Gaming | Mature | Community
This is discord community for older gamers who are tired of children, toxicity, trolls, thugs, and other unsavory characters ruining their gaming experiences. 24+
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Gaming | Mature | Community
This is discord community for older gamers who are tired of children, toxicity, trolls, thugs, and other unsavory characters ruining their gaming experiences. 24+
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Art | Hobbies
A place to develop and share ocs and stories. All ocs are welcome. All types of artists who work on characters are welcome too, including writers! 16+
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Role-Playing | Community
🎓 ***__You're invited to Frederick's School for Future Heroes! We hope you attend!__*** 🎓 **Our server offers a great system of powers that aim to please. Get one main power and three side powers to make your character stand out from the crowd. This roleplay takes place in a world where humans posess great powers that are used to fight the greatest of evils!** 😈 We offer you: -We offer great advice and moderation from a wonderful staff team! 🛡️ -We have plenty of bots including tatsumaki, mee6, and more to fill all your bot needs! 🤖 -Polls so that the community can have say in events and server changes. 📈 -Many roleplay channels so there's always something to do. 📃 **Please, drop by and give us a try!** **We hope to see you soon!**
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Anime | Role-Playing
Dragon ball rp
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Hello! Do you have a spooky OCs? Do you like roleplaying with said OCs? This is the server for you! Demons and angels, ghosts and aliens, serial killers and paranormal investigators--you name it! We have all of those things and more! Please join us, or at least check it out--we're excited to meet you! The setting is very easy-going. It is designed to make it SUPER easy for your characters to fit in and for you to have a good time. +LGBTQ+ friendly +Homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, etc. will NOT be tolerated and will result in an instant ban. +We offer a ton of roleplaying formats and opportunities! +We are open to whatever questions you may have!
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Role-Playing | Writing
MRO is an original character, original plot X-Men writing role-playing forum game. We've been open and active since October of 2005. You can write on our forum as a mutant, human, or Adapted— one of the rare humans who nullify mutant powers by their very existence. Goodies, baddies, and neutrals are all welcome. Setting: Since the existence of mutants was first revealed in the nineties, the world has become a changed place. Whether they're genetic misfits or the next stage in humanity's evolution, there's no denying their growing numbers, especially in hubs like New York City. The NYPD has a division devoted to mutant related crimes. Super-powered vigilantes help to maintain the peace. Those who style themselves as Homo Superior work to tear society apart for rebuilding in their own image.
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Role-Playing | Gaming
The bounty Hunter guild is based on the Star Wars franchise and in that, the bounty hunters. You can also play games with people and do other things. You can also do partnerships.
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Anime | Social
Shinobi Gathering is a discord server dedicated to sharing Naruto OCs and fan content. There are weekly prompts to encourage creativity, multiple channels for sharing your content, and even roleplaying channels.
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Role-Playing | Writing
A town riddled with rumors of cryptic activity learns to embrace the whispers about it. Falmyth is currently facing a time of finical trouble. With the aid of a select group of townies and dedication, the town was able to create a fun festival for those of all ages. The only requirement is to have an interest in the festival. No need for extra bodies snooping about! -- Please keep in mind that this RP is going to be taking place in the late 1980’s- early 1990’s! Please consider this when filling out your application. — A cast list will be posted on @ falmyth.festival on IG Applications close August 5th, 2021 Cast size will be 10-12 people -- If you have any questions about applications please contact any of the people below Milk#6291 sunny#9947 RedRingleader#5689