Join Cafe X ☆ Chill & Laid Back Community ☆ Discussion Channels ☆ Creative Prompts ☆ Occasional Themed Weekends ☆ 16+.
Chill server. Comfiest community on Discord. We serve positive vibes! Wholesome memes, anime, movies, gaming, giveaways, emotes — we've got it all!
Friendly café server dedicated to customers looking for pleasant, meaningful conversations. Over 8,000 members | 100 Nitro café emotes.
Single's Café is orientated towards everyone. It is PG-13 (user discretion is advised) except in the 18+ Verified category, it's features anime sections, artwork sections, nude sections, and is a platform for chatting, dating, and gaming.
Hey welcome to Drago Café!!!~ Here are the some the enjoyable features we provide: - We have multiple bots you can play around with and enjoy - Multiple active chats you should find pleasing - Multiple self assignable roles - Multiple coffee themed levels and roles - Partnership roles and server (dm one of our admins or mods to set up and partnership) - Multiple events including movie night, karaoke, drawing contest, etc - Friendly mods and admins that can help you - Friendly members ... and so much more :) We hope you enjoy your stay get to know us
☕ Serving coffee and conversation 24/7 since 2016! We're a closely bonded community with exclusive features and a safe space to hang out. Join us today! Here at 95 Degrees, our main focus is to have a friendly yet fun community of users from around the world. We're a fun, casual, closely bonded and interactive community. We have a monthly podcast, a completely custom coded radio bot, a friendly moderation team and so much more. We play games, watch movies and have fun! So hit that Join Server button today and say hi!
We offer active general chat, our own character, currency, shop, gambling and roles! Join our friendly community, participate in our events, share your art and much more! (^ω^)
Welcome to Taiyo Tea, please enjoy your stay! ✧・゚:* Taiyo Tea is a Kpop Roblox cafe whose main purpose is to be a space where everyone can come hang out and enjoy themselves. Our community strives to be a safe space for Kpop enthusiasts and alike to have fun, enjoy themselves and chat with other Kpop lovers about current Kpop events or anything Kpop related, while also being a location they can join on Roblox to meet fellow Kpop lovers! What are you waiting for? Come join us at Taiyo Tea!
Come on down to Roblox Star Cafe! Please join! We are looking for Trainees and more!
**WHO WE ARE** -Virtual Café with Art, Social Events, and Promotion at its Core! -Offers Art discussion, feedback, and lessons -Co-own and founded by both, DreadisDead and JuST_MoNK _ **WHAT WE DO** -Support artists and give feedback and promote! -Host Events! -Promote creators content with both Self-promotion and Features! _ **EVENTS** -Art Contests! Community votes for the best 3 art pieces with a #theme** -Art Challenges Community challenges for both independent and group projects _ **RAFFLES** -VIP Raffles Active members can receive the chance to enter and win a Video games or Art Supplies (Including Software[IS]) as a reward each raffle! -Art Raffles Artists who enter in the contest receive the chance to win a custom role, discord #tab of their liking, or Art Supplies (IS)! -Festive Raffles A random raffle that all members are entered in get the chance to win a special prize stated!
Despite the name just a chill and quite wholesome place, You should consider joining!
This server is fun.... This server has been running since Discord came out. We do allot of stuff. Their are more that, 900m members,
Welcome to La Mamerfa! We're a small community with a Mexican restaurant theme (don't ask). We accept all types of people, whether it be smart people, funny people, dumb people, or even toxic people. Have fun and enjoy tu carne asada!
The Cherry Cafe is a place of relaxation, communication and entertainment. We have a lovely welcoming staff team and community that will make you feel at home. ❤️
Hallo to the people who is currently reading this right now!, Grab yourself some Hot coffee and read this~! 🍩☕ We can serve you with; • A cup of Kindness 🥛 • A slice of Cake for Venting peeps🍰 • Friendly Employees! The Customer is Always right!(?)  (okay maybe not always more like, "most of the time")😚 • We support LGBTQ+! 🏳️‍🌈 • We're pretty fresh and New! (Not really, Just new) 🥞 So please Join our Cafe if you'd like!
Welcome To The Anime Café! We're a small community supporting diversity and motivation, aiming to be one of the go-to places if someone is looking to chat, get some emotional support, or just mess around! We've always got a place to talk about your interest, or talk about someone else's and try to relate to them! Everyone is always welcome in our café, and they always will be!
