YouTuber | Meme
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel. We discuss all sorts of things here.
Gaming | Technology
Space-focused gameplay, chill shenanigans, occasional memeage, tech talk, cooking and recipes, and so much more.
Gaming | Social
This server is not responsible for any transaction made in-game or any transactions involving the server.
Gaming | Role-Playing
This server breaks into five different warhammer 40k games. Rogue trader, dark heresy, deathwatch, only war, and black crusade.
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Come hang out and discuss all things DND! This includes build optimization, homebrew, the Treantmonk variant, and discussion about Treantmonk's Temple youtube channel!
Tabletop | Social
Welcome! The Bronze Dragon Tavern 2 is a discord just right for folks who want to play Dungeons & Dragons, talk about nerdy stuff, or just hang out! It would be our pleasure to have you in our fine establishment! So take a seat, grab a tankard and roll for initiative!!
Community | Gaming
Gaming Gamers is a family friendly YouTuber fan and game development server! Even though we are a small server, we have a very welcoming community and staff. We may not always get along, but we come together in the end. We do allow light to moderate cursing, however excessive cursing is not allowed.
Role-Playing | Gaming
Hey Do You Like Minecraft Or Fortnite Roleplays Well You've Found the Right Place So Come Down To C0RrUpT's Roleplay Server and join Students Writing And Voice Acting For Roleplays
Role-Playing | Hobbies
A great resource for Game Masters and Dungeon Masters to get fresh ideas and help with their table top role playing games, like D&D and Pathfinder. Based off the YouTube and Twitch channels of the same name. Come join the fun!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Hey and welcome to Critical Fail: A Painfully Accurate Title! Critical Fail is a place for DMs and players to meet and play their games! We host all sorts of tabletop games, though mainly D&D and Pathfinder. We're currently looking for more DMs and Players!
Community | Role-Playing
We are a small server that is destined to become bigger. Our server is based off of the Zoo, so pick and choose your animal. We need people to join, help out, and have fun. We have tons of fun rooms including a games room with a interactive bot. We also have giveaways frequently and we have a shop. We have one of the most complicated and intricate bot networks out there that we are always working to improve. Come over to say hi or to just check us out.
Role-Playing | Anime
Like Madoka Magica and giantesses? Well I got a server for you. You can be a normal person, a tiny or even a goddess there. There are both magical girls and magical boys. Plus you can put yourself on sale to buy or even buy your own channel room.
Gaming | Hobbies
It's a server in the beginning stages where the ideal goal is to have multiple DM's and games going on at once and if you just wanna weeb out you can do so in normal rp If that sounds good to anyone feel free to join
Community | Social
So... They asked me to make a description so here I go: Hello, Hello and HELLO- You know what? Fu** that. The title says it best; We are Home Alone, a cozy little community of individuals who do not necessarily fit well within society. We may cause mayhem or even burn one or two of your brain cells- but HEY, we are still pretty "nice". Yeaa.. Say that to my agent. In any case, if you wanna have fun and get into deep conversations without any real interest to them, you are free to join us. Ps: "..I warned you.
Gaming | Role-Playing
The official server for Lone Star Game Expo, a Tabletop Gaming / Roleplaying Game convention in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area of Texas. Join us in Grapevine this August!
Role-Playing | Social
Small server looking to get new members! 18+ RP server that focuses on story and quality. Also a general place to hang out, play video games, or just chat.
Role-Playing | Beliefs
for christian roleplaying
Anime | Social
˚ ༘➷ Bris Café & Lounge is a Korean & Japanese based server, but we allow anyone and everyone, as long as you stick to the rules. We hope you enjoy your stay˚ ༘➷
Role-Playing | Gaming
The Ruined Book of tales is an active Role Playing Community! While we mainly focus in Elder Scrolls Online, we do branch out to other games as well. Games such as BDO, Fallout, Division, Halo and many more. We're fun, helpful to new and old players, a bit laid back, patient, understanding, and creative. You don't have to have rp experience to join, however we do ask that you put an effort into learning how to rp correctly. We are always willing to help new role players with any questions they may have as well as making sure they are comfortable joining in the rps. Our guild isn't just all role playing tho, that's just our main focus. We still run dungeons and missions normally. On some occasions we could rp them out. If you are new to ESO in general we're pretty good about helping you out there too.
