Welcome to We Need T! A server for trans male individuals looking for a community to share their struggles with, find resources, and build a community. We have options where: -You can build your own club and host weekly or biweekly meetings! -Host your own events! -Ask questions other big trans servers wont answer -Have real conversations about real topics that are affecting the transgender community -Self-Assignable roles! Must be around 13-20 years old to join this server as our founders are between those ages and want to keep this server a safe place for everyone!
A transgender support server. All are welcome for support and this does include Allies. Please feel free to check us out. The main focus is transgender support and positivity, so if that isn’t your main interest we might not be the server for you.
LGBTQ+ themed server for people 18+. Chill community. Come make friends and invite yours! ACTIVE VOICECHATS AND TEXT CHATS EVERYDAY! 2000+ members! Community Minecraft Server NSFW Channels
Transpeak is a Discord community where transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming individuals can come together, share their stories, and provide support for one another. We have lots of resources, support spaces, and interest-based channels available for our members to take advantage of.
A server for lgbt/nonbinary people and every person (even heterosexual) interested in this topic. Features: - roles assigment (sex, gender, pronoun, sexual and romantic orientation) - text channels - voice channels - fun and music bots - cool community We make this place better and better everyday. We'll keep doing it forever. We are always opened for suggestions. We meet your all requirements. And we love you all. <3
♡ Trans Binary - Come help us build a new community! ♡ ♡ Brand new server for Trans discussion ♡ ♡ Created primarily for binary Trans people ♡
Welcome to the Maple Lounge! The server for all Canadians aged 20-40 to make friends! We are laid-back, wholesome, very lgbt-friendly ( The owner and most of the admins are lesbians) and are quick integrate new members. Be sure to join!
This is a comfy 18+ server for MOGAI / Queer-spectrum individuals, hoping to especially provide community to those who aren't gender / socially conforming, with an emphasis on blanket inclusion and avoiding the clique-y politics many other spaces develop. Transmedicalists / truscum, aphobes, and other gatekeepers need not apply. We have a variety of discussion channels, including support channels for those in need, and hope to be an accommodating space free from the hierarchies and cliques of other servers (and much more laxly moderated.) With that in mind, we have very little tolerance for aggressive bigotry or toxicity, and expect everybody to approach the community in good faith. We also have an emphasis on welcoming alternative / non-institutional spirituality and lifestyles, and aim to be a non-judgmental space for those who are oft pushed to the sidelines.
Primarily Transgender & LGBT+ Gaming Server! We work hard to make a fun & loving community! Our goal is to make this your home. Your main discord server. We work hard to keep it a positive place where you can feel comfortable. We have a mentor/mentee system to help transgender individuals with their transition, or those gender questioning and so on!
We are a inclusive severer ( that welcomes all wlw/lesbians including trans/queer/non-binary! ) We have tons of SFW topics and NSFW topics, many support channels, a ton of fun stuff! Feel free to come ask us questions before you join.
We are a growing LGBT community server but allies are welcome. We offer... Gatekeeper and anti-raid to minimize the raids we get. Occasional events, and giveaways based on if we have the funding through donations. Custom notifications so you don’t have to get pinged for something you don’t want to. Plenty of self assignable roles and colors you can customize your profile with. Fun, music, and other useful bots you can use. Aesthetic and minimal channels. NSFW channels for our adult members. Private voice, and text channels you can use to invite the friends you make on the server. We offer much more and the server is being updated from time to time, so you’ll have to just join and check out the server for yourself.
Server dedicated to traps/transgenders based on relaxed administration. Let your autism be free!
Join and discuss and debate political issues. Freedom of speech is respected, so long as you hold sincere views.
This Discord server is intended for discussing topics regarding "transgender", and tranassexual, and also restoring relations between tranassexual and natal women. It is also a place where friends and fans of Tranime Girl come to chat.
⊕ 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖆 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖔𝖌𝖞𝖓𝖊 ⊕ Prisca Androgyne is a trans occult server dedicated to the philosophical expression of "unity of opposites" and the Left Hand Path. We are interested in the recovery of the yin-yang principle and primordial tradition, as well as the expressly unique role that the third gender has shared in the traditional world. We differ slightly from modern occult servers in maintaining a more hermetic and non-dualist approach, but all paths are welcome! First and foremost, we are a community of friends interested in the mystical, spiritual, esoteric, paranormal, and other related fields. https://discord.gg/ssf2deV
a vent or rant server similar to the old website. lgbtq and mental health friendly.
