[-] | ❃ Gamers (within a variety of games) [-] | ❃ Music Bots / Many More! [-] | ❃ Friendly and active members [-] | ❃ Voice Chats [-] | ❃ Experienced and friendly staff [-] | ❃ Memes [-] | ❃ Youtubers + Advertising (must have at least 500 subs) [-] | ❃ Partnership (which shall be discussed through partners managers) [-] | ❃ LBGT+ Friendly [-] | ❃ Artists ( are welcome to post drawings and ask for critics) [-] | ❃ Pokecord [-] | ❃ And various of other channels for you to explore!
[-] | ❃ Gamers (within a variety of games) [-] | ❃ Music Bots / Many More! [-] | ❃ Friendly and active members [-] | ❃ Voice Chats [-] | ❃ Experienced and friendly staff [-] | ❃ Memes [-] | ❃ Youtubers + Advertising (must have at least 500 subs) [-] | ❃ Partnership (which shall be discussed through partners managers) [-] | ❃ LBGT+ Friendly [-] | ❃ Artists ( are welcome to post drawings and ask for critics) [-] | ❃ Pokecord [-] | ❃ And various of other channels for you to explore!
The biggest furry server with over 26k users. Perfect for artists, furries, roleplayers, gamers and more! Super active VCs, art commissioning channels, weekly event/gaming/movie nights and much more! :)
Club Paw is a sfw server with a focus simply on helping other folks out and providing them with a safe space to make friends and be themselves.
We are an inclusive community of creators and collaborators here to promote our content and connect with one another. We allow self-promoting and also have self-assignable creator roles to show off what you do. This server encourages interaction between members of the community, so you'll feel welcome right away!
A fun server, for socializing, and art sharing! We do weekly art challenges, and generally just have a good time motivating each other! Make sure to accept the rules, and set your roles when you join! ^-^
✦ A community for artists of all types and skill levels! ✦ Share your work, advertise your commissions, talk to other artists!
Group for artists!
this is a server thats pretty laid back and broad. as of right now it's small, but I hope to expand it. it's got a place for artists, gamers, photographers, or anyone looking for a good meme, and as more members are added, more chats will also be added to conform to the likes of everyone :) I'd love for anyone to join !
We are all friendly, if you’re willing to make long lasting friends with the same interests then this is the place for you.
an arab artists discord server if anyone is interested! arab non artists, diaspora and mixed arabs are also very much welcome! سرفر ديسكورد للرسامين العرب
Hey! Im Rokku! Im glad to introduce you to Voice Rehearsal! This server is for those artists, youtubers and future voice actors to come together and collaborate! Here, our main focus is to make your dreams into reality! If you're an artist, musician, editor, youtuber or a voice actor, this discord is for you! Come by today and let's collaborate!
A Hip Hop server that doesn't get angry when you make a suicide joke!
Hello! This server is primarily focused on Digital art! We also have a traditional art channel for people who do or enjoy that. We have artists from all over the world in this cozy community, and we would like you to be a part of it! What we can offer: - Frequent art challenges and competitions - Constructive Criticism on your art to help you improve (if you don't want any then just let us know) - Resources, tutorials and tips, all free! - Lovely people who don't bite :) We also plan to do competitions with valuable prices and setting up our own bot with a good currency system for fun stuff. This Discord Server is based off the Facebook group Digital Artists Group. :)
A server for lgbtq+ that is trans focused! Hero you can game with other people or help you out having a platform to share tour content as a content creator!
A server focused on sharing art (sketches, drawings, sculptures, music, etc).
Blender Discord Server, dedicated to 3d Art, with more than 3k members!
We all share a love for video games, come make some new friends while having fun! Fate Grand Order, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dragalia Lost, etc.
This server is organised and small, We have the oppurtunity for artists to be promoted and to collab. We have nice roles and good bots that make the server even more enjoyable! we are also set on freedom of speech and you have the chance to help us make the server improve, everyone matters!
We are a extreme fun and friendly server for artists or people who love art in general. Our focus is mainly anime art, but all the art types are accepted! Come promote your art, comms and make some friends : ) !
A wattpad server. Come meet your new friends, readers and followers! Currently at 79 members.
An Art focused Server with a small tight community of Artists.
We are en educational server for artists to share their art, discuss art, and educate others and themselves, too. A new page created to make a community for artists and gather other talents, too!
Artsy Farsty is a creative community server for primarily artists, singers, etc., but anyone is allowed! We're LGBTQ+ & Mental Health friendly!
The best community for Artists, and the best resource for Content Creators to find Artists to commission!
We're building a transparent audience owned studio system to totally disrupt Hollywood. Join the rebellion.
small art focused server for friends! :)
The main goal of Lonely World is to create a community full of artists and members/fans to be able to have a home. Whether you want to collaborate, push your music/art out there, or even just share your thoughts on anything art/music related, this is the server for you. Join today!
Avenger Friends is an active Twitch Streaming community that helps streamers grow. We also have artists, developers, and gamers. We run fun gaming tournaments and welcome anyone to our server!
we are a fur friendly discord server! Anyone is welcome to come and chat about whatever you want!
This is Official Discord server for Ivivion Illustrations. We invite artists and other visual content creators under our platform to participate in growing our community. Check us out and our original content.
Ephemeral is a writing based community that prides on challenges, prompts, and a safe place to share your work. We follow closely with large events such as Writeober and NANOWRIMO, as well as host our own occasional events from time to time. Overall its a safe place to meet like minded people, gather feedback on your works, and simply enjoy the company of other writers!
Naka's Enchanted Forest!🌲 🎹 All Art and Musical creatures are welcome, whether you're a late night or early morning creature!🌙 Creativity is the life of this forest. Join us in the night and day! Pursuing out dreams together. | new server revision 💕Artists-Creators-Music Producers-Singing💕
A broad server striving to connect fellow artists, producers and other talents with one another and help them gain the promotion they seek.
The largest, chaotic, active (debatable) writing/art server. 5k members and counting. Word sprints, discussions, house competitions, and so much more. Sanity isn't required but recommended. Discord partnered.
your mind is blank, with no recollection of who you are, all you know is... your an artists. You look up, in front of you is a vast forest filled with life. There are dragons Elves Woodland Pixies mystical waterfalls. And there is something else, a family of artists illustrating, dancing, editing, designing, acting, choreographing, you can see art all around its amazing!! Also is that an anime bot??? Weird.. but awesome! Then someone steps up to you they look like a forest spirit of some kind. you reach out your hand to touch them as it touches there spectral body it turns from a ordinary human hand to that which is also a hand of a forest dwelling artist full of dreams and ideas that need to be announced in this very forest! ..Welcome!
Extended invites. Open only for adult audiences.
Upgrade your music limits with total Freedom!