Art | Anime
Tea Room is a lovely server for Tea enthusiasts and others If you want feel free to check us out we have, Dedicated chats for tea Tons of custom roles dedicated to show your personality in tea form! There are flavors, condiments, type and much more in the roles channel We have giveaways sometimes and im working on making our server its very own bot. There are loyalty roles, and admin ones to, all featuring tea of course. If you'd like to check us out it would be wonderful you can dm @Woop#8112 if you have a suggestions or more!
Music | Community
Welcome to our kpop friendly server where we chat and spill the tea uwu. Is a place you can share and chat about your favorite kpop songs and artists. Come join now and let's all enjoy the tea òwó
Community | Anime
Welcome to the Milk Tea Cafe! Please join us in our wonderful community where you get to interact with everyone. We offer a variety of tea beverages to choose, from haunting tea to milk tea. Now, what kind of tea would you like?
Community | Social
PositiviTEA Time was made to be a chill, stress-free place for all of us to enjoy during our stress filled lives!
Community | Mature
Social | Community
Ōkami's DM server
Entertainment | Social
Just a small server with friendly faces and memes, i'm not super strict when it comes to rules. but there is some rules you must follow.. not following such rules will result in a strike, 3 strikes gets you kicked, if you come back and cause more trouble you will be banned.
Community | Meme
A discord chill server revolved a relaxing atmosphere and a coffee/tea shop.
Anime | Gaming
"Tea party" is one of the friendliest servers that exist. Our community is based on and for anime lovers, however, a lot of different people find their place in the server. We have a good design, a big amount of channels of various kinds, active and friendly staff members, only well thought-out rules, a lot of bots, and nice emoji. Interested? We recommend you to join and check us out yourselves, you will not be disappointed!
Community | Anime
♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ Greetings! We you welcome to our garden of roses. Here you will find people from all around the world and perhaps befriend a few of them. There’s lots of bots and lots of rose tea. Everyone is welcome as long as they respect the prince. ♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡
Social | Gaming
laid back vibin, anime, gaming, server mini games, conscious philosophical talks, and nerding about tea :)
Community | Social
welcome; to shooketh we will provide you a semi-toxic community, but it can be controlled if it gets to far. the server is mostly about drama and includes daily news, dating and more!
Community | Gaming
Hey guys! Welcome to hell, i mean cough... new server! You kow the drill! If you find our or my dry humour and sarcasm worth to stay, invite friends!
Social | Anime
• Descrição ⬎ Comunidade brasileira recém criada, bem organizada e feita para amantes da cultura japonesa, jogos e outros. Torne-se um cliente deste maravilhoso café ❤.
Meme | Role-Playing
Interesting RP server with quite some freedom with what kind of characters you can make.
Community | Entertainment
Welcome there, you Hideaway Thieve! This is The Hideaway. A community of people over the age of 13, vibin' like no other. The Hideaway has a very aesthetic vibe and is open to anyone. We support the LGBTQ+ community, ROBLOX group, we have a bunch of activities/events, emojis, staff and many more!
Anime | Art
We are a new server based around anime type stuff. We are the kawaii-zone, you have to @staff to get a new member role.
LGBT | Beliefs
We're a feminist-run political debate / hangout server where you can sit back, relax, and sip some juicy discourse. All of our staff is feminist-run or supportive, and unlike a lot of other servers, we take an active step in moderating against bigots, trolls and fascists so that you can thrive in a toxicity-free environment without having to hide in a private channel. With a thorough vetting process for new members and an active staff base who's always willing to lay down the law, we hope to foster an environment where you can be yourself without having to worry about creeps creeping!