Music | Business
Dark Dragon Productions is an open community and professional coalition company of composers and musicians dedicated to producing expertly penned pieces and songs of music. Our genres of music include all forms of classical (western, eastern, modern, film scores & soundtracks), with folk, jazz, and
Music | Education
A Discord designed to bring together musicians around the world - Networking - Collaborations - Promotions - Online Lessons - Giveaways
Music | Community
ezmuze is a fun and open server for all music lovers. Whether you're just beginning your journey into the music scene, or have been producing sweet tunes for years, ezmuze is a warm, welcoming place for all aspiring creators to share and explore "audible chocolates", and themselves.
Music | Community
Server for Artist collaborations & promotion (Music). Join in! An online Radio (24/7) streaming to Shoutcast and to 15+ video sites like Youtube, Chew.Tv , Mixer, etc, specially created to promote the musical collaborations in the server and also live dj sets/events.
Business | Community
CREEM Networking is a brand new community that is dedicated towards freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, music producers, DJ’s, musicians, and many more!
Art | Community
a community based server for artists all around the globe to share, network and create art together. whether you yourself create art, or you're simply an art lover, you are welcome to come join us!
Art | Community
Hello! This nebula-themed discord server is primarily focused on promoting creators of all types. The main SFW channels of interest that we offer include chill chatrooms, art posting, literature posting, music posting, video posting, and self-promotion! The main NSFW channels of interest that we offer ALSO include chill chatrooms, art posting, literature posting, music posting, video posting, and self-promotion! Please note: IF YOU WANT ACCESS TO THE NSFW CHANNELS, YOU MUST BE 18+. We also have plenty of extra roles, including those that level you up the more you chat!!! Wanna see what we're all about? Then join us! COME MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!! DM Server Owner @PastelleNebula if you have any problems joining. Thank you!
Music | Hobbies
Welcome to: The Voiceless. We are all fans of Rock, Metal, Rap, and even some electronic music! We offer... Multiple music categories, sorted by general, rock or rap. Multiple channels and music bots! A growing number of fellow musicians! Many self given roles, and more on the way! Will you join The Voiceless?
Music | Entertainment
For producers and musicians trying to find new people to talk to and work with.
Music | Writing
Founded by those looking for a place to for unity under multiple fronts. Looking for musicians? Looking for artists? Looking for writers? Looking for gamers? Whatever you are looking for, look no further~
Community | Community
Welcome to Metallum V! We are a small server of metal heads from all around the globe, which have gathered here to build a tight-knit community and to discuss our favorite music genre: METAL! Please read the rules and don’t be afraid to give yourself some roles for the color of your name, the instruments you play and your favorite sub-genres. And don’t forget: SLAYYYEEEEERRRR!!!
Community | Music
Welcome to golden factory. You've come to the right place if you are a musician, producer, artist or just want to network with people from the music industry. All levels from Beginners to Pros are welcome. Self-Promo is allowed. We all share one thing: Love for music! Enjoy your stay with us.
Community | Writing | Role-Playing
A nanowrimo 2020 participating community for writers and artists and everyone in between.
Music | Hobbies
Onyx Tones is a server for musicians and music lovers alike. You can post your original content and get feedback, give/get music recommendations, get writing prompts, jam with fellow music lovers, and much more!
Music | Community
a fun community of musicians, producers, and retards alike. 🎶underground music community🎶 💸Self promo💸 🎙️soundcloud rappers unite!🎙️
Music | Hobbies
Music server for musicians and music lovers alike. We have many bots and we do listening parties, album exchanges and more!