Meme | Community
Community | Gaming
Hello, welcome to doge community club! this is one of the first doge only servers on discord. —————————————————— Here we have, fun games active and kind people lots of events and giveaways rewards and more! all you need is a shiba inu somewhere on ur pfp and your welcome! Have fun.
Furry | Social
This is a furry server dedicated to canines (that also includes foxes too). However, we accept all species of furries. We're also pretty chill and have channel categories based on different levels of comfortable topics, including NSFW for any of the dirty ones out there.
Entertainment | Meme
This server is a fun way to loosen up, chat with friends, and spam as much as you can. Here you will definitely be judged by what you say. Listen er kiddo, loosen up, meet me (Robo) and chat with people you've never seen or heard about in you existence. (Suggestions taken)
Streaming | Gaming
Official server of Mixers's goodest boy, Ca9ine. Join the Dog Pound and hang out in #the_yard #WOOF 🐺
Entertainment | Art
Server for doggos emotes!
Social | Meme
DoggoLandia, the place to find New Friends, Cute Dog Pics and The Secret Conke and Bepis Memes!
Community | Meme
Hewwo! Welcome to the Doggo Hotel and Café! Dis chat is for doggo lovers alike! Catto lovers r also allowed. Get a drink or a bagel and have ur tastebuds explode! Pwease no fighting or offensive things in this server qwq pls read the rules!!
Share your pet passion, doubts, events with the community.
Dogs from all over the globe travel through magical portals disguised as fire hydrants to a secret place where they are trained by an esteemed canine faculty to become man's best friend. And this the general area to talk about the show.
Role-Playing | Writing
These lands have been unclaimed for years. Only Rogues and Loners were ever found on these lands. But now one wolf has decided to step up and claim part of these lands for his pack. Now the lands are starting to grow in numbers. Does this bode well for the wolves?
Entertainment | Community
Welcome to YawningCentral! This Discord server is owned by YawningDog and was created so he could build a non-toxic community to share each other's interests and to have a great time overall. We also have events every once in a while for your entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? JUMP IN!
eSports | Gaming
This server is a community server for a new organisation! You can find people to play games like Fortnite, CSGO, R6S and other games! Make friends and watch some eSports games / scrims / tournaments live! You can have some fun and be free!
Community | Hobbies
Here we discuss all things aibo related. We just ask that our members be 18 + to join. This is an aibo server built around the adults that enjoy collecting these robots. There are many channels that include other robots such as Vector, and all other robots in addition to the focus of aibo. We hope to see you soon!
Community | Furry
This server is all about the wonderful Japanese dog breed called Shiba (and all its variants), or as we like to call them, Shibes.
Social | Community
Taz is just Taz. The same way this is just his Discord server.
Role-Playing | Furry
☠ D E M E N T I O ☠ - A twisted place to live out your bloodiest fantasies! Dementio is a unique fantasy, survival-horror world infested with rogue, demonic canines who's only goal is to consume... other dogs that is. Will you join the hunt or struggle to survive as their meek prey? The choice is yours. 🐺 All Canines to Play as including Grim, Foxes, Wolves, etc! 🌟 Fantasy Species such as Kitsune, Winged Wolves, Werewolves, etc! 👿 The Option to RP Gore and Torture to your Heart's Content! 🍰 Unnatural Colors, Accessories, and More Allowed! ❤️ Come and join us! If you dare...