Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat. Discussions both serious and light hearted about politics, culture, books, gaming, computing, sports, and much more. Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join. People from other countries welcome too. This is generally a safe for work server, griefers and creepers are not tolerated.
Gaming/Anime/Manga with a bit of Neko touch group named Neko Land are recruiting active Anime people to their ranks! If you are active, love to talk, game or simply discuss anime, then do join, you will be welcomed. And Little info about our group We have our ranks, leveling ones and honorable ones. Weekly events. Self-assigned roles. Monthly giveaways, weekly if the prize isn't too expensive. Well searched group emotes. Roleplay segments Ofc Anime channels. Possibility to win custom server tags. You can remove your mention role, if you dont need it. NSFW content, thats only self assigned! A Selfie corner. Staff members that are trying to improve the server. Always open for suggestions. Simply a chill place to hang out in. And other community like stuff! Searching for ways to spice things up. So give it a thought and join up everyone ! Maybe this will be the place where you feel comfortable enough to call The home for cats ^_^
The cutest café in town! Come meet wonderful people who love animals, anime and more. Best cat puns, games, events and our very own Minecraft server. Come drop in and say hi.
We love Garfield, Garfield Kart and memes. The rules are incredibly lax and no matter how ironically you participate, we're just glad that you're here. In fact, most people in the server dont' actually care about Garfield whatsoever, but slowly start caring about it because of our server!
✨Welcome to Catto Gang!✨ A purrfect server for making friends, socializing, CATS, and others! We are a striving catto-fan community looking to be the best server there is! Here we offer a lotta things for you like... 😺 A butt ton of bots that you can play with like Cards Against Humanity and UNO! 😺 An awesome, cool group of people who loves cattos and would absolutely love talking with you! No problerino! 😺 A lot of dem cute, cat emojis for your special someone or to mess your friends with 😺 Colorful, custom roles for the good bois and grills! 😺 The best owner! No exceptions here. 😺 We also allow partnerships! So please hit up the owner when you first join the server! 😺 I forgot the most important thing, but CATS are awesome. And we have a lot em'! We hope that you can join the gang and have fun!
=====Vortex Empire™️===== Welcome to Vortex Empire™️, A community server with all the fun you can find! We Offer: Strong And Strict Rules, Our rules are fair and tidy, They're strict But not much, We'd rather give our Member's their privacy and freedom. Friendly, Non-toxic Community, Our members are friendly! This is a community based server were everyone is friendly and helpful, You can make new friends and more!
Fun server anyone can join including but not limited to little girls.
We’re an emote server for all kitten and cat-lovers!!!
Semi-Realistic Role-Play Server based on the world in the children's book series, Warriors by Erin Hunter Rated pg 13 We are a Highly Educational LGBT+ friendly server
We are a right now small, friendly server, I want people to come here and enjoy it, I understand that we are small and a bit inactive right now but I am really trying my best to get this up to something big, we have very little rules and support everyone!
anime, social, chill, new, looking for staff, looking for partnerships
Welcome to Wastelands, a place where the clans of fire and ice reside. We are searching for new members that would like to create their own stories and characters, in a space where they can collaborate with other role players! Join the dare-devilish fires of 🔥 BlazeClan, or join the ice cold slopes of 🧊 FrostClan! We're a friendly open Warrior-Cats based role play server of passionate writers that await your arrival. Currently, we have high ranks open for those who join and ask first! We will also keep an eye out for trustworthy members that we can rely on to be staff members in the future. 》 Open ranks. 》 Self-assignable roles. 》 Planned future server-wide plots. 》 No character limits. . . . and more! Join us at Wastelands today to begin your journey.
General pet discord for all types of pet owners.
just a chill server made for mostly middle schoolers (or like 12-16)--i made this on a whim so yeah. if you have innocence left over, don't worry, this is a sfw server. also this will be a pretty social server where i'd like to make some new friends smh if i get any pedos joining my server imma delete discord
Falling Leaves is a growing RP community where it is possible for clan cats to receive small powers. Join us and roleplay in the fifth hidden clan to where these cats hide still to this day, until the right day when Starclan allows a new prophecy.
