The DisCat Server 🌺is a small SFW active server to hangout and have fun in. Server has many Nekos and catgirls!!! We also love meeting new wholesome peeps! We have many cool channels to talk in, and artists or people with ocs are more than welcome to join!! Thanks and have a good time meow uvu
18+ Server Multi paragraph role playing server Welcome to Bleeders VS Assassins. Will you accept your fate as the hunter or the hunted? How would you handle the power that you possess? In the end would you save others or only save yourself? Welcome to a world that challenges your views on the world as you know it. Please come in, only death awaits you.
A warriors roleplay server in the forest territory with the 4 main clans. Open ranks!
“Death, something we all know and wait for in this life… 2012 was the year the world was prophesied to end. Death was welcomed in the hellish societies we lived in, but something happened…something that made Death suddenly very unwelcomed… The Fog…it began to roll in towards the end of June originating from Olympia, Washington, and we weren't prepared for it. We didn't think too much of it, at least not yet. We were all like sheep, only listening to the media and how they were telling us to stay inside, to not move anywhere. We were so wrong to listen to them. Friends and family alike began turning into what we call Ghosts, people who were taken by The Fog, which had turned them into its own personal cult members. What path will you take..? How will you survive the the fog..? Join and create your story today.” [We Have] ☆Friendly Staff ☆Amazing Story ☆Options For Everyone ☆Wonky Emotes ☆Awesome Events And Never Let the Fog Take You Permanently...
**__ Welcome to MHA: New Frontier__** It has been thirteen years since All Might passed his torch down to Izuku Midoriya, who now reigns as the number one hero and Symbol of Peace today. Villain activity has significantly decreased with his presence, however, in recent years it has been slowly growing. Large organizations are forming their ranks in the shadows, growing more and more restless with the passing of each day. To counter this, U.A. has come up with new and innovative ways to teach and train the heroes and developers of tomorrow, expand their quirks and minds, and secure a future that will provide safety and protection for all. This is a new frontier, and it is yours to discover.
🍉Watermelon Island is a fun Steven Universe roleplaying server! we have over 90+ channels for roleplaying! and we are a safe Lgbtq+ friendly & non-toxic community who loves SU! 🍉🍉
Welcome to our my hero academia RP server! In this AU of the legendary My hero story, UA is now in ireland! Make the OC of your dreams and become a hero, Villain, student or anti hero!
In short, this server follows a divergent of the Transformers Plotline- the goal is to enjoy the story as it folds. tel us about your favorite characters of the Transformers franchise and share your connections to it.
The Closed Species (R)Evolution server is made for people who are against the extremely unfair and restrictive rules as well as the high paywall in some closed species communities as well as their inaccessibility. Our server hosts a peaceful movement where we make it okay to draw "Fan OC's" in the art community for those who cannot pay to join the respective closed species community or simply don't want to join because they're against the rules but still would like to have a character of the species! In the server, we do not hate closed species, and we aren't moving along with our movement to spite them or spit in their faces. We are here to say that things in the art community have gone downhill and there needs to be a change, and by joining the server, you will become a light in the art community that joins with us to push everything to change for the better!
A roleplay server, we need more people for it. You can use any OC that follows the rules.
A super new Marvel RP Server for people of the age 18+ and above. We’re not Smut orientated, we just like mature people to rp with. We’re OC friendly. Have your muse fall into a deserted timeline, stuck there until they find their way out, making unusual friends and unexpected enemies. Whatever happens to them is up to you. More details in the Server.
An isekai server where your character isn't strictly from Earth, but from a world of your choosing! Make your own OC, because we're interested in what you can do!
The year is 2019. Westside Academy is a high-quality school in LA, with strong academical, and athletic students. At school students can train with their teammates in multiple sports, or go to classes. Outside of school, there is an amazing town to cruise around with their friends. - = - = Westside is looking for some amazing students! You may create your own character! There are many places to roleplay, with a school that has many clubs and sports, and a town with many places to visit. You may also get your own house! - = - = Staff applications are open! Moderator and Admin spots open!
* ° ☆ welcome to toy's bnha rp parlor! ☆ ° * • a server to fulfill your mha/bnha rp needs! we lots of bots, a friendly staff, and lots more!
