar mercaderes conectados todos los días. Para entrar deberas aprobar una whitelist y una entrevista
The Void is a place to wind down after a long day of doing whatever and chat with friends and generally have a good time! :) I hope to see you soon!
GTA V FIVEM Role play seervidor español spanish
Willkommen auf Free World Life. Der Whitelist Discord um auf den GTA Server zu Join! Du bekommst automatisch deine Rolle und kannst danach auf den FiveM Server dich verbinden! Wenn Link nicht geht:
This is a small RP server which is based on the idea that humans, after the earth is destroyed, move the population into the planets of our solar system. Being millions of year later, we have the technology to thrive in our new homes.
A place for writers of all types to join together in creativity and community! We host prompt nights, sprints, contests, and more! Established as a Skype group in 2012 ♡
The discord server for the BlueBirdRP GTA V RP community. Join for information on how to play, support and to become a part of the community.
Join us in fight for frontieer, become pilot, rifleman, mercenary, join freedom fighters from Militia or IMC corps, make impact on field of battle, drop from air, combat enemy in titans and on foot.
Yes? Good! Pokemon Showdown is our choice. We're active, we have gym leaders, and occasionally we have fun too. Come check us out! challenge our gyms, or see if you have what it takes to become one! We have a Unique Pokemon role play game as well as Pokecord for those times between match's!
Hello there! Welcome to Tales From The Foundation! An SCP RP server with great and dedicated staff, a chill environment, and some other neato-stuff. ▷ Both custom and canon SCPs! ▷ Many different departments and channels to RP in! ▷ No ERP or NSFW! ▷ And lots more!
a small furry community with a special place for rping we have a little bit of everything so join in and get your paws wet
A mature version of Camp Half Blood, we allow the things other servers dont ---------- - Fair, Nice, Staff - we are a growing community - an easy to fill character template - we work with you to get your character approved ---------- So join today
We're a role playing server based off all types of mythology. When you join you can make your character any sort of fictional being. We accept everything from the minecraft creeper to Gods. We are small but have a very active community. Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you were rejected by heaven and hell so you were automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
This is a textual Kirby roleplay server for anyone who loves the Kirby franchise and wants to write stories about it! Come in with us and play as one among many Kirby characters from most of the games from the series! There are also non-roleplay channels for us, fans, like a memes channel, a fanart channel, and even one to talk about general Kirby lore. We strongly hope you will have fun in here! We can't wait to see you with us!
Distopia Révélation [RP] est un serveur RP multivers faisant référence à de nombreuses œuvres, ce RP fonctionne avec des stats comme par exemple la force l'agilité la magie et beaucoup d'autres, nous pouvons vous garantir que vous ne vous ennuierez pas dans cet immense univers, ce RP n'attend que vous !
Sacrifice of the Sincere is an open and welcoming gaming community, with many game servers, in game Guilds, and friendly members. We appreciate teamwork, good communication, and the ability to have fun.
Dragonball multiverses platform allows all sorts of ideas and possibilities. you can create a OC or use a original character. There are huge events and helpful staff. A chill society or a chaotic environment during battle the choice is yours just don’t overdo it Anyway Hope you join and enjoy the role play thank you
Welcome to Angel Office! This server is for RP and just general chatting! We have the best of the best Security (Moderators), 2 general chats in case it gets crowded, and much more! If you're having trouble, we have a Secretary Desk (SPECIAL HELP) and a Help-Desk (Normal help)! Keep in mind this is a SFW (Safe For Work) server, and we don't want any NSFW related things here. We hope you enjoy this server to the FULLEST! -The Staff at Angel Office
Join the best DnD server in South Africa with added gaming.
Subpar Central is dedicated to community. This server is for anyone of any level!
Fantasy roleplay with emphasis on politics and adventure! If you join quickly, you have a better chance at getting a powerful role! We have 24/7 roleplay, frequent events, and a great community. I'd recommend at least joining to see how it is.
✵《We Roam The Universe》✵ Brand new RP centered around personifying the elements of the known universe! Will you join in loyalty to the various Star overlords or will you try to topple the hierarchy with the various rebel forces? Choose from a variety of playable races from Planets to Comets and discover a new take on the universe we live in. Features... ✵》LGBT+ friendly ✵》A fun community of other skilled RPers ✵》Dedicated mod team ✵》In depth lore revolving around two warring societies ✵》Giveaways for locked races, ownable locations ✵》And much, much more! We are brand new and are looking for dedicated members to join our RP! Come join the fun!
The year is 5542, twenty years after the United Federation arrived at Pandora. Tensions have been rising between the United Federation and The Confederacy of Pandora, after they splintered off in 5534. The planet itself is inhabited by strange hostile creatures, and no known species can breathe the air, other than those creatures. Because of this, both the United Federation and The Confederacy of Pandora have constructed cities protected by atmospheric shields, which provide some protection against multiple forms of attack, but cannot take heavy fire. There are aincent structures left behind by a mysterious civilisation, containing technology more advanced than anything anyone has seen before. The Confederacy of Pandora wants to use this technology for themselves, and the United Federation is not so sure about this and believes that the technology should be left alone, at least for now.
5-Diamond Steven Universe Roleplay Server, incorporating Zodiac Signs, and the Sun and Moon cycle.
Servidor de Discord de Hijos de la Anarquía de SCUM.
Cool server for rping in a Jo-Jo like world with canon stands set in a fantasy world with ocs. We switch through different arcs as we finish one
Mature Literate to Semi Lit Next Gen OC We have rules set down for this server and so far are very small. We welcome most into the server so please don't be scared to check us out if you love Boku No Hero! You can even have your ship be your parents due to it being next gen!