General pet discord for all types of pet owners.
Talk with fellow canines and become a dog of war.
This is a furry server dedicated to canines (that also includes foxes too). However, we accept all species of furries. We're also pretty chill and have channel categories based on different levels of comfortable topics, including NSFW for any of the dirty ones out there.
【Awwmoe】new server starting. Hang out and chill with us! Mature 18+ community, focused on general Anime, Games, and community. Enjoy our unique features: 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆  ☆ Level up system ☆ Anime ☆ Games ☆ selection of user colors ☆ Fun naming system ☆ Music bot and channel ☆ Kink friendly ☆ Safe space ☆ Memes ☆ Aesthetics 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 
A small friendly chill server for making new friends and socialising. We have minimal basic rules and are not strict, everyone is welcome here. We look forward to meeting you soon.
A fun wholesome server with a great community for sharing pictures of animals, mainly focused around dogs.
Discord Pets is a server for all the petowners.
A place where people chill, meditate, and be one with themselves. Also, we mess around a lot.
A small, cozy and comfy server with zero drama or whatsoever! Conversation flows naturally and maturely with a sense of self-moderation~! We have level rewards, giveaways, events, interest roles, etc. Everything here is organized so expect a laid-back atmosphere~! We'd like to keep a positive vibes in here so get your cup of tea and be comfy~!
Do you love dogs (especially corgis), cute animals, lofi hip hop music, and memes? Then The Best Server Ever is the right place for you! We are a new server and welcome anyone who loves to chill, talk, and make new friends!
Server for all types of artists, including photographers, musicians, designers and writers! We're friendly and are generally quite active. We have cats. And dogs. Here you can find anime, animals, chatting, or you can find games with each other if you're not simply here for the art. Feel free to drop by. ^^
AnimalArmy This is a great growing community for animal owners and animal lovers! You can share your animals and get a good response, to make your day. You can talk with peoples over the world. The owner (Viktigboy) wish you a good pleasure in this server.
Over here at the Dogs discord server, we are a group of people who are looking to bond over our love for our canine companions. We have a few people here who are professional dog trainers in real life, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions! Even if the only thing you want to do is share pictures of your beloved animal companions, we would love to see them! We also do have a lot of people who play games here over in the server, so there will be lots of talk about games as well, please check out #gaming
An 18+ dog-themed general community server for people to chill and have fun. LGBT and bad pun friendly.
We take this server seriously soo any trolling, harassment or any kind of bullying of somesort will be an instant ban.
Hey you! You play League of Legends? You play on the EUW Server? Then dear Summoner: We present you our brand new Discord Server all around the EUW Server. Join a wholesome community with many lovely and kind gamers, many creative heads and most important cat lovers (Dogs are fire aswell tho)! We are waiting for you!
we love cats n we r all kinda stupid lol
Active server with over 2,000 members! A server originating from a Youtube channel, we are welcoming new members to join and be part of our community. No need to be a fan of the group, just join the server and we can hang out! Be kind and follow the rules and it’ll be okay.