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Music | Art
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Community | Music
Převážně máme rádi aesthetics a posloucháme lofi hudbu... ~ Mostly we like aesthetics and listening to lofi music...
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Anime | Gaming
We are a chilled and laid back Lofi themed discord server Whats in our server? - Lofi, and lots of it. Feel free to recommend any lofi artists as we all love lofi - Anime discussions and memes. If you want to share anything anime, feel free we're all weebs - Gaming. We are all open and love playing together and we would love to have more people to play with! - We all live from memes. If you've got a meme that will provide us with life support, feel free to share it on the media share channel! - We have many bots to make things interesting with levels with great benefits! Please note that the server is still going under changes but if you would like to suggest anything or help out with the server don't hesitate to ask! We hope you join and enjoy your time at the Lofi Lounge
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Gaming | Streaming
Just a chill server with a community, from gaming and streaming to music and just art and memes.
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Gaming | Music
We love minecraft and chilling :D Our server is boosted and really active on voice channels ;0 Love y'all, hope you join :D
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Anime | Entertainment
Hey! Welcome to Midnight Vibes, pretty much a place where you can hang out, chill n stuff. Server's based on Vaporwave, as it looks like, hope you like it. :P We like anime, too! It would be nice to have you there!
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Community | Business
If you align with ANY of the descriptions above then you should definitely join our Discord. We are here to help each other. There is NO EXCUSE if you need the companions or business partners this will soon be your favorite place to reside.We are all here to help! Please join today!
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Music | Entertainment
For music lovers, or people interested in finding new music, for people who want to open up their music taste come here we may be a small community but we aim to make people experience alot more Music.
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Music | Social
We're a new Discord with the main topic centered around music, some indie/some not, of any variety. We also are centered with people who just want to be loved and have company. Electronic? We got it. lo-fi/lo-fi hip hop? We got it. Screamo? Sure. Ambient? Noise? Post-Hardcore? Sure as hell. Come on in. We also have social channels and everything in between to make this an all-around good experience.
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Gaming | Community
Ark and Lofi
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Community | Music
Do you love dogs (especially corgis), cute animals, lofi hip hop music, and memes? Then The Best Server Ever is the right place for you! We are a new server and welcome anyone who loves to chill, talk, and make new friends!
Community | Music
A place to enjoy yourself with others in a chilled atmosphere. To play some games, listen to some lofi/vaporwave tracks and to view a collective of aesthetic pleasures.
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G R I M M U S I C ♬ Lo-fi & Chill ♬ Music Promotion ♬ Hip-Hop ♬ Rap and Sing battles
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Music | Entertainment
🔥Enjoy lofi?🔥 Lofi Hip Hop Community is a fun, chill, and friendly space. If you're wanting to join a server to meet new people, make friends, and chat, then this is the server for you. 🎵We are a tight community who loves lofi and just wants to hang🤙 So relax, turn on some tunes and join us :)
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Social | Education
Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together using forest app or flipd. Share your daily to-dos and progress with us. Listen to Lofi music while studying. Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3 Join us using the link below 👇 https://discord.gg/2vctH7g
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Anime | Gaming
Anime Games Music GAMING SQUAD
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Music | Anime
Newly launched 24/7 Lo-Fi radio discord server! It's a highly chill and relaxed community with low-fidelity music. It's an anime themed server ofcourse!
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Community | Music
Welcome to Helios. It was created for two reasons. To share music & build genuine friendships.
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Community | Gaming
Join us while we suffer through this quarantine hell and share music interests or play games with us!
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Music | Anime
- Self Assign Roles - Chill Beats - Misc Roles - Etc.
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Entertainment | Community
conhecer lo-fi amigos
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Community | Entertainment
Just come and join... we're only a small server into aesthetic and chill stuff... mostly vaporwave, retro and synthwave kinda crap...
Social | Gaming
Do you like Cyberpunk and Aesthetic? Gaming? Or even simply chilling and meeting new people? Then you should join 𝙎𝙔𝙉𝙏𝙃~𝙒𝘼𝙔, a Cyberpunk themed Social and Gaming server for people to chill in. The server is fairly new so feel free to join and get to know one another!
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Social | Anime
A fun and chill place you can come hang out, talk and even listen to music if you want
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Writing | Music
We give everyone who likes to study a quiet and peaceful place.
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Music | Art
Lemonah's Sock Factory is a community for all music creators, and music enthusiasts around the world! Owned by the beat maker Lemonah, this is also a place to submit music to his Spotify playlists! We are forming a community where you can come in play games, talk about music, work on collaborative tracks, and more!
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Community | Gaming
We chillin, join if you want. I dare you
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Community | Social
16+ Join and make new friends, find new interest, and many more
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Hi! This is a server for K-pop stans. Our theme is Black Swan, BTS. A fun socializing server, come join us :)
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Gaming | Community
A server for everyone searching for someone to play or chat with people playing your favorite games! We hope to build a great community.