Welcome to QT Compilers, a home to everyone trans*
We are a tight-knit, trans-only community! Join us to make friends and be surrounded by supportive people :) We have a lot of different gender and sexuality channels and roles, as well as a bunch of fun channels and sometimes activities like movie nights.
I Made This server in hope to bring transgenders and LGBT Members together
Weird place for cool trans people.
Bonjour et bienvenue sur les LGBT+ Solidaires Dans ce serveur, nous accueillons tout le monde quelquesoit leur genres, leur Orientations sexuelles/romantiques ou même leur âges. Nous sommes là pour nous entraider et pour discuter. Le staff est disponible pour vous aider quoi qu'il arrive. Bienvenue chez nous, on t'attendait ^^
ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Josh A ~ Wavy ─────────────⚪────────────────────────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ ⠀ 1:14 / 3:08 ⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐ . Welcome to The Ice Box, we're a nice chill community that accepts everyone for who they are. What's this server for? We're here to bring people together and chill in a friendly non toxic environment. We're LGBTQA+ friendly! We have many channels for art, music, memes and more! Join us today!
the trans youth server is a safe place for everyone questioning their gender or identifying as trans. we are open to anyone ages 13 to 25. we're a pretty new server, but generally we're quite active. there's some movie nights on the calender, and VCs are not uncommon.
A casual hangout for LGBT folk to chat, and relax. No bot spam and no light speed chats, just a simple get away. We've just started out, and we're slowly working on putting together our own minecraft server! Come check us out!
Welcome to #LGBT! We're a small, weird, funny, safe community! We have: - Music bots - Self assignable roles - Friendly community - NSFW (Role required, meet discord ToS for the NSFW pass) - Lovely staff - a weird ass co founder
We are an LGBT inclusive group who loves to have fun and promote positivity.
Welcome to Actually Trans! We are a Trans-specific group specifically focused on alternative viewpoints not normally accepted in the typical dogmatic left-wing LGBT community servers. Hopefully you will stay with us and meet some wonderful new friends! We specialise in free speech for everybody, so it's probably best that you're not easily offended or upset, but we welcome all kinds of people.
This is a LGBT server based around the theme of cafe! Everyone is welcome
Welcome to Trans Kingdom a LGBTQ+ friendly server Come join us in a friendly space were you can be your self. we are a positive community so come join us and spread the joy...
We're a feminist-run political debate / hangout server where you can sit back, relax, and sip some juicy discourse. All of our staff is feminist-run or supportive, and unlike a lot of other servers, we take an active step in moderating against bigots, trolls and fascists so that you can thrive in a toxicity-free environment without having to hide in a private channel. With a thorough vetting process for new members and an active staff base who's always willing to lay down the law, we hope to foster an environment where you can be yourself without having to worry about creeps creeping!
The SFGA is a server for the LGBT+ youth living in the Bay Area in Northern California. Join us to make new friends, meet up, or just hang out online! You must be 13 to 22 years old and living in the Bay Area which consists of 9 counties: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco. Straight and cisgender allies are welcome to join, however, we prefer that you are in the LGBT+ community.
Server for discussion and support of transgender issues. We are friendly and welcoming to everyone. If you are transgender, questioning, or an ally you will fit right into our community. We pride ourselves in considering the welfare of our community our highest priority.
Welcome to Gay Garden, a group of friends that want to support the LGBTQ+ community by having a hub for any age members of it! Join and talk to people from all over the world that will support you when needed but can also have a laugh!
Catgirl Cafe is a small, active, and friendly server for transgender and other LGBTQ individuals of all ages. We provide a safe space for you to be yourself, make new friends, and find information, resources, and support in your journey.
Transmed Discord Server
A server primarily dedicated to transgender individuals, but is also for all other LGBT people and their allies to get together and talk about their experiences, family of LGBT people are encouraged to take part to seek advice on how to be supportive of their LGBT relatives.
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