Server for Artist collaborations & promotion (Music). Join in! An online Radio (24/7) streaming to Shoutcast and to 15+ video sites like Youtube, Chew.Tv , Mixer, etc, specially created to promote the musical collaborations in the server and also live dj sets/events.
Musical Sound Design resources Est Nov 2019
artistic server for creators and observers from every art field. pros and self-taught, emerging artists are welcome to be a part of our group!
Music Production! Gaming! Support And Encouragement! Epic Family! And More!
The Official Apollo Discord A great place to discuss, create, and collaborate.
The Audiotool Resource Collective (ARC) We are a group of artists and sound designers Committed to creating legal assets for Audiotool
The Official Discord Server of Bobby Yarsulik, aka BSlick, the music producer and composer!
Lastfm and Rhythm bot are installed.
The newest and greatest music production hub that you will not want to miss being apart of. This community is striving to be the best source for all things music production related from finding a visual artist, vocalist, engineer, or producer to work with, to sharing sample packs and original creations for thorough feedback. This discord will be a hot spot for collaboration guaranteed.
A server for all aspects of metal production
What the fucks good! If you love the trio you’ve come to the right place be respectful and keep it devilish ~ Baker
A fun music production server and net label that specializes on synthwave, vaporwave, lofi, experimental electronic music and more
**Hello, we are a community for Music Producers, Artists, DJs, Singer-Songwriters, Remixers, Labels, Brands, Youtubers, streamers, social media influencers, gamers, eSports players eSports teams & developers! Everyone is welcome! We want to help you take the next step to success in your career!** 🔹 Collaborate with Like minded individuals 🔹 Self - Promotion channels for your social media, and music links. 🔹 Friendly staff 🔹 Memes channel 🔹 We promote your music for free on our social media and youtube channel. 🔹 We can add your music to our playlists so you gain more exposure! 🔹 Non-Toxic Community 🔹 Fun bots 🔹 Voice channels 🔹 partnerships welcomed here! 🔹Games 🔹Make new friends whatever content you create! **Link:**
This server is a home for fans of COSMIK's music, a multi-genre music producer. It is also a hub for various musicians and artists to talk about their craft, or just to hang out. If you love music, especially electronic music, feel free to join! :D
Welcome! Venus Music is a Music Label. We have YouTube, artists, Ton of artists to make music lit. And also Venus Music is a home for EDM producers who can share music, promote music or even submit music! 🔗 Discord server: 🔗 YouTube channel:
This is a funky place for musicians, gamers, visual artists, animers and listeners. This is a place for open discussion mainly around Music; however other topics are welcome as well. Please be aware of the server rules, don't be shy, and do enjoy your time here!
DIGITAL GHOST ALLIANCE | Music Collaboration | Digital Media | 3D Art | Meta | Programming | Gaming | Bots | Over 1 year!
The hangout spot for music production at all skill levels. Weekly Challenges, resources, and free samples!
For education on Electronic Music Production in the style of Trap / Hip Hop / Lofi Est Nov 2019