Music | Community
✰:・゚✧ A small little discord server where small and upcoming artists are allowed to promote their works here! ✰:・゚✧ ~[ We have ]~ ✰- Memes ✰- Open for partnerships! ✰- Active members ✰- Self promotion channel ✰- Toxic Free Community ✰- NSFW Channels ~[ join ]~ even if you're not into lofi or music in general, do feel free to come and chill with us!
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Community | Music
5 Years is where we talk about almost anything. Gaming, Anime, Music, Art, anything you can imagine! 5 Years is a chill server where you will be accepted for whoever you are.
Social | Music
Official Discord server for Coffv and his community Share memes and make friends! Promote your YouTube, Twitch, and more! Show off your art! Level up and earn special roles!
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Community | Music
Server italiano incentrato sul creare una community che cerca un posto dove rilassarsi e ascoltare generi come il Lo-Fi, il Chill Out o quello che vuoi, pasta che ti faccia rilassare. Offriamo: 🕑 Stanze temporanee e personalizzabili. 🎧 Chat vocali per ascoltare SOLO musica e niente chiacchiere fastidiose. 🔥 Chat sfogo dopo puoi scrivere quello che ti pare e riversare lo stress accumulato. 🥇 Sezione community con Ranked XP, proposte per i creator e sondaggi. 👨‍👨‍👦Staff attivo e cordiale. ATTENZIONE: Sarebbe bello che, se decidessi di entrare e ti piacesse il server, lo usassi. Preferiamo poche persone che usano il server che tante che non lo usano. :) Se vuoi, fai un salto: https://discord.gg/qgQswaNESk
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Music | Community
Lofi Room is a great chill server, perfect to share your art work (Music, Beats etc.), connect with other artists and get help from others.
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Anime | Music
Dies ist ein Anime Server. Er soll eine Plattform für Anime- und Musikinteressierte bieten.
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Community | Social
Welcome to Fallout Shelter ! Where friendship prevails and fun meets no end We hope to provide the best place for you to make friends and hangout, and a place to call home :) We have: - A small, pog community - Music and anime chats - A channel to rant and talk about life issues - Simple server layout - Suggestions channel for improvements and updates to be made to the server (looking for pms) Join us now for a wonderful experience and make new friends
Lo-Fi. Chill - German Lounge Icon
Gaming | Community
[------- 😍 Willkommen in unserem Lo-Fi. Gaming & Chilling - German Lounge! 😍 -----] ~ Wir sind hier ein kleiner Community Server mit großem Potenzial ganz groß zu werden. ~ Im Server haben wir ganz speziell für euch, unsere Community: ~ #- Anime-News aus interessanten und bekannten Quellen 🙀👌 - #- ein 24/7 Lo-Fi Musik Bot, joine den Channel und genieße es, wie du in deinen Gefühlen auf Wolke 7 hin weg schwebst! 🤩 - #- Level System mit Rollen zum Freischalten auf Aktivität Basis! 👾 - #- Selfroles: such dir ein oder mehrere Rollen selbst aus 😏 - #- klassisches Counting Game, zähle, soweit es geht und brecht zusammen den Zählrekord! 🔢 - #- klassischer Dank Meme Bot, lache bis zum Umfallen über die geilen Memes! 🤣 - #- Triviabot, um euer Wissen mit Quizfragen über Anime auf die Probe zustellen! 😸👏 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Gaming | Music
Join the Gamenight experience! Create or join parties with your friends, and more awesome features and events! Go to https://gamenight.li for more information.
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Social | Music
Memphis rap, also known as Memphis hip hop or Memphis horrorcore, is a regional subgenre of hip hop music that originated in Memphis, Tennessee in the early 1990s.
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Music | Anime
˜”°•. Welcome to the LoFi Cafe! .•°”˜ Do you like listening to LoFi or Hip-Hop? Do you want to share your music with people? Well if so, this server is for you! We are fairly new so we need new members to liven up the place! Join us and have some fun while meeting new people! What this server offers you: ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦ Self Promotion ✦ Partnerships ✦ Level 1 Boosted ✦ Nice people who are probably interested in the same things as you ✦ Fun Bots ✦ And more! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Join us! You'd have an amazing time!
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Anime | Music
this server is designed for gaming, studying, chattings, and more. there's not really much to say about this server, it's just for fun.
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Social | Community | Anime
One on One Therapy! 🍵 Cute Anime Cat Theme 🌾 You're Valid Here No Matter What 🍶 Active 24/7 🥢 Mental Health Server 🌼 24/7 Lofi
People With Dreams Icon
Education | Writing
We listen to music and study. Come on join us. Wir hören Musik und lernen. Komm mach mit.
✪Akulo's ChillZone✪ Icon
"✪Akulo's ChillZone✪" is a small community hoping to grow somewhat big! in this server you can, play games, find new friends, listen to music including lofi beats to study! and also to have fun!
☕Coffee at midnight ☕ Icon
Community | Entertainment
Preferably 18+. However exceptions can be made if you are 17 and can prove you will be turning 18 shortly