Anime | Gaming
We thrive to grow stronger as a team and we shall all come together as a community with each other. Let us build this discord server together, will you join me to make this server as adventurous as possible?
Entertainment | Gaming
Coffee Can Rust try to keep it close to vanilla, we only use plugins that are highly neccessary! Instant craft, 3x gather rate, custom increased loot, raid block (stops TP and remove during raids), increased stacks, no limit teleportation, set homes with beds, remove tool, clans plugin, max 5 group limit, voting rewards and playtime rewards. + a few more Steady 15-20 player base, PVP is allowed but we encourage friendliness!
Art | Social
Ever sat around talking with your friends in your favourite discord server and suddenly a thought pops into your head… "god I'd love a coffee right now". Well, thanks to Coffee Delivery Bot that dream can now come true! With our revolutionary new coffee production and delivery system (Photoshop, Microsoft paint, paper or dirt) we can create anything -so long as it's coffee- and deliver it straight to you and your friends for the low low price of 0$ (delivery charges, worker expenses and interdimensional space travel fees not included). So what are you waiting for? Join the coffee shop now and order a nice cup to drink while you chat with our community members. *warning: do not drink the coffee, we do not take responsibility for: insomnia, nausea, sense of loss, social ineptitude, dismemberment or the spontaneous combustion of taste buds.
Entertainment | Community
★★Community of coffee heads.★★ Teaching and learning about coffee! Looking to recruit new and old Baristas, Roasters, and Enthusiasts! = ABOUT US = - we support and teach SPECIALTY COFFEE -- specialty coffee is NOT gas station, Starbucks, McDonalds coffee! - we do coffee give aways, i make a CUSTOM coffee for you to brew -- which is higher than grade 85's This server is unlike any other servers. k thnx. if u cant join
Gaming | Streaming
Coffee And Chill Welcome to a friendly server that has its own perks. We have many channels, and not so many strict rules that cause you to be rated pg. Although NSFW should be kept to a min. We are trying to build a community where we have gaming servers available for play, so others are able to chat and have fun. I am a Twitch streamer who welcomes more Twitch streamers into the community. We are strong growing server who welcomes all who join :D - Come here to chill and make new friends - Drink some coffee or whatever you wish and enjoy -Don't forget to talk and have fun in each voice chat -There are many improvements coming with each users help - DO NOT ASK FOR PROMOTIONS/MONEY! Enjoy your stay, and if you join try not to leave immediately, please!
Gaming | Social
Healthy and mature gaming community. We talk. We play games. We have fun. Honestly we have a great time, there is no racisme and no sexisme, we talk about games and our daily lives, we share stuff about each other. We have bots that send us video's and game patches automatically and we all respect each other. I hope to see you soon in discord Join us and have fun.
Community | Hobbies
Talking, Fun, Chatting, Music, Games, Jokes
Community | Meme
Hewwo! Welcome to the Doggo Hotel and Café! Dis chat is for doggo lovers alike! Catto lovers r also allowed. Get a drink or a bagel and have ur tastebuds explode! Pwease no fighting or offensive things in this server qwq pls read the rules!!
Writing | Music
We give everyone who likes to study a quiet and peaceful place.
Community | Hobbies
Cool community to hang out in and drink some coffee
Music | Social
A sweet, coffee-themed SFW kpop hangout to talk and spend some time together! Bots working here: -Dank Memer -Jinsoul Bot -Hyejoo Bot -Chuu Bot -Robyul -Dusty -Music bots to use in voice chat We also offer roles such as: -Pronoun roles -Notification roles -Color roles We also host events such as: -Guess the song -Guess the MV -Question of the day -Trivia -Online games such as among us
Community | Hobbies
Welcome to Café Villam. We are people who love food, cooking, coffee, and tea. So why don't you come and join us, take a seat, order something, and talk. we have a channel for -Drinks -Food -Sfw pictures -Animals -Sfw memes and more soon to come
Community | Education
This server is a place to talk about specialty coffee. We welcome all coffee-related topics from seed all the way to cup. We welcome everyone from beginners to seasoned coffee professionals who want to engage in conversation.
Anime | Role-Playing
A anime server aesthetic theme sfw & safe community friendly still growing we hope to see you here!
Community | LGBT
✯Starbucks Coffee TM✯ ------------------------------------------------- ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✰ Fun Game Nights/Events Every Week!! ☕️ ✰ Always Searching For New Partnerships!! ✰ Always Searching For Staff!! ✰ Safe Community For Everyone!! ✰ Creative Channels/VC´s!! ✰ Nice Roles!! ✰ Perfect Moderation!! -----------------------------------------------------
Social | Streaming
This is a new international social discord server in which all are welcome... ESPECIALLY NIGHT OWLS !!! !! This server is under construction ... BUT IT'S OPEN FOR YOU NOW! We need moderators as well! - Helpful staff - Small friendly community - Confessions room - Daily streams - Vanity roles (on demand as well) - Self-assigned roles - Level reward roles - Selfie room - Pets room - Pokemon room ... and much more! Seriously... our only goal is to have fun! Come join us!
LGBT | Community
Join Cafe X ☆ Chill & Laid Back Community ☆ Discussion Channels ☆ Creative Prompts ☆ Occasional Themed Weekends ☆ 18+.