Role-Playing | Community
Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program created to study soldiers with AI implants. It is a very laid back roleplay server. We are not entirely story oriented, but instead focused on character development
Anime | Role-Playing
Do you want a friendly community with trustworthy staff members and supportive followers? Come on down and join us!
Gaming | Role-Playing New Garry's mod server/community with an Imperial Occupation server in the works. ----------------- Features ----------------- -Static leveling system used for roleplay and HnS providing roll bonuses and higher force pools (Much like WiltOS but with proper RP roll modifiers) -Imperials/Civilians will be the two large factions that will branch off into many sub factions -Applications for custom civilian jobs/factions such as a black market dealer or a surviving Mandalorian enclave -Extensive RP dueling system -Loads of weapon options with a component system to improve damage/accuracy -A ton of force sensitive content such as abilities and a force pool system
Gaming | Social
Like Pokemon? Like Pokemon Sword and Shield? Like shiny hunting? Max raid battles? Battling? Trading? Giveaways? Making new friends? Chatting with friends? Join this server! It's active with lots of people hosting raids constantly! And everyone is so friendly!
Community | Entertainment
Set sometime after 2380, the USS Mayhew lingers in the shadows of a star system light years from home. Aboard the USS Weller, Lieutenant Tom Rake is given a shove up and a chance to prove himself by his captain. Captain Sedaris has tasked Rake with relieving the repair crew aboard the USS Mayhew by
Role-Playing | Writing
▬▬▬*₊ ☆ ✮ guiding keys ✮ ☆ *₊ ▬▬▬ A Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy Roleplay Server. Two years have passed since the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. While the remaining Keyblade Wielders and Masters work to maintain the new, carefully maintained order, sudden divisions in the natural order begin to manifest. Worlds are beginning to disappear again, and strange portals are taking people from their home worlds and spitting them out in odd places—including people that should be dead. Faced with a new threat to what should have been a lasting peace, our heroes and several new, unknown faces now have a challenge on their hands unlike what they’ve faced before. *₊ 18+ Server, Primarily SFW. *₊ A friendly environment with a focus on letting people explore literate paragraph roleplay, but have fun with messaging and script interactions for faster scenes as well. *₊ All Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts characters welcomed. No OCs.
Meme | Role-Playing
Interesting RP server with quite some freedom with what kind of characters you can make.
Furry | Role-Playing
New Furry and non-furry friendly Social
Anime | Role-Playing
Hello! Just another server for weebs and otakus
Role-Playing | Social
Werewolves is a friendly RP and hangout server that hosts a game of secrets and lies!
Community | Role-Playing
Using the basic lore from Anita Blake, New Orleans explodes into a frenzy of the supernatural. Six playable races, including vampire, witch and werewolf. We host events, dice and non dice. Gather for community and role play.
Role-Playing | Gaming
This is Arizona's Tabletop gaming LFG server. The Arizona Role Player's Discord channel connects people throughout the state for tabletop RPG games like D&D, FATE, WoD, and others plus boardgames and LARP. Meet online, play in person or in our video chat. Connect with local board game and TTRPG game stores, find information about upcoming gaming events and connect with a community of Arizona gaming enthusiasts.
Role-Playing | Anime
This is a server that is only for *good* roleplayers. You are required to be able to write a minimum of 4+ PC lines each post before you are allowed into this server. That's not it though... you also have to be able to write it constantly, you will not be able to roleplay in the channels if you continue to post below 4 pc lines. I want this to be a fun server though, I have Waifubot and Pokecord for the fun people and I'm looking to create a friendly server!
Gaming | Streaming
One Clan to rule them all, one Clan to find them, one clan to bring them all - in their gaming bind them! [V3X] Gaming Inc. --
Anime | Role-Playing
♡ A nontoxic, fun, welcoming anime server! ♡
Gaming | Social
Awesome Roblox Gaming Community (FREE ROBUX!)
Role-Playing | Community
This unique server is half-roleplay and half-community based. You join as a filthy rat in the nest. Eventually, you might be lucky enough to be upgraded to third class where you can work to earn money towards your next ticket upgrade. The end goal is to reach First Class.