Social | Meme
This is a server for retards by retards. Anything stupid is funny here. Join in on the chaos, it's fun mate.
Meme | YouTuber
Join to be a quac duk
Entertainment | Social
its a server about doggo's we hope you like it, we put work into it!
Social | Meme
It's a place where silly kiddos can hang and share memes, discuss things, and yeah. Make friends.
Anime | Gaming
Winter Hangout is a place for everyone to hang out and have fun. - Free Nitro - Great staff! - Good bots! - Peaches -Cheems - In the works, so we’re hiring!
Crypto | Technology
₿ Claim free Bitcoins every 12 hours! 🎁 BITCOIN GIVEAWAYS! 💸 Earn up to 1000 satoshi per hour! ₿ LIST OF MONEY MAKING CRYPTO SITES! 📫 INVITE PEOPLE TO EARN BITCOINS! This is a server where we will be airdropping and raining crypto currencies everyday! Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Doge, Bitcoin cash.. much more!
YouTuber | Streaming
Welcome to Tunaliar's Official Fan Server! Were he post about the videos he makes, chats with you awesome people, and does some awesome give away's. This discord community is still growing and wishing for more people to join everyday. If you don't join your missing out on some fun activities to do with a great youtuber/streamer. Also there is a chance you could become part of Tunaliar's awesome staff team which includes moderating during streams and helping keep everyone happy in discord. Hope to see you join my amazing discord server sometime in the future.
Community | Social
Hi, there! A few Nitro & ROBUX giveaways will be occurring, as well as many smaller giveaways. I, and the other owners, really hope you consider joining! We’d love to have you here.
Community | Gaming
The official Discord server for SpyDoge. *Staff only as of 4/24/2020*
Gaming | Entertainment
JellyTV`s Streaming Discord
Beliefs | Anime
The official Doge Podcast discord server! Join us if you love doge or if you have no life and want to join to meet fellow mindless drones!!!
Community | Meme
Community Server of TheBadMushroom aka Artur Quaresma Share ur artwork (music, drawing,etc) sponsor urself and sell thing like ebay. We have roles tier list, bots. If u want to help to increase server in any way Join and talk to Owner. U can be a staff member but need to gain confidence from Owner Help me and my friends supporting.
Community | Entertainment
A server where you can share memes and chat with people