Welkom op de website van de Dutch Furballs (Team #15243); de tofste, hipste, coolste en blablabla C.A.T.S.-gang van Nederland en Vlaanderen. We zijn een gang samengesteld uit enkele van de sterkste laag-tot-gematigde bestedende spelers in het wereldje van C.A.T.S.; een gang die sinds januari 2018 overleeft zonder te bestaan uit louter “Wallet Warriors”. Dutch Furballs wordt gerund op de lange termijn; we zoeken geen huursoldaten maar gezinsleden. Spelers die gepassioneerd zijn over het spel, toegewijd zijn aan hoge prestaties en plezier hebben om mee te chatten. En oh ja, minstens net zo gek als wij… 🤡 Die visie heeft geleid tot een aantal indrukwekkende prestaties, zoals enkele noteringen binnen de wereldwijde top 100. Daar zijn we als gang best trots op, zeker als gang gevormd door twee kleine kikkerlandjes aan de Noordzee!
Meme | Bot
Communauté française axée sur le thème du gaming, mais qui aime également parler d'anime. Rejoins-nous!
Official community server for the ZeptoLab game, C.A.T.S.
Welcome to our friendly, Cat loving Server 🐱, We host fun events such as polls and have loads of bots and staff 📃. We even have self roles, No N.S.F.W and human Verification for bots 🤖. Hope you join!
A Warrior Cats Roleplay server! Based in the forest territories, join one of the five warrior clans, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, Windclan or Skyclan. Make friends, Roleplay! We currently have a very small community but we'd love to have new members soon!
A server for helping people make new friends <3 With regular game nights, movie nights, giveaways and channels for memes, music, selfies and overall anything you want to talk to about! Everyone is welcome here, so we hope to see you join our amazing friendship group soon!
A small friendly chill server for making new friends and socialising. We have minimal basic rules and are not strict, everyone is welcome here. We look forward to meeting you soon.
A free, warriors-fanbased roleplay and art server!
Cat Pictures is a small community-based server for people who love cats! There are also channels for other animals, and general off-topic discussion. The server is a lovely place for anyone who wants to share pictures, talk about cats, look at cats, or just talk!
Palms and Qualms is a story-based Warriors roleplay server! Join now to: - Create a cat in one of four clans, and outside of the clans if you so desire. - Form new friendships both in and out of character. - Participate in plots of all sizes. ...And so much more! Feel free to ask questions!
Hello! This is a small server for anything that isn’t NSFW. I made roles, and i have robots, and right now im working on more stuff. It took a while to set up, so i hope you join! My goal is to turn this into a big server.
GERMAN. We are new and hoping that new people can come (: We are a German Server but we are working on making it English.I hope you join :) We have 2 Owner - Selina and Nick Have fun!
This is a new active warrior cats roleplay. It is located in a place where humans never set foot on. Two clan live in this place Bryonyclan and Asterclan. but all places have its problems and secrets. One clan is brutal and the other is newly founded. Which clan will you choose? there are still a couple high ranks available. Learn more by joining.
> Species: Feral cat > Role-play age: 1 year (August 9th, 2018) > Genre: Fantasy and magic > Open-world setting where your character can go where ever they want to. > Shops, currency, classes, bloodlines, and much more to enjoy!
Like cats? Well, welcome to our small but friendly community! What we have to offer: -Cat emotes -Many different channels -You can submit emotes -Partnerships
warrior cats fan-made roleplaying server :-)
Welcome to Tech Central! We are a technology and coding focused growing community. We have plenty of bots including: Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Dank Memer, Rythm, Discord Miner, MEE6, Unbelievaboat, and very much willing to add more! We also have public voice rooms and private ones(2 slot), a music room (Both Dyno or Rythm can be used), and much more.
fun server for gamers, weebs, memers an everyone
Discord Pets is a server for all the petowners.