1...2...3. You hear the lights start up. Your eyes adjust and wake up in your room...or is it? Starting to panick, you look around and see the door knob locked...but then a click is heard. You rush to open the door and put you go into the lobby with a bunch of others. You feel the warmth of the room, and start to calm down. What’ll happen next? •~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Welcome to Danganronpa: Art of Despair! This is a roleplay sever about Danganronpa where 16~18 students from Hope’s Peak with talents related to artistry have been comatosed and have been put in a giant mansion where each floor has a separate theme. We will be looking for 18 others (at best) and will be looking forward for you to join! Adios...for now. Note: APPS ARE OPEN
Sunrise Academy on DeviantArt (Official server) ► European DRAWING Idol RP group (You need to be at least 15yo) Linked with our dA group: ► SRA focuses on character development and stories through ocs: mainly by drawing, but also by writing. We're not based on any kind of license. ► Game like: You draw/write about your character to get xp and climb the rankings of idolhood! ► Available characters: High schoolers (idols and non-idols), Adults (idols, staff) and npcs! ► Any art level is welcome so long it's your own (Tradi and digi is ok) Bases and tracing aren't allowed. ► We're not judging by art level! We're aiming to have fun while helping each other to improve our art skills! ► If you're interested, join our server anytime to ask us questions! (We're always willing to help!) You can also contact us on dA by sending a note to the group! Thanks for reading, and see you soon maybe!
Welcome to the Br0ken F1rew4ll, a rp that is set 5 years after Watch Dogs 2, where CTos 4.0 is out of its beta phase and Dedsec is no more, will yoi be a hacker or someone that wants hackers gone for good, see you on the other side [Dels1n.exe has shut off]
🎓 ***__You're invited to Frederick's School for Future Heroes! We hope you attend!__*** 🎓 **Our server offers a great system of powers that aim to please. Get one main power and three side powers to make your character stand out from the crowd. This roleplay takes place in a world where humans posess great powers that are used to fight the greatest of evils!** 😈 We offer you: -We offer great advice and moderation from a wonderful staff team! 🛡️ -We have plenty of bots including tatsumaki, mee6, and more to fill all your bot needs! 🤖 -Polls so that the community can have say in events and server changes. 📈 -Many roleplay channels so there's always something to do. 📃 **Please, drop by and give us a try!** **We hope to see you soon!**
Welcome to Lawton's Academy of Heroics. This school is an American Hero school in the My Hero Academia verse. Founded by Mr. Lawrence Michel Lawton who was one of America's best heroes, Lawton's Academy opens its arms to students of all walks of life and any ability that which they were born with or earned. Quirkless or Quirked. Lawton's Academy is a school where you can be a hero of your design and where it is encouraged that no matter what others say, you can achieve what you believe. So, New Student. Shall you take the entrance exams? Mr. Lawton is waiting to welcome you through these very doors.
The Art and OCs server is a server for artists and owners of ocs who want to talk and share interests. This server is not just for artists but fans of art and entertainment as well. Whether you want to chat about your favorite animated TV show/ Movie or a new OC you just got, this server is for you! It's also a safe environment for people of all different backgrounds. We don't discriminate. SO, come join and have fun!
Fantasy Medieval Roleplay. Silent Kindgom is here for those who wish to roleplay with either fantasy characters or logical characters. We have 8 simple rules only a few follow into rp. Op Characters are okay just read the rule about it. We offer Oc templates if you are new or want to try it out. We are fairly new but we are active and will join in on rp when ever. We offer a level system, We do Roleplayer of the week and stuff. Come join on.
A server for adult roleplayers (over 18) to connect and find roleplay servers or partners for 1 on 1 roleplay. Server owners can also advertise their servers. We mostly cater to anime fandoms and OC's right now but we are open to all fandoms and expanding our reach!
A Universal RP which basicly allows anything for RP! your only limit is your imagination! Just a bunch of nerds tossed together in a Roleplay server! Share your memes and videogame moments! listen to one of our many radio stations! and of course, Roleplay as ANYTHING you want! All we want is a fun RP environment!
Misadventures is a RP in which you are free to be whoever you want to be! No lore, and no strict rules. just join and play! just keep it rated E10+/Childfriendly! We need new active people to get new life in this server! Please help us out!
Welcome to Aujō! A fantasy island made for casual roleplayers that don't want a lovecraftian or DnD heavy world to RP in. We have many races to choose from and many roles you can take up in the descriptive world of Aujō. Staff will always be there to help.
Just a biggish JoJo RP with a decent community.
In the future, or maybe the past, there was a war. A horrible war that was predicted to end all life. Bomb shelters and preservation projects went underway. Almost everything moved underground to prepare against the inevitable nuclear detonation from both sides. 70% of the world population was wiped out, but the world rebuilt itself below ground with one global government lead by representatives from each underground dome. Now, there is a Sanctuary for those who live in the shadows. Hackers, theives, and conartists alike. The only rule in the sanctuary is everyone is treated with the same respect as everyone else.