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A roleplay server where many different kingdoms exist. Evil, Good, and Neutral kingdoms, which one will you be in? or will you be a lone traveler? 💠 Any species of characters are allowed 💠 Craft your own stories! your own kingdom
Role-Playing | Writing
This server is set to be like the four original cat clans, Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, and Shadowclan, but with a twist... All four clans are humanized! Join the four clans: The Clan of Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow. These clans are like the normal cat clans, but as I said, they are humanized! If you want something new and exciting, then we might the thing for you. We try to make sure this server is as good as it can possinle. The owners make sure that everyone is having a good time, the staff are handpicked, and there are many places to roleplay! We have a few rules that you may want to read before you join. ・This is a roleplay server that requires you to roleplay with 2 or more sentences, with good grammar! ・We are very, very serious about making sure our rules are followed. This server is ran by myself and a good friend. It was created recently, so we probably have some kinks to work out, but there are still staff and high ranks open as of now!
Anime | Role-Playing
Welcome to Selection Academy! This AU centers around the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba... if they all were in university. Students no longer fight demons, as they don't exist in this AU. All the demon characters within KNY are playable within this AU.
Role-Playing | Community
Hello! We're a fairly small and new rp server that is constantly looking for new members!
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Welcome to the Overwatch Roleplay server! This is a roleplay server made by Nixevescia for Overwatch fans to become their favorite heroes, or even make new ones, and live in the Overwatch world and era. Join your fellow heroes in missions when game events take place, live in the base for the organization you're affiliated with, even go to every single map from the game and adventure off with other heroes! Will you save the world today, or will you change it in many different ways?
A literate roleplay server where the characters go to a boarding school for magic.
Role-Playing | Community
Wanna learn more about our lore? Join out roleplay server!