Pretty cool i guess
NightStarz Cafe is now open! Come get a nice snack or have a nice shift. Relax, and attend trainings and interviews! You can now get trained to be Security, Cashier and Chef. And you can also get Interviewed to be a Trainee if you are a Valued Guest! Thank you, and I hope you have a nice day!
Looking for an exclusively Muslim and Islam community? Muslim Cafe is here for you. Either being a Muslim or wanting to convert, Muslim Cafe will give you a beautiful experience. Join today.
La Population est un serveur communautaire français basé sur le bavardage sur de diverses sujets et topics, avec une dose de liberté mais qui quand même reste restreinte. Plusieurs salons : médias, films et séries, musique, nsfw, sondages... et plusieurs events et animations aux concepts inédits vous y attendent. Un staff gentil, à l'écoute, très souple.
A server to chill on. We have roleplay here, bots and suggestions.
Slushie's Main Communications Server!
Welcome to Café Villam. We are people who love food, cooking, coffee, and tea. So why don't you come and join us, take a seat, order something, and talk. we have a channel for -Drinks -Food -Sfw pictures -Animals -Sfw memes and more soon to come
Enjoy a chill community. Be our guest, everybody is appreciated and very much welcome. For anime, gaming cafe chat.
Hello there wondering stranger. Are you feeling bored with all the servers you're in? Well guess what join Tate's Discord Server! It's got bot commands, a 13+ channel, and great moderation! We make new friends everyday too! We may be a small community so far, but we are trying to reach our goal of at least 100 members before August starts! Join the fun and games we have now! You also get to support Adam, a YouTuber with 100+ subscribers! Again, may be small but amazing community! Make sure to read the rules as soon as you join. And here's the link! Enjoy Adam's Discord Server! Link:
Nous sommes une communauté francophone internationale de Touhou Project, un regroupement de fans dont nous avons tous un point commun : Touhou Project.
Hello and welcome to the Rainy Café! What would you like to order? This is a coffee shop-themed server with the aim of creating a wholesome, vibrant and friendly community. The server is really small and wip but we already have some cool stuff: -safe and LGBT+ friendly environment -cute bots -self-assignable roles -custom colors -custom emojis Come join us!
✧Hello ^^ welcome to our Coffee Break server!! ✧Our newly made server is now open and waiting for new people. ✧We hope you enjoy your stay in our little, cute cafe
Welcome to the Milk Tea Cafe! Please join us in our wonderful community where you get to interact with everyone. We offer a variety of tea beverages to choose, from haunting tea to milk tea. Now, what kind of tea would you like?
A really "fun" time...
Welcome to Milian's Tavern, a community and social server created recently by close friends with a cyberpunk theme. The server uses VA-11 HALL-A and Bladerunner aesthetics, but it is not a dedicated server for either of those sources. This is not a roleplaying server and it is strictly abandoned. The visuals and origin stories are solely for the purpose of creating and supporting the theme and aesthetics of the server. ◇Organized levelling system, with awards for every milestone◇ ◇Unique aesthetics and theme◇ ◇Race verification (Human, Lilim, Spriggan), with specific channels for each race◇ ◇Lots of personalizable self-assignable roles◇ ◇A variety of events to participate in (Faction wars, Games, Movies, Giveaways, etc.)◇ ◇Fun bots to play with (Pollux, Pokécord, RPG bot, Uno, etc.)◇ ◇Experienced and dedicated staff◇ ◇Simple rules with highly moderated chat◇ ◇Music and VC channels◇ ◇Clubs◇ Join us and follow the journey of our growing server!
**Welcome to the Fur Rock Cafe - Where we welcome all furs.** Everyone is welcome in our Family Friendly Dining Area. We strive to provide excellent response times to requests from our patrons, as well as spreading friendship and love to all who enter. You're welcome to be yourself without judgement, and join in a community who celebrates uniqueness and creativity. If you need any help with your fursona, or if you have any questions about the fur community, feel free to ask @staff, or any of the friendly members within the server.
Social Video Games Hub
Hey, join our active little pub and meet new people, we are fairly new to Discord but we are a safe haven for everyone that wants to join <3, Everyone is welcome!
We like to keep things simple, so we've gone with a rather complex yet easy to understand theme for the server. We have just the right amount of channels, so you don't have to scroll for 30 seconds just to throw in a meme in the right channel. We have color roles (who doesn't) and a friendly and cooperative bunch of people already in the server to welcome you and make your stay one to remember.
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