Gaming | Role-Playing
The official server for Lone Star Game Expo, a Tabletop Gaming / Roleplaying Game convention in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area of Texas. Join us in Grapevine this August!
Gaming | Technology
Space-focused gameplay, chill shenanigans, occasional memeage, tech talk, cooking and recipes, and so much more.
Gaming | Role-Playing
This server breaks into five different warhammer 40k games. Rogue trader, dark heresy, deathwatch, only war, and black crusade.
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Come hang out and discuss all things DND! This includes build optimization, homebrew, the Treantmonk variant, and discussion about Treantmonk's Temple youtube channel!
Gaming | Community
3rd New Jersey Regiment The 3rd New Jersey is a milsim unit recruiting members in the NA and EU time zones! Public servers can be hell for teamwork. Even if you enjoy the chaos, sometimes you want a solid group to line up and pour the lead out! We take pride in training hard so we can deploy as a well-oiled machine during events. We follow period-accurate rank structures and drill manuals. Whether we're skirmishing or holding the line - the 3rd NJ makes its presence known on the field. That said we know when to relax. You can find us playing everything from the Total War series to Phasmophobia. And yes, nerding out over Civil War history. If you want a more organized War of Rights experience with a group that knows how to have fun, stop by the Discord. Veteran Officers and NCOs playing since 2017 Casey's Manual NA and EU Drill and Event Times Private Drill Server No Drama
Role-Playing | Hobbies
A great resource for Game Masters and Dungeon Masters to get fresh ideas and help with their table top role playing games, like D&D and Pathfinder. Based off the YouTube and Twitch channels of the same name. Come join the fun!
Role-Playing | Anime
Like Madoka Magica and giantesses? Well I got a server for you. You can be a normal person, a tiny or even a goddess there. There are both magical girls and magical boys. Plus you can put yourself on sale to buy or even buy your own channel room.
Gaming | Hobbies
It's a server in the beginning stages where the ideal goal is to have multiple DM's and games going on at once and if you just wanna weeb out you can do so in normal rp If that sounds good to anyone feel free to join
Role-Playing | Social
Small server looking to get new members! 18+ RP server that focuses on story and quality. Also a general place to hang out, play video games, or just chat.
Role-Playing | Beliefs
for christian roleplaying
Role-Playing | Community
Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program created to study soldiers with AI implants. It is a very laid back roleplay server. We are not entirely story oriented, but instead focused on character development
Gaming | Role-Playing New Garry's mod server/community with an Imperial Occupation server in the works. ----------------- Features ----------------- -Static leveling system used for roleplay and HnS providing roll bonuses and higher force pools (Much like WiltOS but with proper RP roll modifiers) -Imperials/Civilians will be the two large factions that will branch off into many sub factions -Applications for custom civilian jobs/factions such as a black market dealer or a surviving Mandalorian enclave -Extensive RP dueling system -Loads of weapon options with a component system to improve damage/accuracy -A ton of force sensitive content such as abilities and a force pool system
Furry | Role-Playing
New Furry and non-furry friendly Social
Role-Playing | Social
Werewolves is a friendly RP and hangout server that hosts a game of secrets and lies!
Gaming | Social
Awesome Roblox Gaming Community (FREE ROBUX!)
Role-Playing | Community
This unique server is half-roleplay and half-community based. You join as a filthy rat in the nest. Eventually, you might be lucky enough to be upgraded to third class where you can work to earn money towards your next ticket upgrade. The end goal is to reach First Class.
Gaming | Community
Hello, otome game players! If you’re interested in joining a friendly, inclusive community based on Mystic Messenger, then read on.
Community | Role-Playing
We're Mainly a roleplaying/discussion Server that not only allows TWEWY. But other series like danganronpa or your turn to die to name two specific ones.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Crossfire Survival, a text-based RPG known for being extremely difficult. Survive as long as you can while assembling a portal that has been shattered in order to escape!
Gaming | Growth
Hello, I'm The Boomer#2001 from BATFE(Bunch of Asshole That Fuck Everything) I just created an online gaming community, that is still in the works of expansion. So far, we only have about 20 people, who are made up of mostly long time friends I've been playing with. We all play a wide variety of games, from FPS, Point and Click, Role playing, MMORPGs, and whatever else people want to bring to the table! Since we are a brand new community, there will be changes- when it comes to roles, channels, etc! So, come on by and have a good time!
Role-Playing | Gaming
The bounty Hunter guild is based on the Star Wars franchise and in that, the bounty hunters. You can also play games with people and do other things. You can also do partnerships.
Anime | Community
Come and meet fellow weebs to hang out with. Recommend your favourite anime and manga to others and get recommendations from them. Join VC to play games with each other. It is a safe place to chill and meet new pwoplw from around the world
Anime | YouTuber
•───✨De qué trata Caysproverse? Es un servidor del Youtuber con mas de 270k de subscriptores llamado Cayspro con temática principal de Dragon Ball en el cual podrás hablar de animes, mangas, videojuegos y ciencia ficción en general con todo tipo de personas alrededor del mundo!✨───• ! Estás son las características que contiene el servidor ! ✅ Staff Activo • ☠️ Servidor 0% tóxico • 👌 Diversidad de canales en los cuales podras hablar de todo tipo de temas, postear memes, enviar imagenes, fan arts y mucho más! • ⭐ Sistema de rangos basado en las razas y transformaciones míticas de Dragon Ball!! • 🤖 Todo tipo de comandos entretenidos incluido un sistema de niveles por mensajes! • 💲 Todo tipo de minijuegos disponibles! • Te gusta Dragon Ball? El anime y manga? La ciencia ficción en general? Entonces Caysproverse es tu servidor ideal! ⭐¡¡¡Punto Para El Marcianito!!!⭐
Role-Playing | Hobbies
Beltrope Is a general TTRPG server. Our main focus is on Warhammer, And D&D but all TTRPG discussions are welcome.
Meme | Role-Playing
My man Goochie out here lookin' real suspect... Try to give him as much shit as you can as long as it's nothing foul or invasive of his privacy he's fun to mess with. Just be careful what you wish for.
Sandbox Avatar World Role-playing server. Post-Korra
Gaming | Streaming
One Clan to rule them all, one Clan to find them, one clan to bring them all - in their gaming bind them! [V3X] Gaming Inc. --
Social | Role-Playing
Fun and Friendly, Primarily Socializing but also role play for those who choose
YouTuber | Meme
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel. We discuss all sorts of things here.
Entertainment | Role-Playing
~Welcome to the five kingdoms, we roleplay and post art here. Feel free to come and chat and make friends. Enjoy your stay~